A Winter birthday lunch for Lucy

Lucy had her 39th birthday this week (still so young!) and Mrs Munro put on a beautiful small lunch on a glorious winter’s day for her. No one can pull together more artistic and creative tablescape than Mrs M, everywhere you look a visual delight and vignette a go-go. I went mad with photos as I thought you might like to join in as well.

There’s nothing like a cheeky mid week lunch is there? Except that 2.45pm and after school activities come around waaaaaaay too fast. Always disappointing! Thank you Brooke for such a glorious escape for a few hours – it was such a treat for us all, birthday or not!


  1. Looks lovely. Menu? All very inspiring.

  2. stunning photos! what is the name of that flower?

  3. Wow very nice.Simple celebration. Lovely!

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