Visiting the Southern Highlands? Read this!

The last time I updated this post was in 2017 so I thought it was well and truly in need of an update as I am often asked about where to go and stay and what to do in the Highlands.

Lots of these posts are a number of years old and won’t have the most up to date places and there are new places opening up every single week it seems, so bear with me if there are things missing.

My first port of call would be to check out The Fold Southern Highlands on their website and Instagram to keep up to date on what’s happening in and around all the villages of the Highlands. Also…to see what’s on is the Southern Highlands Tourism website. If you go under their What’s On tab you can get an idea of what is on the weekend you are planning to stay. I must say though, that this should be much better than what it is…we deserve to show off our region to the best that we can!

Last year I worked with the Southern Highlands Food & Wine Asssocation and did a deep dive on a few local wineries. You can read all about those here and of course you can also check out all my highlights on Instagram here. Speaking of Instagram, this post is a number of years old now but might have some ideas on accounts to follow in the Highlands.

I also have a Highlight on my Instagram for the Highlands that may be helpful to see some more recent ideas on places I have been that look good.

Need to work out where to stay?  Here’s my original post from 2017 that has some ideas:


I do have some extras and must sees to add in though from 2023:

Berida Hotel – in Bowral
Osbourne House – in Bundanoon
Bendooley Estate – Berrima
Berrima Vaulthouse – Berrima
Dawning Day – Exeter
Moss Manor – Moss Vale
Robertson Hotel – Robertson
Wombat Hollow – Kangaloon
Waters Shed – Robertson
Sebastian’s – Burrawang

AirBnb has so many places to choose from. There are lots of different villages to stay in – depending on whether you want to be out and about or staying in will help you decide where to stay.

NOTE: Taxi’s and public transport in the southern highlands are DIABOLICAL. They don’t come and pick you up, charge the most ridiculous rates (think $50+ from Burrawang to the next town of Robertson 5 mins away) and are very unreliable. Keep that in mind when you are booking accommodation and restaurants. One person will have to be the designated driver.

Once you have your accommodation organised you will need to plan what to do and where to go. I wrote these posts in 2017 and they need some updating too:


I would add into from 2023 where to eat:

Birch Restaurant – Moss Vale
Cheese Etc – Bowral
Briars – Burradoo
Bendooley Estate Cellar Door – Berrima
Bistro Sociale – Bowral
Paste – Mittagong
What If Society – Moss Vale
Berrima Vaulthouse – Berrima
Osborne House – Bundanoon
Mumma’s Country Kitchen – Robertson
Robertson Public House – Robertson
Pecora Cheese & Wine – Robertson
Moonacres Kitchen – Robertson & Ngunungulla regional art gallery
Lucinda’s Pantry – Robertson
Elwrays Food Truck – Robertson
Harrys’ Green Lane – Bowral
Press Shop – Bowral
Salter’s – Bowral
Old Post Office – Moss Vale
Highlands Merchant – Moss Vale
The Farm Club – Exeter
Robertson Hotel – Robertson

And I would add in from 2023 where to shop:

Hem Store – Moss Vale & Bowral
The Men’s Atelier – Moss Vale
Highlands Store – Mittagong
Collette Dinnigan – Mittagong
Birdhouse by Hem – Bowral
Box & Castle – Robertson
Trotter’s Lane – Robertson
Mossy Store – Moss Vale
Suzie Anderson Home – Moss Vale
Bower Bird on Argyle – Moss Vale
Cool Room Emporium – Robertson
Nest & Burrow – Moss Vale
Birch Store – Moss Vale
Hunters & Gatherer Collections -Moss Vale

And you may want to trawl through the archive at all my posts from LOCAL LIFE down here. There could be more information that hasn’t been updated in the posts above. I would definitely use The Fold as my main info though as I truly don’t get out much and rarely leave my robbo/Burrawang bubble so they have a better idea of what is actually happening!

Hope all this helps…things are constantly evolving and changing but as at March 2023, this should be a pretty good guide to find things you need. Enjoy!



  1. Thanks so much. Love the Southern Highlands and always on the lookout for tips!

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