The tree(s) are up!

I have very strict Christmas deco’s policy. In so much as it HAS to be December before they are allowed out. Last year I may have gone early by a day because I was a nesting mofo and Rob was away but this year there’s still nothing out (must remember to get the Advent Calendar out from the garage).

In any case, the 5 Christmas trees on the side verandah of the house have arrived in all their twinkly star jasmine flower. Right now it is THE place to be…it smells and looks divine. In the winter this verandah gets full sun for the perfect place to warm up, and in summer, it’s in shade for pretty much all of the day. THE place to sit with Mags or Frank, or later in the evening for dinner or a G&T.

IMG_4039 IMG_4055 IMG_4052 IMG_4037 IMG_4057 IMG_4036 IMG_4027 IMG_4032

I also wrangled some new potted colour into my window box and table, gave a general sweep and tidy up on the most picture perfect Spring day down here.

IMG_4050 IMG_4048 IMG_4033

Now, to get those decorations out of the garage and dotted around…

Have you got your tree up yet?
Got somewhere in your garden looking pretty? I’d love to see some snaps (if you can post in Facebook)


  1. Oh those trees are just fabulous. No tree will go up tomorrow……normally am way late but going to get into some good traditions this season., Susan

  2. I am so envious of your gorgeous garden. Star Jasmine is one of my favourites too. What a wonderful Christmas it will be this year with Maggie giggling along.

  3. Traditional be beggared.

    I hired a cherry picker over the weekend to get all my fairy lights up on the front of my old purple fibro (& while I was up there I repainted it a new shade of purple!).

    Christmas tree goes up in the window tonight and all the lights go on tonight as well.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Christmas.

  4. Star jasmine is the best:)

  5. Major garden envy here!

    How beautiful. I love star Jasmine. I named my second-born daughter after this gorgeous flower that blooms in Spring.

  6. Oh I adore this! Just divine! The scent in the air must be divine!

  7. Don’t you need to worry about the bees when you are sitting out there? I love the smell of Jasmine, but I realized when I was visiting a friend that it makes me sneeze!!

  8. A Year In My Garden says

    Those Star Jasmines are amazing!!

  9. I am SO jealous of that jasmine!!! My goodness your garden just makes me want to move back to the east coast where things & green & grow!!!

  10. My star jasmine looked like that a few weeks ago but alas all finished flowering, the high heat finished it off a bit earlier than I would have liked?

  11. love those jasmine’s on your porch beth! they are just gorgeous!
    perfect timing for Christmas! well planned!
    I have put up a few silver bits on my twig xmas trees!
    love m:)X

  12. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    Star jasmine envy!! Mine have just finished flowering and don’t look like they will flower a second time for Christmas Day. I can smell them from here!

  13. Usually I’m a must wait until December kinda girl. However, now I have small children we had to fit it into their schedule. I wanted my husband to be around for it and he doesn’t get home until after bedtime most evenings. So we put it up on the weekend just a few days early.

    If I stuck by my Decmeber rule we would have had to wait until this weekend. I wouldn’t have maximum treeage then!

  14. Im looking for an American Agave Flower to do a minimalist tree this year.

    Something different

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