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You guys! Apologies for not getting on here for like, a week, but things have been busy. And while there are no medals for the busiest, I have to say, Lucy and I have been right up there. I keep meaning to get on here all last week to do a post but just literally would run out of hours in the day. So soz, it might happen again between now and Christmas, thanks for waiting etc etc.

The shop has been BUSY. Over the past few weeks things have been getting steadily busier and then last week…BAM! Whatever our busiest week was up till then, we doubled it! SO SO good! Thank you all for coming and checking us out and doing your Christmas shopping with us. It makes us both so happy and we love seeing orders and notes and requests for wrapping coming in from all over the country. Thank you!

All of our Christmas gift guides are now in too, so no matter who you have to buy for, I reckon we probs have something for us. We have cards and can wrap anything too, oh and gift vouchers! See? It’s ALL HAPPENING.

We end of the year exhaustion has hit the kids pretty bad too. Daisy only has like 2 weeks of school left (HOW HAS SHE DONE YEAR 7 YOU GUYS?!) and has exams this week too. Gosh she has grown up so much this year. Harps is a little bored and tired – a dangerous combination for our Scorpio. And Maggie, well she just plain is pretty much refusing to go to any kind of school every day that she goes. It’s like we are back at the start of the year. SO many tears, so much of every emotion that there is. And the FIGHTING between the 3 of them. It hasn’t been pretty and at times it just defeats me. I have been sitting at the dinner table, shoulders slumped, feeling so over it all. We’re tired is what I am saying. We all are, I know that I’m not alone there.

I managed to get out and about last week a few times too. Sydney on Friday to catch up with the Birdsnest Girls at a High tea event at the Hilton and for a girls dinner on Thursday night with all my mates from the village.

I love those catch ups so much – we had a mexican fiesta which Lucy and I wore our slippers to! I love catching up with everyone, having a laugh and letting off adult steam and being silly. They are like medicine for the soul I tell you!

Oh my friend Nicki above has an amazing giveaway over on her Instagram that you must check out…$1000 worth of Frankie4 shoes AND Pottery Barn to win. I wish I could win it!

There’s been a good breakfast meeting at Moonacres because they know how to make the bacon crispy and perfect. Seriously, I could eat this every single day. Maybe without the toast as I need to stop bulking up right before summer and Christmas and dresses and swimmers oh MY.

And also! I read two books, it’s true! Smashed these both out over a week or so and loved them both. You can check out my reviews for them over on my reading Insta hashtag.

Since then though, no reading, only working and mindless scrolling when I get a chance to sit and need to numb my brain. I REALLY must get back into reading, I prefer it so much more.

Anyway, that’s me, that’s us. How are you? What has been happening? Tell me everything. I hope you are not feeling too frazzled and are ready to tackle anything that comes your way this week. I’ll be recording another poddy I reckon (HELLO PRINCE ANDREW what are you even like?!) and will be chasing my tail with a few deadlines for blog work, as well as the shop, school exams and general life. Before we know it, it will be Monday again and we will be one week closer to the madness of the end of the year and Christmas. Whether we like it or not. Hold onto your hats friends! x


  1. I had my annual weekend in Sydney with my mum. Ballet at the Opera House, then Billy Elliot at the Lyric. Food, wine, laughs, shopping….. food for the soul xx

  2. You could be writing my week too! I also have a year 7 and a grade 4 and they are SHATTERED. And fighty, and teary and all of it. We all need a holiday and some TLC from Grandma and Grandpa in Canberra.

    • I also have daughters in Year 4 and 7, our world sounds identical to yours!!! Fights, screaming, tears and general annoyance of each other!!! Throw in hubby starting a new job yesterday and I’m a teacher… Bring on December 20th when I can finally stop and put my feet up.Here’s to Christmas at the beach. Goodluck with the next few weeks xx

    • Hope that break is there soon!

  3. Well, as long as we’re keeping it real here, whenever I have all four of my grandchildren it seems to be nonstop petty quarreling any more.
    What happened to The Joys Of Grandparenting??
    We were always on our best behavior for our Grandparents; nobody had to tell us.

    • Melissa Green says

      Yes! My sisters and I were always worded up by our parents before going to Nan & Pop’s; any of their friends that we saw were always addressed as Mr or Mrs; we were on our best behaviour and no fighting allowed!

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