A European summer Engagement Dinner

We had some lovely news on Christmas Eve as friends (James & Tony) of ours got engaged! Being old and very much married, it’s been ages since anyone we knew had wonderful news like this so as soon as we got home I thought I better prepare a dinner for the happy couple. I love these dinners when everyone has been away for Christmas to come back together and catch up and ring in the new year.

The weather had been particularly miserable with no sunshine in over a week, everything wet and humid and actually a little bit cold. We decided on a theme to cheer us all up…European summer to bring some sunshine and warmth to our drizzly village. You know how much I love a good theme for a dinner party…gives me an opportunity to go all out on the table setting.

With hydrangeas at their very best ever this year, I packed the table with them (also using this gorgeous cloth from the shop) and lots of candles and lemons for a touch of Capri. It looked so beautiful…even if we did have the fire on! Mrs Munro even made the happy couple some flower crowns…but of course she did!

Check out these bunches of flowers that Annie brought from her garden for the happy couple, lucky me as hostess and Brooke for her birthday. They are truly sublime!

We ate like kings (Lucy and Brooke did the canapés: thai pork belly bites, Latkes with salmon and horseradish cream and parmesan biscuits with cheese). Then I made beef and béarnaise with a few salads and potatoes and then a delicious pan for dessert.

My favourite part of the night was going around the table with all the old married couples giving advice for the newly engaged couple. Advice like doing small things and acts of kindness every. Remembering that you are on the same team, no one wins or loses when you are working towards the same goals, making each other laugh, farting in each others company and of course…remember to pick up your own shit. Remembering that the vulnerability and support that comes from a partnership is a truly special thing to be honoured and respected. It was lovely to hear these wise words from all our friends…all of us missing on being at each other’s weddings as we didn’t know each other then. I felt so blessed to have some warmth and kindness around my table…how lucky we all are!

We all wish James and Tony a lifetime of happiness, thanks for the opportunity to all be together and be reminded about our own partnerships. I feel truly blessed to have a good man by my side, and good friends at my table. Blessed indeed x


  1. Awww so beautiful.
    Cheers Kate

  2. This looks so lovely. What an awesome night.

  3. So so good. Actually _Good_ (capital G) xx

  4. Looks fab. Would you be willing to share your menu for the night?

  5. Amazing pictures!!! Loved them 💕

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