Full & Thorough Reporting: March

When you look back on the month that was March 2022 you can’t help but be relieved that it’s over. But looking out my window from my office this afternoon at pouring down rain and an icy wind that makes it feel like 10 degrees it seems about right that it’s seeing the month out, just as it began. Perhaps a little cooler. We’ve seen rain and flooding, wars and devsatation around the world, Covid numbers increase, isolation again for us and more mould and rain than I can remember. Metres of the stuff. So much heartache for so many. Ridiculous fuel prices. Yeah, you can piss off March.

We started the month out with a delicious mid week curry night at Lucy and Chris’ place and then incidentally spent the following week camped at their house as we had foods at home with a flooded septic and backyard leaks a plenty and a few days off school for the kids.

The roads around our village were completely smashed by the weather too – sink holes and diversions have seen so many roadworks in the relentless rain. There have been black outs, power cuts, no mobiles…and we are so lucky compared to so many that have lost so much on the Northern Rivers. It’s been stressful and so upsetting to see so many suffering.

I have never cleaned more mould off every. single. surface in our house since the start of the year. Things just cannot seem to dry out in this weather. We have managed a few sunny days at the start of our isolation which meant we could try and mow the grass that continues to grow in the wet conditions.

Everyone I know is desperate for some dry weather. It doesn’t even have to be sunny – just dry – for a few days.

And in between all that we had a lovely visit with Rob’s cousins for a night. Maggie has been drawing every night like a super star and enjoying reading which has been a long time coming for her. I’ve been in the office unpacking lots of gorgeous new season stock which is a joy to behold, and having fun with Lucy at work. I never take for granted just how good we have it together.

We’ve tried to walk in the morning even though we have recently given up – with sunrise at 7.10am it’s just too dark and of course it has been too wet to go. Hopefully with the time change this weekend and the end of daylight savings we might be able to get back out there.

I’ve been baking and thinking about Easter which will be here before we know it. The girls finish school on Friday next week and it’s been a tough one for them – especially Daisy with some school things that have been impacted with Covid. Again. I know we have to live with it but my word is it getting harder to deal with disappointments from it. Its bullshit. Still.

The hockey season has begun so our Saturday mornings will once again be spent in the cold on the sidelines cheering them all on. I’m gearing myself up for the term 2 ahead that brings with it its so many afternoons ahead of training and driving. In the dark. On yes, that’s right, term 2.

But through it all we have each other. We have family to lean on and cry to. We have roofs over our heads, we have jobs to go to. We have (mostly) happy kids and we have a warm fire to sit next to even when it’s miserable outside.

And it might be wet, but it sure is pretty.

Can you believe that it’s April tomorrow?
Me either.
How are you feeling?
Ready to see the end of this month too?


  1. you are so right even though it’s wet, those pics are gorgeous.
    everything is a lot right now, well actually it has been a lot for 2 yrs but the load just seems to be getting heavier, and I know just how lucky i am.
    so yeah looking for the good everyday and trying to be more gentle, i just need gentle and honest these days.
    cheers Kate

  2. Oh my gosh, the colour of that hydrangea! I’ve never seen that colour before.

  3. Farm life! Just beautiful

  4. Please tell, where is Frank?

    • He’s well and truly around just way too lazy for these 8km walks that we do. Lucy’s puppy needs A LOT of exercise…our almost 8 year old is not so much interested and literally sits on the road!

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