Friend’s Christmas Dinner 2021

You guys this is one of my favourite nights of the WHOLE year and didn’t we deserve it more than ever this year!  It was late in the season and not everyone was able to be there which was a shame and a last minute wet weather change of location from Mrs Munro’s to our place but we pulled it together…our annual friendship Christmas dinner. This year with added partners thrown in for good measure!

Brookie came and set up her Claus Dalby inspired centrepiece (although to me it was all Willow Crossley) and we had so much fun pulling it together before our guests arrived. Think Christmas forest wonderland…all based around her dahlias that she has been growing. My goodness it was the prettiest table that ever there was! Abundance! Magic! Wonder! Fairies. I could set tables for events for forever and the fact that it happens to be in my home only makes it better as we get to enjoy it!

Once we were set up and the guests arrived it was time to pop open the champs on ice, light the candles and get the music playing. We listened to Ruth’s Christmas playlist which is EXCELLENT.

The bring a plate drinks option ended up being a sit down dinner with a beautiful ham and and brussel sprout slaw made by Brooke, I had some potatoes and then for dessert Annie made some Nigella ginger brownies which were excellent and of course some rosemary added in for a forest as I said I would!

We were 10 wedged around the table surrounded by magic and Christmas spirit it really was wonderful! Moments like these really do make my heart sing and I feel so lucky we got the chance to be together after such a tricky and tough year. Boy are we all lucky to have each other!

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  1. Looks so beautiful. May I ask how you do an event like this when you have kids? Do you find it’s better to ship them off for the night or do they join you somehow? I would love to entertain more but not sure how to manage this bit.

  2. Stunning, may I ask where you get your beautiful tall candles in the glass vessel/jar?

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Beth- it looked like a heavenly dream! A well deserved time to unwind x

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