Iso 2.0

Clocking out of day 17 of iso for us this year…tomorrow we will be free again, until the next time when we are not. Poor Daisy went down this time (Harper, Maggie and I still to fall at some stage) and she missed out on a big trip to Sydney she was really looking forward to. Rob thankfully was under the 8 week mark from when he had it last so was free to come and go which makes a HUGE difference to getting supplies and relying on people to help you.

I’ve said it before but iso hits different to lockdown. It sucks for a start. Its lonely. It’s a rollercoaster of cleaning activity one moment and the depths of sadness the next. It’s being grateful for some time out of a normally busy time especially at this stage of a long term in one hour and the next being so frustrated and angry that we are missing out on stuff, still.

I saw that this week it was 2 years since we started home learning. I remember so clearly that time (this post and this one and this one remind me of that time where it was all so new and novel and exciting and random and SCARY! This week, two years exactly on I have to say I am feeling a little more tired and over it. The constant changes and stresses we have lived with. The compound disappointments of events missed, people missed, being together being taken away from us….the sacrifices, the uncertainties of running a business…it’s been SO MUCH. And the unknowns about the future and how much longer this will go on for…it’s just a lot. Its impossible to not feel a little deflated and over it.

I am grateful to science and for vaccinations that mean that when my loved ones have been sick, they have been able to manage it. I’m grateful that we have a home to be safe in, with a big yard that we can enjoy and a community of friends looking out for us. There’s still so much to be grateful for.

The leaves are changing here again, like they will again next year and there will be new and different frustrations and things to be happy about. There will be more isolations between now and then, with more rollercoasters, but there will still be us. Being together despite it all. And that’s something.

How are you?
Are you feeling as overwhelmed as I am?
In isolation? I hope you are doing ok. Carbs help.


  1. Two years ago on 5th April just as things were really taking hold, I had a heart/double lung transplant in Sydney. I have lived the last 2 years severely immune suppressed by anti-rejection meds so have spent a lot of time avoiding people & when I have had to go out I have been constantly masked even when not mandatory. I so desperately want to get out & about now I have a body healthy enough to do things but I have to be so careful. So far I have avoided covid but am scared that it’s only a matter of time before it gets me. Even though I have had 4 doses of the vax it doesn’t necessarily work well with a suppressed immune system so there is no knowing how much, if any, cover I have. Fingers crossed this all settles down & we can start to get closer to “normal” again

  2. Must be great to live on a farm! So much space in the country

  3. I’m very tired. End of term and lots of marking to do this weekend. School has been weird because kids are there one minute and away a week the next.
    I’ve managed to avoid Covid but had Rhinovirus two weeks ago and that felt awful. I’ve just started my shopping list for the day and have the Beatrix Bakes hot cross buns to make, inspired by you! I missed seeing the recipe for the lasagne you made this week so I am off to find that! Cosy, yummy food xx

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