Summer days, drifting away

Yesterday afternoon we had the most glorious swim at Belmore Falls. Mrs Munro, Miss Rabbit and I took the kids down to the waterhole for a float, swim and afternoon picnic as the sunset before heading back to Mrs Munro’s for a paella over the fire. It was honestly one of the nicest, relaxed and impromptu picture perfect highland afternoons you could get.

We all got home hearts filled to the brim with gratitude and happiness that we get to call this corner of the world home, and each other friends. I hope this is the stuff our kids remember when they remember their summer childhoods.


  1. We just got back to Sydney from a trip to Kangaroo Valley- I wish I knew you could swim at Bellmore Falls! Looks so so gorgeous. Leaving the valley to come back to the city was that little bit tougher this year- it‘s so green and calming after all of the rain. You deserve the lifeyou have built for yourselves after being brave enough to make the change!

  2. I swear, every photo I have ever seen of Colin Munro has pure mischief coming out of his eyes!!! What’s the saying? A good man but a very naughtyp boy 🤣

  3. The paella with those party lights: gorgeous! What a day!

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