Windows! Space! VIEWS!

Well, well, well. We are here….at last. Mostly just us and a few bits and pieces. I am waiting here for the truck to arrive, and the grandparents to arrive to take the kids off our hands {children and moving/unpacking do NOT mix}. Last night we made do camping on the floors of our new rooms, but I am desperate to get our stuff in here.

I am also keen to see just how small everything will look. Boy have we got some space. I tell you, the main living room is the same size as our entire terrace that we lived in before. I’m not kidding. Our stuff is going to swim in here!

Harper is fuh-reaking out over all this space. She is quite overwhelmed by everything, so very much looking forward to a Grandma to take her off my hands so I can get stuck into it. Daisy is almost entirely sure that Tinkerbell will be visiting her at night as she has a picture perfect window with a vine around it in full bud ready to burst with pink flowers. Quite the change from bars on her window and a main road. isn’t it?

I may or may not {OK may} have cried when we arrived yesterday and we walked around the garden. It was a mixture of feeling like I have finally come home, to my home, to where my heart feels happy and content. The garden was so beautiful, the trees in blossom, the sky extra blue, the sun extra bright, Daisy running around and I was filled to the brim with excitement. Anticipation. Gratitude. I cannot believe that this is ours. That we have done this. That this, is our life.

So. Here we are at the beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of an adventure. And I think I am going to enjoy the view…


  1. ohmygodhmygodohmygod! Could your home look any more perfect? Seriously, it doesn’t have a bad angle. How could you not have the most glorious life here? Enjoy your unpacking, and your champagne in your beautiful new home.

    So. Damned. Happy. For. YOU! xxx

  2. I’m ecstatic for you and seething with jealousy of course!! (in a good way -okay!!?) I think Tinkerbell COULD be living in that beautiful garden and the WINDOWS?! Gorgeous. Welcome to serenity lovely – you deserve it!!

  3. SO happy for you chook! your house is mouthwateringly gorgeous.

  4. Tinkerbell lives there for sure!!

    Enjoy the unpacking process.

    And enjoy every minute of this weekend, in your new home.


  5. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so very exciting. Enjoy the stunning views and watching the girls prance around the garden. I see plenty of bunting and tea parties on those lawns in years to come. Happy making your house into a home πŸ™‚

  6. I just….it’s so….I mean…..OMG THAT FRONT DOOR IS DIVINE!!

    Welcome home Beth!!


  7. wow your new home is just gorgeous! enjoy xx

  8. I’ve been waiting for a post like this – I feel so excited for you!! It’s a lovely house (it looks very familiar, I’ve a feeling the previous owners had it featured in a mag…). Somehow I don’t think you’ll ever tire of the views.

  9. Wow, those high ceilings and skylights?!?! Gorgeous, what incredible light. I think you are all going to be SOOOO happy in your new home, congratulations again!

  10. oh beth! I am so, so happy for you. The space is amazing, amazingly beautiful… I nearly cried, that you nearly cried. I love it, thank-you so much for sharing this adventure with us; can’t wait to see more {good god aren’t I greedy!} xox

  11. So stunning!!!!! Just beautiful, welcome to the highlands!! It was a bit nippy here last night! Hope you have a great weekend, can’t wait fir more pics!!

    The neighbours should arrive with freshly made baked goods soon x

  12. I am seriously swooning over this home of yours right now!
    Could you have found a more perfect and architecturally blessed place?
    Welcome home Baby Mac family….I couldn’t be happier for all of you!


  13. Oh, it’s so beautiful. I want a house like that too πŸ™‚

  14. And then you opened a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio? YOUR home is divine in the extreme. So, so, so, SO happy for you all I could burst! xx

  15. Absolutely lovely!

  16. Wow, your new home is gorgeous!
    Enjoy your new adventure, it will be so much fun!

  17. Well that is quite the house now isn’t it! Fantabulous!

    Aren’t you one lucky duck to be living amongst so much open space. Total envy here. So happy for you.

    After all the dull, dull, dull of packing, you have such a beautiful space to call home. Whoot Whoot! I’d be grateful too πŸ™‚

  18. As one who is packing up to move out with the parents as renos are due to begin this post has inspired me. Your new place is beautiful! Hope the new adventure brings you nothing but well deserved joy x

  19. Amazing! I feel so happy and excited for you! And your new house is just absolutely beautiful.


  20. Utterly amazing! Now, that is a HOUSE!

    Well done and all the best for the most wonderful life there – parties, moments, firsts. Those walls are going to hold a whole lot of life for you.


  21. You’re in! That’s marvellous news.

    I am having MAJOR house envy issues from here. MAJOR. I’m a bit worried that I might not get over it and I won’t be able to play with you anymore…

    Best wishes for many happy memories in your new home. Can’t wait to hear of all your adventures (I’d better get over my house envy!) x

  22.’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see you put all the pieces together.

  23. Wow, I have just read your posts about deciding to move and then DOING it and I am just in awe. How brave and exciting and inspirational. Your new home looks so beautiful. Wishing you every happiness as a family x

  24. I hadn’t discovered your amazing blog back then, but OMG. Your house IS amazing. You are so blessed to have it for you and your family. Loved reading your top 10 of ’10. It’s kinda like getting to know you more. (I love my house, but there’s a little coveting going on with yours though). xx

  25. what a gorgeous home, big change but so worth it by the sound of things

  26. I just found your blog and am so excited to keep reading! I’ll try not to kill your inbox with emails but I probably will. This house is so beautiful, congrats! Even though this was a while ago.. Not the point, still beautiful! πŸ™‚ xx


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