Love at first type: ANTHRO GIVEAWAY

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Sometimes some retail therapy when abroad is just what the doctor ordered. This post is the second in a series brought to you by Aussie’s low rate Platinum credit card, that offers a low rate, low annual fees, no international transaction fees on purchases, extended warranty insurance and complimentary international travel insurance. They asked me to share a few travel shopping stories, while they have also arranged for something special for you guys… 

Like any meaningful relationship I’ve had in my life, it’s hard to say how it started. They just do don’t they? An introduction from a mutual contact, serendipity, destiny…FATE. I think I first stumbled across Anthropologie at the back of a magazine. There were these little herb labels for the garden, fashioned out of forks and spoons and knives and I just plain fell in love. I took the time to write down the name, shoved it in my notebook and forgot about it. I think I was actually at work at the time “working” on important stuff like blog reading when I remembered and entered those first precious letters into my url My pulse quickened, I loved that. And that! OH MY GOD I REALLY LOVED THAT. I added things to my shopping cart with gay abandon and when I eventually calmed down and focused, went to the check out, I almost passed out from the shipping costs. It was ridiculous, and I may have even shed a wee tear at the injustice of it all! I figured because I was working I could order a few bits – those herb markers which I gave to a blogging friend, and some measuring cups which I gave to my Mum. I didn’t even get anything for myself! I think the word you are looking for here is SELFLESS. The seed was planted, true love had hit me and my passion for all things Anthropolgie began. Who am I kidding? It’s when my love for all international online shopping began. It’s those prices! THOSE CHEAPER PRICES. And the variety you can get OS. My credit card number is now memorised in my head, and my relationship with my husband re: my online shopping has to be “managed.”

When we moved down to the Highlands I thought it was time to treat myself with my very own package. A jumper, some pj pants and a jug arrived and not a day goes by when I don’t look at them lovingly and thank the shopping Gods for making this fine store. Many a morning up early with the kids saw me dabbling in some online shopping, just because, pretending I would get this, and this and THEN THIS but then closing down the browser eventually because the shipping costs, high interest rates on my card and international transaction fees were just plain mean. Plus Rob just wouldn’t get it. Stupid husbands. I remember when Mrs Woog and Eden went to BlogHer 2 years ago they wrote a post about their trip to Anthropologie in LA. I was literally stroking the pretty through my lap top, desperate to be there myself. I’ve seen other blog posts dedicated entirely to trips into their amazingly styled stores in the US. I’d listen to family and friends tell their tales about the stores, the styles, the selections, the prices, vowing that one day, our time would come. Oh yes, it would come.

When it was announced that BlogHer was in New York last year I was like a new potential KEEN girlfriend who was trying to tee up a meeting with her new potential lover that looked purely co-incidental put was really a strategic and calculated plan of attack. Perhaps Anthro and me really COULD meet! I convinced Rob that I needed to go for work, I convinced myself that 2 weeks away from my family really was important for my blogging career, but at the end of the day – Mama needed a holiday with her friend and Mama needed me to get herself to an Anthropologie Store.

And so it was.

Mrs Woog arranged for our first meeting at the Flagship store near Rockefeller Plaza. It was mid afternoon. The weather was sunny, bright and hot. I was a little jet lagged but when I knew I was within walking distance everything went out of focus. Except that store. Of course we were greeted by some chipper young hip things when we walked in which is customary there in America. Mrs Woog explained what was happening to the Manager. That this was love, true love, and lifelong shopping dreams being realised. He got it. I wandered around for an hour or so, I was too overwhelmed for photos. I grabbed this and that and then some of that and several, ahem, hundred dollars later I walked out a happy woman. I HAD A REAL ANTHRO PAPER SHOPPING BAG IN MY HAND. In fact, I had about 3, but that’s beside the point.

I went back, of course I went back. It was a late summers evening. It was humid, damp, dark and stormy. This time it was the Chelsea store. This time I had my camera.

I cursed the cheap prices and the fact that my luggage was already 22 kg’s heavier before I left Australia. I looked at the sheer variety and the prices and pondered how I could fit a queen size quilt into my hand luggage. I eventually left my beloved Anthro, unsure how when we would meet again in person. Sure, we’d always have the net, but it wasn’t the same. As I left the clouds parts for THE most perfect summer sunset I’d seen. It was like the God’s knew. Magic had just happened!

I needed a drink of course. A post shopping high drink. To calm myself. To soak in the moment.

And then some sliders. Just because.

I was happy that evening. Very happy.

Have you ever had an infatuation or love affair with a store?
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Happy Travels Online shopping! 

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  1. Love, love, love this Beth – boy you write so beautifully. And I did a little gasp with joy when I thought about the beautiful herb-marking cutlery poking through my mint and parsley in my vegie garden x

    Now I feel like online shopping.

    My fave place to shop online OS is ModCloth – cute frocks, shoes to-die – oh my!

  2. My Favourite shopping site is As I am a 1 income family with 1 child i go staright to their SALE section!!!!! It has lovely categories like 70%%%% OFF!!!!! and 60 then 50 etc etc.The Best thing about it is shipping is FREE! Pick me to win please because I don’t go anywhere except work,daycare and

  3. My first foray into the magic of Anthropologie was measuring cups. Sweet, ceramic, flower-petal shaped measuring cups. I regret to have to tell you that I bought them as a gift for my bridesmaid, but they never left my kitchen; they were too perfect, and they’d come all the way through the timezones and over the ocean for me!
    I spend far too much time adding pretties to Anthropologie carts, but my true favourite (and most shopped) online store is J.Crew. I just cannot get enough casual basics, and the quality is similar to head you get at DJ’s, but with a Target price tag!

  4. This is such a well written post Beth. I love it!
    I too do the whole ” lets put this in the basket, this, this, oh & this ….” & then shut down the site – kinda takes the edge off that shopping bug doesn’t it?
    As for international stores, too hard to name one but I can guarantee they are either book or home ware stores & you know shipping costs are always a bitch on those things!!! I found lately that I’ve been flirting with EBay again. It was my first online shopping experience , got addicted fast & then had to pull away but lately I find myself back there. I bought a lovely quilt a few weeks back, it’s so pretty & looks great on my couch. I’ve gone back a few times to look at more….

  5. I love ModCloth also –
    Loads of gorgeous clothing and accessories, vintage styles and modern by independant designers 🙂

    Love it!

    Good luck everyone!

  6. Sathya Barelds says

    Might be boring but it would have to be Amazon – well priced books and dvds!

  7. Too many to mention for me! About 75% of all my shopping is done online.

    This year alone, I’ve had orders from ASOS, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, H&M and Gap.

    I love ASOS for free & fast shipping. The clothes are true to size and on trend. Gap for the kids essentials. H&M for cheap & trendy.

    I love Anthro, Fred Flare, Supreme, and the big US majors like Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus too.

    Can you tell I love to online shop?


  8. Jessica Cox says

    I’ve had a bit of a thing for Dorothy Perkins of late, Great fit, great price, lots to choose from!
    I couldn’t pick just one either, I also LOVE Hawthorne threads, best selection of gorgeous fabric going around!!

  9. When I was 18 and online shopping was still quite new and pre babies with my flat tummy and perky boobs I used to order my clubbing clothes from a shop called Miami beach. Glow in the dark stripper heels and super mini skirts and I was officially the sluttiest (but best dressed!?! Go figure) girl in the club. I had girls lining up to get the details. Those were the days!

    These days post babies I LOVE LOVE pottery barn! I also love the fact that they ship here but hate the overpriced shipping 🙁
    Holly G

  10. I discovered Modcloth last year- I’m in love! I’ve got my winter wish list sitting waiting as we speak – its the perfect site for me to build my 1950’s housewife wardrobe!
    And seriously, how exciting is it when you get your precious online parcel in the mail? It feels like christmas every. single. time. I squeal like a schoolgirl when a package arrives.
    And with 3 kids aged 6 and under? Give me online shopping any day! ( husband hyperventilating in the background – good lord she’s found a way to spend money without even leaving the house!)

  11. I adore (or Books. Cheap books, no delivery charges. I am in bookworm heaven. And kid gift heaven. I adore it. They have brilliant customer service too.

  12. OMG Ebay! I live in Japan and I am definately not the size of most Japanese women! I can barely find a shoe that fits me! I once walked into a bra shop and before I even had the chance to look around a woman ran up to me and shook her head 🙁
    I buy bras, shoes/boots, tops, jeans and make up on Ebay.
    I have two young girls and I also buy alot of their beautiful clothes there, too. I find Ebay UK has some great used clothes from M and S, George etc at very low prices and great shipping rates.
    My most recent purchase was all the gear for my babies first birthday party!
    Yes Japanese people aren’t into parties either…..

  13. I’d have to be silly not to say Anthropologie right? But seriously I LOVE Anthropologie.

    I fell in love with the store on a rainy day in London (how unusual). Finally a story that embraced my love of home wares, fashion and coffee table books! With an already bulging back pack and another six weeks trekking around France and Germany I limited myself to one small coffee table book and an adorable apron ( – cute right?).

    On a rainy day while chained to my desk at work I’ll often find myself sneaking off to and load up my basket (and also my credit card) to reminisce!

    Lauren Sharkey

  14. My online shopping obsession is Etsy. Talented local and international people making beautiful things. It’s impossible not to love. x Amber [email protected]

  15. Ha ha I laughed at your online shopping being “managed” – mine too. Oh I love too many online stores. I love ASOS and because it makes me feel I know something about fashion (*eye roll*) and I love for the fantastic selection and the cheap(er) uni text books and the free delivery. And I love Anthro purely for the eye candy. If only I could transfer the contents of my Anthro Pinterest page directly to my shopping cart…..xx

  16. We live rural and most of my shopping is done on line. My favourite store at the moment is ASOS – we often have a function to attend and this store has me looking sharp and for a fraction of the price. (and Michelle Obama shops there and always looks great) I currently have my eye on a dress at Anthro but unfortunatly it is out of my price range.

  17. My current fav is EXPEDIA. It’s all to do with the travel. I am saving on flights and motels, which means more time for experiences at the other end. Experiences include aquariums, water parks, long walks collecting shells and rocks (my autistic 9 year olds current obsession) food, shoes, puzzles and the occasional pair of earrings. Bless you Expedia. You are doing everything right. Alison

  18. I eat huge volumes of cheap books that I buy at Book Depo in the UK [no shipping]. I realise all that paper can’t be good for the earth but geez, my coffee table & book library sure do look fabulous.

    As for Anthropologie, LOVE everything but here’s a little story….

    I had found this AMAZING bottle of perfume a few years ago on Pinterest [as you do] and not caring at all what was inside [ie. the fragrance] I made it my mission to track it down & find out where it came from. I simply had to have it! The most gorgeous perfume bottle I have ever seen with the lid doubling as a little floral pin cushion with all these amazingly gorgeous whimsical pins stuck in it. Couldn’t be more perfect for me!

    Anyway, what do you know, its from Anthropologie!!! Unfortunately they cannot ship to Australia due to air regulations about flying liquids internationally. Aaaghh!!! So I now wait until either my parents travel to America to get it [including pouring out the liquid & just bringing home the bottle for me] OR I raise my 5 children and then start saving to go myself. The oldest is 7, it could be a while.

    But just maybe, if I won this voucher, the kind lovelies at Anthropologie could be convinced to pour out the perfume & send me the bottle!! I have lots of small humans, its not like I need the perfume anyway, I never go anywhere! Or if not, geez I sure would love to splurge that kind of money on ANYTHING in the store.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    Kate xo

    PS. I used slightly too many exclamations didn’t I? Drats!

  19. True confessions: I’m an anthro addict. I browse their site all the time and dream of walking through the store, virtually.
    As a working mother I have little time to window shop in the real world. My online love affair with Anthropologie is how I like to spend my downtime!!

  20. Oh Beth I got so excited at the prospect of the Anthroplogie give away that I almost lost my sh$t..I can never bring myself to write the actual swear words its a quirk..*sigh*..nervous babble. Anyway favourite online stores..J Crew, pottry barn and recently have brought a couple of things from Toast but would love to fill my post box with a couple of things from Anthro and even have my list ready to go …although as you guessed it shipping is the killer so there it sits idle..xD

  21. I love ASOS. The opposite seasons means things I love are on sale EVERY TIME I SHOP. They also have a section for curvy women that is filled with on-trend clothing. You’ve also gotta love being a size smaller at all US stores just because of their sizing!

    Dom x

    [email protected]

  22. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever attempted to enter… $250 at Anthro would help furnish our new home after being homeless for the past 15 months quite nicely me thinks! I need a nest to feather again!

    My favourite online shop in the States is definitely ModCloth for clothing/shoes/etc, the shipping isn’t tooooo ridiculous (especially if you really want something!) and the range is great. I also love Urban Outfitters for homewares.

    This could be dangerous…

  23. I’m a huge pottery barn fan, love their homewears and small unique pieces that are hard to find here. but they’re about to open up in sydney. So now all I need to remember is to pay for extra luggage on my domestic flights. can’t wait.

  24. It is Anthropologie and it is the one near the Rockefeller. i had two weeks in the great city. I was so overwhelmed, first time I bought nothing. Second time I went nuts and bought incrediblely beautiful gifts as souvenirs for others. I have zilcho from them myself and I covet everything, jewellery, homewares, oh the shoes, and the scarves. I often just peruse the online store for a lift in spirits on a dull day.
    I went nuts and bought heaps for self and family at MOMA and also love their online shop.
    Closer to home, third draw down and bookworls ( I am led to believe it’s Australian…)is my faves for online purchased presents.
    My daughters love love love the iconic.

  25. Liberty London – I used to travel up to London each year when I lived in the UK to buy all my Christmas presents. Its a beautiful old Tudor building thats been trading in the heart of London since 1875. Shopping their is an absolute pleasure and a truly indulgent experience, its an Aladin’s Cave of the bespoke, the cutting edge and the luxuriant. I still do my Christmas shopping there and it makes me feel that little bit closer to friends, family and home.

  26. I love the fat quarter shop. They have a huge range of fabric, most of which you can’t get here in Aus. And fabric doesn’t cost much to ship really.

  27. I’m sitting here drinking coffee from my P for Parko Anthro mug and I’m immediately transported back to both those Anthro stores in New York. I also “did” the Soho one and let’s not talk about the amazing one on the west coast – at The Grove shopping centre in West Hollywood (you know where Modern Family shops!).

    Now, I get the Anthro emails popping into my inbox almost every day and tempting me like nobody’s business. Love your work Beverley.

    You know there are actual Anthro bloggers in the US? Maybe you could be an honorary Aussie Anthro blogger.

  28. What beautiful stuff!!!! Awesbags!
    My fave international shopping site would have to be The Book Depository. So cheap and FREE SHIPPING. They have all my childhood faves that I can now read to my two boys. Remember Fish out of Water and Bears in the Night and Are you my Mother? Goodness, what memories. Now I just need some time for me to be able to read a good book. Any suggestions?

  29. Oh, dear. That’s a bit good. Most of my overseas online shopping is for books (Book Depository) and yarn.

  30. Anthro is my first on line love.. it has been a long engagement and I am hoping one day they will move here so we can get married. Yes Marcus I would still love you but sorry you would be SOO kicked to the kerb!

    Now everyone needs a good breakfast to start the day and is my pick…they even have their own jam to put on top..

    Then there is my one I will too love until I am rose and grey… oh sorry I meant Old and Grey.. slip of the tongue as I went into dream mode for this baby

    I won’t mention my homegrown one, its hidden.. you know,the one that is down that little lane and its all mine.. my lips are sealed 🙂

  31. I’m so with you on this! I am also a big huge lover of Anthropologie and my trips to the States have all started with a visit and spend up at the local Anthro store. I just love the eclectic nature of their products and although I am so grateful for online shopping nothing beats being able to gaze and touch and admire their products in real life. I spent an hour once just looking at door knobs.

    P.S. Shipping costs are really not that high anymore ($25) so I can justify my purchases (to myself anyway, not neccessarily my husband)

  32. Online shopping saved my life when I was living in Shanghai! And then I moved to America and I swear the UPS guy was at our house every second day! Not just for me, though, as my work-bound husband suddenly discovered he could actually spend some of his money – would you believe he buys his socks and jocks online because he simply cannot find the time otherwise? And his favourite pens come from Hong Kong – ridiculous but why not? I loved Anthropologie when I lived there, especially their more creative and interesting clothes. In the US it was Amazon that we were constantly pounding but now we are back and building a period-style home its Ebay we are trawling for those unique taps,butler’s sink, tiles, and even a fab freestanding bath at half the price!

  33. Another fan of the Book Depository here. I know they are now owned by Amazon but service is same as it used to be. Really great, no problem twice getting a replacement order when something went astray, prompt service, really great packing and free postage for books worldwide.

  34. I dare you to go down the rabbit hole that is ModCloth. Between Anthropologie and ModCloth it’s remarkable any of my children get fed let alone dressed and off to school in a timely manner. I still deeply covet the notion of collecting measuring cups from Anthro.

    I also spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around Warby Parker, a fantastic glasses company in the US. OK, it’s becoming apparent I need to back away from the computer.

    • And the UK site Toast! How could I forget. There is a mug on Toast which I have pined for for more than FIVE years but with the conversion rate would cost me something like $60. That’s an expensive cup of tea no matter how you pour it.

  35. The internet swallowed my previous comment SO what I was saying was that Beth, I starting loving Anthropologie from your New York posts last year, it is just my kind of place, and look at this! I’m off to New York and guess where I’ll be going?

    And I really really need some practice into Anthropologie shopping so a voucher would help me so much, so that when I eventually get to the shop in person, I’ll be experienced!!!! Michelle xo

  36. I can’t wait to look at modcloth! And I too am a huge anthropologie fan – when my husband went to the US last year he had STRICT instructions to visit the store and pick some beautiful items for us – hello new earrings and a gorgeous apron for my little girl. But there are shoes on there just dying to be on my feet, so pick me pick me! Did I mention that today is my birthday. It really, really, is. Did I mention I’ve been spoilt all morning, but that this year due to financial constraints I was spoilt in a kind of “go wild in a $2 shop fashion”. A splurge at anthropologie would be just superb! Grovel over. Fingers crossed.

  37. Ever since living vicariously though you ladies (Mrs Woog and Nikki) and your amazing NY trip, I have been on the Anthropologie mailing list!

    I swoon over the items and even window shop occasionally… You know when you add things to your shopping basket but never actually check out because you baulk at the shipping costs for all the items that made it into your shopping cart! So this would be my favourite online international shopping site, however to date I’m yet to actually follow through and proceed to the checkout!

    Internationally online I’ve only ever purchased things from the Book Depository – cheap books and I really like that when you order multiple books they send them all separately! That way the mailman has to come multiple times – I feel special, I don’t think you really get over the excitement of a postal delivery for yourself from childhood especially when you know its not a bill 😉

    Dionne 🙂

  38. Modcloth, but I’d love the chance to try out Anthropologie! All their stuff looks so gorgeous!

    – Mrs. M.

  39. i love shopping in Bali…the heat, the hustle bustle, the haggling with good natured Balinese folk, the spicy smells and then a tall cool drink at a local bar…FABULOUS.

  40. For Arts Sake a tiny gallery in Ealing, London. I sat out the front of this gallery waiting for my first London job interview and promised that I would buy the little lithograph of a lady in a boat with a cat playing the fiddle if I got the job.
    Well I did get the job, brought the lithograph and continued to visit daily until I move home.
    And now 6 years later I continue to purchase online special for almost any occasion and they come wrapped in brown paper and addressed to ‘Arts Sake’s No. 1 Customer’ (even after 6 years and dwindling purchases). It makes me feel so special that they remember me…..
    Maybe a purchase is overdue?

    Katie H (Newtown)

  41. You got me on to Anthropologie. I hadn’t even connected that I could perhaps access online this wonderment I had read about in magazines and books about New York (I’m slow like that ;)) When I read a post from you, I went there in a flash and got lost. I drooled and I coveted and I have very sneakily made one purchase – but I have a wish list as long as my arm waiting for the day we go back to NYC – or if I can convince my Mum that some of her baggage allowance from her trip in August needs to be for me.

    Probably the ones international site I have spent the most on is Pottery Barn – they have Star Wars monogrammed pyjamas and awesome Star Wars doona’s – my nephews are well kitted out and I can’t wait for the next year that hopefully my son will become addicted too 🙂

  42. American based Etsy stores float my boat. ASOS is also great, stylish, affordable and free postage. Did I mention a fabulous maternity range? Next time I get knocked up you know where I’ll be clickin’!

  43. Thanks to that same blog post from Mrs woog, anthro has become my fave too! its just so… me! I’ve purchased tea cups, clothes and on my current wish list is the owl cookie jar and the bedding! oh the bedding!

  44. Thanks to that same blog post from Mrs woog, anthro has become my fave too! its just so… me! I’ve purchased tea cups, clothes and on my current wish list is the owl cookie jar and the bedding! oh the bedding!

  45. LUSH. They have grown, but have remained small. They care about their products, customers, and the environment. They have products that are so well regarded they do zero advertising! Incredible bloggers and word of mouth have done the trick! Now that is customer loyalty:) Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  46. Ooh what a gorgeous prize! I would use this to turn our new house into a home! Id have ti say pottery barn is my fave at the moment. Email [email protected]

  47. I love amazon online. But also look book depository for all my books

  48. Definetely pottery barn! Dreamy.
    Thanks for the comp!
    [email protected]

  49. Beth
    My favourite online store or place where I can buy great stuff is
    You can buy a selection of goodies from handmade, vintage or brand new. I have bought vintage children teasets, vintage golden books, vintage little people toys, children’s clothing, vintage silver rings, books, canisters. You name it, someone is selling it!

  50. I know I sound like an old lady but my favorite international store for online shopping has to to be good old M&S or Marks and Sparks as my mum calls it, Marks and Spencer UK. I don’t know why I love it so much, I think it’s because as a child traveling overseas to the country of my birth was such an adventure and coming from Apartheid era South Africa in the mid ’80’s, London was such a culture shock and the clothes at M&S…. There was just so much to choose from. When I moved to London after uni I defaulted to M&S for all my basic clothing needs and I still own some of those classic pieces to this day, nearly 14 years later. The quality, cut, sizing, it all just worked for me. So, confession, despite having lived in Australia for 6 years, I still buy all my underwear from M&S. Best thing? Free delivery to Australia…….. Now if I could just get an order from their food hall delivered, I would be complete!

  51. Anonymous says

    You’re a rockstar BabyMac.
    Not a whole lotta room in my day to read blog posts, but with an Anthropologie prize on offer, I committed to more than a skim read… well worth it. You crack me up.
    What a win – funny, well-worth-a-read post, ANTHROPOLOGIE prize on offer, and an introduction to this Modcloth affair… Thanks everyone! Excellent multitasking just completed by me.
    Meanwhile, this Small Town Baby-Mumma doesn’t get to browse concepts stores and smell atmospheres in Big-Smoke Shops, so online shopping is the window…
    My favourite international shopping site (besides Anthropologie, whose style is so inspiring) would be Etsy -I love to poke around – so many ideas and concepts – love that you can choose and browse to suit your mood.
    Jo Pfahl

  52. My favourite online site would have to be Swedish Hasbeens.
    Now I know clogs are not everyones cup of tea, but wow did that website set my heart a-flutter! I spent a long, long time telling myself I couldn’t afford/justify a pair. Then one day I thought “Bugger it! I really do deserve these shoes”, I whipped out my credit card and the deed was done. And that is when the magic really begins… they have one slick set up going on. Email updates every step of the way, every plane transfer, arrival times etc and then the best shoes I’ve ever owned were here in less than a week.
    Less than a week from the other side of the goddam world!! Brilliant.
    p.s. I have 3 pairs now and I dare not ever say their name aloud in case my credit card self combusts.

  53. Julie Jones says

    Like mother like daughter. I love it when I get a package from Gymboree in the US. My daughter caught the online shopping bug from me (yes, what have I created!)and loves nothing more than going through checking off all the items on her wishlist. I get so excited to see the package arrive because we sit down exclaiming with delight as each item comes out of the box. She then does a fashion parade and we kind of hide the invoice before my husband gets home. So much pleasure and sweet Mum and daughter time.

  54. I love shopping at Shopbop! I am so obsessed with going on their site and I love that I don’t have to calculate shipping and stuff.

    k_rampersad03 at yahoo dot com

  55. I have just discovered Nordstrom in the states I was in love with the petunia pickle bottom bags and was kindly
    Able to choose one for my birthday and Nordstrom was the only place that had the one I wanted and would ship to Australia! But man the price is steep! I would love to win this as I always seem to put lots of items into my cart then like you close it down so I don’t actually spend anything! It’s all too much!!!! Thanks for the chance to live the online shopping dream!

  56. Anthropology is like a candy store for ladies with good taste! Damn I love that store and spent many hours trying things on and pondering the lovely homewares on a recent trip to the US. A close second is . Far too much money spent on there!

    [email protected]

  57. Ooooh so many …..mainly Next (grandaughters!), Amazon, Etsy but have always ,always wished longingly for a Anthropologie filled shopping cart! Oh my oh my…could this be my chance?!!!!!!

  58. Etsy wins hands down (though Anthro is a close second).

    Etsy is one of the few places I consistently find things I didn’t know I desperately needed! It’s also pretty amazing to know I’m supporting individual artisans and purchasing something no one else on the block, or even in my city, will have.

  59. Ohh wow, there are so many! I love Anthro and can’t wait to visit the Sydney store.
    I must say that most of my online shopping is on etsy! Love me a bit of handmade vintage!

  60. Beth, I loved this post! Both the first time I read it on your trip to NY and reliving it just then. It was very reminiscent of my first Topshop experience at none other than its flagship store at Oxford Circus. My husband was highly embarrassed by my shrieks of excitement as I dove through 4 floors of shopping heaven! I don’t think I was the only overexcited girl either! I’ll never forget it!!

    For online international shopping I simply can’t go past Etsy. I just love that you can browse through such unique treasures from across the globe. Never ceases to amaze me how clever and creative people are!

    I must also confess an Anthro obesession. I lust after the emails and fb updates they tempt me with. I have never bought anything from them as I haven’t been to the US and the shipping was always too expensive. But wait…..did I just read that the shipping is now capped at $25??? If only I had some spare cash to spend…..sigh!

    Keep up the good work Beverley

  61. Mine would have to be Etsy – I spent hours and hours trawling it for beautiful things for our wedding…. I just wish I had more disposable income to spend there ( or, you know, at Anthropologie )!

  62. Love anthropologie (although window shopping aka drooling only so far), book depository, and etsy would be the main ones for me although sadly I have the same ‘managing husband’ problem he just doesnt get online shopping or any shopping really and we are committed to getting out of debt and then house deposit saving so I get where he is coming from….just cant stop the urges to look and spend. Not helped by some of these sites listed in comments above either. Must. Get. Off. Computer. Now. Must. Freeze. Credit. Card. Into. Block. Of. Ice

  63. Wow, I look up from my regular should I, shouldn’t I, quick stop it now not-shopping trip at Anthropologie and there’s your email! Would love to do it for real! And yes, it’s my favourite fantasy shopping site. Thanks : )

  64. I posted at 11:30am, but my smart phone seems to be stupid and it didn’t work. Sigh.
    I can’t really pick a favourite online shopping venue. It would be like asking me to pick a favourite child. (We all have one, it’s just not PC to say so *cough* Anthropoligie *cough*) Need I say more than Tea House Doorknobs. Heaven on a stick!! (well, a spindle) 😉
    Unfortunately I had to introduce my credit card to the scissors. It was not pretty, the scissors won. I tried to wipe my tears with the jagged edges of broken plastic and a damaged magnetic strip. For my reward, I could certainly muster the energy to spend this awesome prize from Aussie. I have no shame…”Pick me. Please, for the love of crystal doorknobs, pick me”.

  65. Angela 74 says

    I wish I had a favourite OS online store however like you the shipping costs are to high for me to even have a look!! One day …

  66. I love Etsy. Etsy is the Besty 🙂

  67. It’s net-a-porter for me
    Though far too rarely
    Their beautiful things
    Just make my heart sing

    Katrantzou and Prada
    Missoni and Kors
    Studs and sparkles
    Florals and more

    So pretty to to look at
    So lovely to hold
    It’s a pity they’re exy
    Or you’d consider me sold

    Until I win lotto
    It’s sale-only for me
    When my computer as always
    Continues to freeze 🙁

    * * *

    Though I have to say, Anthropologie causes me serious problems as well – the shipping charges are the main reason my entire kitchen isn’t kitted out in their china – love the stuff!

  68. Anthropologie for me…….a long distance love affair….but full of passion…..we have never met in person but my gorgeous sons girlfriend recently visited and bought me a sweet little top back complete with black Pom poms. I want to take it to the next level!

  69. I ‘love’ the China Town markets in Kuala Lumpar. Technically not a shop but it sure is great shopping. You can get a whole lotta stuff for not much cost. And it is all 100% genuine, honest. Anyways, the last time my husband went to KL I asked him to go there and get me some hand bags. I said “Surprise me, you know what I like.” Cos, a girl can never have too many, apparently. So when he came home, I was very excited to see what he got me and they were all very different and some great ‘brand names’, but . . . the three that he picked were all a varying shade of brown. LOL. I will be a bit more explicit next time.

  70. Oh good lord do I LOVE Anthropologie. I wept a few months ago when I found the PERFECT ikat watercolour cushion and it was from Anthro and about $350 plus eleventy billion in shipping. I’m still not over it.

    Most of my purchases come from Amazon – books and beauty products. I did have AMAZING service from Shopbop last year. I ordered a dress on Thursday and it was on my desk on the Tuesday morning with free shipping! I was tracking the shipping online and for 2 of those days it was in my home city. 3 days to get to the other side of the world and 2 days to travel 15kms.

  71. There are so many delightful things to buy these days compared to when I was young but at my age I am past buying new stuff so I just have to enjoy looking. Thanks for sharing.

  72. Anthro is right up there, and Pottery Barn. This girl may have made three PB trips, in as many days! I posted a big of clothes & belongings home that was no longer necessary, thanks to my exceptional shopping skills. Rugs USA, See Jane Work, ASOS, Victoria Secret {hello!}, Banana Republic, Boden, Simply Be, Torrid, Adidas, {seriously better than target au}, Russell and Hazel, are you bored yet? Oh my goodness, how could I forget West Elm? Ok I’ll stop now….

  73. Ohh my gosh what an awesome giveaway! I can’t really afford to go shopping very often, but when I do buy things online they are usually second hand kids clothes from etsy sellers (usually in America, that’s where they hide all the cool miniature cowboy boots for 2 year olds).

  74. This story will probably ring a bell for country readers… Growing up in a country town there was usually only one or two place Tweens such as I was then could buy clothes. We were too old for kids wear and way to young for mum wear like Susan’s. So it was usually just jeans or jeans west back in the day. This was before the Internet was a virtual mall, you know the 90s. So during school holidays we would get a trip to Sydney and what fun we would have going to Sportsgirl and Portmans (yes, I am showing my vintage). But now it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can snap up snazzy styles and not see yourself coming! So I love some local sites like country road and international like urban outfitters or Macey’s for kids wear.

  75. This is seriously the best giveaway EVER! I love looking around the Anthro site, i’ve never bought anything though as the international shipping has always put me off. If I was to ever visit in person, well that would be a whole other story! How did I not know about Modcloth??? Ive just had a quick look, heaven help my credit card.
    My usual online purchases are via, Etsy, Book Depository and Lark.

  76. Oh I so hear you! I love online shopping but tend to ‘online window shop’ thanks to those horrible shipping fees. Favourite places to browse are definitely Anthropologie, Modcloth, Pottery Barn, Etsy…the list could go on and on and on! I too know my CC number by heart, much to the husband’s dismay… Love your writing!

  77. I love online shopping, especially when shipping costs are free or discounted, but love to shop at Fat Quarter Shop for beautiful quilting fabrics, especially when they are on special, and Marks and Spencers are always reliable, and very reasonable postage rates, and I can also use to send gifts to close family in the UK.

  78. I’m in great danger of spending up big when I visit THE BOOK DEPOSITORY. The free shipping gets me in every time. Books do make great gifts though & their prices are very competitive.


  79. It looks like I’m sucking up, but I swear I’m not.

    Anthropologie is my favourite international shopping site. I’m constantly adding things to my shopping cart, letting it sit there until I get the guilts, and start emptying it piece by piece. The cycle repeats itself until I make a spontaneous wine-induced purchase – that’s when all my best online shopping is done. xx

  80. Love this post Beth. I went to the USA 2 years ago and just fell in love with the shopping options there. So much culture. So many stores. So much goodness.
    One international store I have a slight addiction with is GAP. Their clothes {especially for kids} seriously rock! Affordable and fashionable. And the best thing….as the US finishes one season and starts those clothes on clearance sale, we’re just entering that same season…so we can stock up for half the price :))))
    Claire x
    [email protected]

  81. For clothing I love eshakti, you can customise dresses with preferred length, sleeve etc.. for the home, I love Shades of Light.. AMAZEBALLS rugs and lampshades, seriously coveting so many of their rugs (you can shop by colour too) i’m too scared to even look at how much it would cost to ship a 2m x 3m rug from the USA. Am also very partial to some Pottery Barn eye candy and like you LOVE me some Anthropologie. I did know my CC number by heart until January this year when I discovered some inconsiderate a-holes had been skimming my card for the past 6 months and I had to cancel my card and get a new one.. now i’m in the process of getting to know the new number off by heart – shouldn’t take me too long !


  82. As a teenage girl (let’s say that was 20 years ago) I used to fantasise about how I could get a plastic surgeon to turn my size 11.5 feet into lovely petite size 8’s. And then I would put on my men’s sneakers and hope no one would notice. While I now still do fantasise about having small feet, I can at least buy cheap funky shoes from Barefoot Tess. Huge selection, cheap postage and they specialise in B I G feet. (but I still have to buy men’s sneakers and they come courtesy of Eastbay). Tania G

  83. My only international buys have been via Etsy, so many temptations. Although quite a bit of coveting of the Cath Kidston uk store does go on from time to time. Almost scared to have a look at anthropology as it seems like an addiction waiting to happen. mel x

  84. J. Crew.
    When I am shopping from the online store I swear my nostrils fill with the scent of the real stores…clean and fresh with a hint of preppy.
    I browse through every category.
    I enlarge photos. I look at every colour.
    The imaginary life that I lead in my head starts to take over…lunches with the ladies, a dinner out with Daddy R, going to the grocery store in a trench coat, walking the dog in high heels.
    I add items to my shopping cart.
    Then reality sets in.
    And like you, I close the laptop and slowly walk away.
    I leave the items in my online shopping cart though…just in case.

  85. All of the above!

    I would like to try and come up with a really clever, witty, deserving and winning comment for this giveaway but i can’t. I won’t even try. I just REALLY WANT TO WIN this.


  86. I fell in love with Urban outfitters when I was in the USofA, their clothes make me feel daring, their accessories glam, and their apartment range is just to die for! They have recently come to Aus (online), but many-a-dollars in international transaction fees were charged before this! I am also a big lover of Anthropologie, Modcloth and Pottery Barn. A no fee transaction card is just what I need. Thanks BabyMac!

  87. I am seriously so out of touch … is it really really sad that I have not heard of half of these stores/websites mentioned in the above comments? The only reason I know anthropologie is through your love of it Beth. Yikes 5 years living in Africa and I have no idea what’s in, what’s hot and what’s not. I feel like I’ve just had a lesson in online shopping … thanks all … off to check out every single one of the above mentioned stores … no shopping though as the parcel is unlikely to make it to me .. crappy African postal system 🙁

  88. Vida in Freshie says

    The Berkeley, California Anthro used to be one of my favorite hangouts!! Amazing natural light & perfect shopkeepers that let you browse forever without lurking. Anyway. Online shopping….I’ve been happy to find Sierra Trading Post. Shipping can be a bit $$ to Oz, but they deliver my favorite shoes–“Gentle Souls”. Comfort shoes (wedgie sandals) that at least don’t look like comfort shoes. Or at least that’s what I tell myself 😉

  89. You know, I have a degree in Anthropology! Double major, and then Honours. I am soooo qualified to shop there! I drool over the website and plan a quick trip to London one day to check them out IRL.
    My current fave online shops are the usual suspects of Amazon and Book Depository, but also Etsy, for really lovely handmade stuff. The postie stops here most every day 😉

  90. Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m an ASOS addict! My online shopping would be so much more varied (and the danger of my husband finding out) if shipping from the best sites like Anthro wasn’t out of my stay at home non earning Mumma budget allows. ASOS is budget friendly and shipping is free, the sizing is perfectly right and well the app is dangerously easy to use anywhere, anytime!

  91. Must I choose?

    One of my favourite hobbies is internet shopping. So soothing during life’s challenging times.

    I endorse the outnet, netaporter, shopbop, gilt, asos, bluefly, the book depository, amazon, and strawberry net.

    I luff them all equally.

    Am always fascinated by those who don’t shop the net. So much cheaper.

  92. Just this week I was decided to treat myself to a fancy new tablecloth to brighten up my in-need-of-a refresh kitchen. Now, I work on a homes mag so I know what’s on the market and where to look. So I look to Anthropologie’s site – probably a bit more than is healthy for my credit card. I didn’t buy the tablecloth (shipping ruled it out for me), but I did swoon a little. If I were to win, I’d be right back on there, making my purchase…!

  93. Anthropologie definitely!

  94. I love The Book Depository, I love reading and I always get fantastic presents for birthdays etc, thanks in part to this site. I load up my cart and tell my husband to finish shopping and a fantastic “surprise” gift comes for me in the mail.
    I also love that they send each book separately, lots of parcels, cool!

  95. My favorite site with international shipping is Ebay. You can find anything and everything!!

  96. I had many favourite international shipping stores, but they all fade into oblivion now you have introduced me to Anthropologie, goddamn it!

  97. Caroline C says

    It just has to be good old M&S for me
    With so much choice I’m as happy as can be
    Renowned for their undies and amazing quality
    A little taste of home from far away Old Blighty

    So thank-you Babymac for this amazing give-away
    If I happen to win I’d be your best friend any day!

  98. I love amazon… Cant beat their prices! What an awesome giveaway, good luck everyone!

  99. Thanks to you it’s Anthropologie for me. Did you see that they are having a sale on all of their plates? Needless to say, I bought up big. It’s all for my blog of course!

  100. Next OnLine for Australia baby!
    1. Reminds me of my youth
    2. I know the sizing
    3. The website prices are in Australian dollars – no guessing exchange rates!
    4. Priced for Australian market, not translated from England
    6. Arrives within 3 (and have known 2) working days.
    Yep, that’s me Beth.

  101. mmm, I love shopping online. there’s several types of online shopping for me:

    On my ‘I can afford it’ list, my shopping in the past has been ‘Etsy’, ‘Booktopia’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Superbuzzy’ and ‘Book Depository’.

    On my ‘coveting and finally bought from them…’ list was a site called ‘Rough Linen’ -fantastic natural linen bedding I bought the pinafore! More ‘Etsy’ and ‘Independant. designer/maker sites…msinly for my children.

    On my ‘Haven’t got around to it but must make a purchase one day…’ list is anything from ‘Anthropologie’, ‘Mod cloth’, ‘Toast’…to name but a few!

    My last list is my dreaming list, as I’m wary of sizing on clothes after making several mistakes through Ebay. ‘Toast’s’ shipping is astronomical but I love their clothes and Anthropologie I absolutely love yet haven’t got to the point of making a serious commitment to buying…I’m ready tho 🙂

  102. I buy way, way too many things from Asos – my favourite part is the postman leaves my silver package at my front door like an everyday Santa Claus leaving gifts and treats. One day, this everyday Santa Claus rang my doorbell while I was at home, he said he was happy to finally meet me cos he came by my house every second day with a new online shopping parcel that it was kinda becoming weird. Awkward!

  103. Anonymous says

    OMG! Stop commenting… I keep checking back in to read who shops where and am drawn to look up all these new fabulous shopping sites! I LOVE Closed, House of Fraser, Next (for great baby stuff) and find myself trawling through Net-a-Porta wishing that one day I could afford something from there…

    Love your blog Miss Beth…


  104. Yes, I indulged a lot in online shopping BC (before children). It’s Anthro for homewares, Bluefly for designer clothes/handbags/shoes, ASOS for cheap trendy stuff & great maternity clothes and Next Direct for kids clothes. I’m also lusting in the JCrew site but haven’t bought anything. Have to be ultra sensible since getting a new mortgage 5 months ago. I have an Anthro shopping basket that I’ve been filling up since we bought place. Adding, tweaking & taking away as we get more & more settled, I get more sure of what I want for the house. One day once finances permit, I will hopefully get to press checkout!

  105. Okay, if this sounds lame I apologize. eBay. I have been an eBay junkie for years. I am somewhat of a lazy eBayer – as I pretty much only purchase “Buy It Now” items. But, I have been able to score some great items for decent prices thanks to the wonder that is online auctions! And… international shipping!

    [email protected]

  106. I usually shop local, but I like etsy for shopping online.

  107. I’m a great window shopper online. When I’m nursing my 11 week old Tully I ponder what the next purchase will be. I treasure hunt on etsy, dream of modcloth dresses and a vintage Dress purchase from red velvet from the girls at abeautifulmess. I chose gorgeous fabrics for an Annie dress from naughtyshorts and make a wishlist from Anthropologie that’s drool worthy. Oh the things I could buy given a bottomless wallet.
    [email protected]

  108. Ruche because of the styles.


  109. Traci 'Sparkle' Devlin says

    I’d have to say my most successful international purchases come from ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Duo Boots. While I have spent many an hour perusing the Anthro site the shipping costs slay me.

    I also visited Anthropologie at the Rockeller Centre when I was in NY last year and bought up A STORM! (I even carried dining plates back in my hand luggage). There was just so.much.pretty. As a sidenote have you ever noticed Anthro stock occassionally popping up in Sussans?!

    T x ([email protected])

  110. This is like choosing your favourite child.

    Was it the first born. The one that stole your heart – ahh Strawberrynet, we have such long lasting memories.

    Or your second born. The one you have more fun with because you are not uptight and worried like you were the first time? That would have to be Anthropology – I love giving someone a gift and being able to say you picked it up online from Anthro. Could you be a more organised and thoughtful friend?

    But in reality. I have not met an online shop I didn’t like (even Witchery with their 14 day postage). Wish I could say that about some of the random children I encounter!

  111. Thankyou BabyMac and Aussie for this AH-MAZE-ING opportunity! And what a fabulous reminisce about your visit with Mrs.Woog to Anthropologie. Jealous.

    On reflection of my own penchant for online shopping, I would have to say that up there with dreamworthy and tear-inducing Anthro, I just adore Ruche. Ruche blogs, inspires and takes you to a vintage inspired world where you can shop to your hearts content! And my heart is content. How could it not be with their range which includes all things clothing, jewellery and sweet accessories, smart items for kidlets, stock for home and office and my personal fave – the one off napery and crockery collections that I just must have! Because as if I don’t have enough measuring cup sets and trivets.

    Ruche is smart, sassy and often my fave time of the day is putting my feet up, logging on, scrolling around like nobody’s business and sipping on an earl grey or a g&t. Bliss.

  112. My favourite site is well, any really. In fact if it ships for free in America, consider it sold. I have a husband working in the States every second week. Yes, one week Sydney, one week San Fran. So HE is my shipping. I click buy and send, and he ships it home in his suitcase. Its a win-win really!

    Thanks for this amazing chance to win.

  113. my favorite site is InLoveWithFashion ( Love is a UK brand that makes beautiful cloth, especially dresses, and the best thing, they have free international shipping (even to my small country)! They also have awesome sales (50% off and more) so they are very affordable. I already baught 4 new dresses from them in the last year.

  114. Annette Noble says

    I’m typing and trying to get my heart rate down… it’s not all that easy. Anthropology and I have been having an affair since 2001, it’s not been easy as we’ve only met in person a few times (twice in Seattle, once in NYC…ahh) but it’s enduring.
    But, my go-to, guilt-free favourite has to be GAP.COM – I can shop four labels at once for basics for the whole family, they ship quickly, returns are no drama and even with the shipping fees I am well ahead. Man I love online shopping and a high Aussie Dollar!

  115. What great sites to explore!
    Two of my current favourites that I haven’t seen mentioned are bodie and fou – great collection of homewares and bottica – Fabulous jewellery site that I can spend hours on
    [email protected]

  116. Oh mate – Anthropologie – sigh! My fave online shopping site is – you can get EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED FROM THE ONE PLACE – some places even ship free! I LOVE the cheaper USA prices and the VARIETY – don’t get me started on the USA variety!!

  117. I recently discovered JShoppers. It was definitely one of the most unique shopping experiences I’ve ever had. Every time I wear anything I bought from JShoppers, I always get SOOOO many compliments! Plus, they ship incredibly fast! I received my order within a week! You can’t get much better then that!


  118. Mmm, I probably buy the most things on American fabric sites such as hawthornes or fabric .com for my business of making things as I find it totally outrageous that the retail price in the USA is less than the wholesale price here..yes people REALLY!!
    For me I love little stationary finds on kikki.k and the amazing array of items on etsy…i just love little packages turning up that i had forgotten i had even ordered..its kind of kind Christmas. I would probably spend my voucher to do real shopping and not pretend shopping at Kate Spade bc I’m sure just owning some of those beautiful items or dresses would make me and my life a lot more sophisticated..well thats what i believe and I’m sticking to it. Nicolex

  119. Anonymous says

    I thought up with the program, but clearly I am a newbie at this internet shopping thing. eBay, Etsy and The Book Depository are well acquainted with my paypal account and I often window shop at ASOS, but Oh My Goodness, there is obviously a whole world of shopping out there that I have somehow not stumbled across. My poor paypal account is probably feeling very scared now.

  120. I’m completely addicted to Book Depository. The no shipping costs have seen me, on occasion, place more than one (or two or three) orders in one day. And consequently I have a stack of books I have absolutely no time to read.
    Online shopping is my kryptonite. x

  121. I’m digging ASOS — good customer service, cute designs and so affordable! Plus they have free shipping codes fairly often — a lifesaver for any international site.

  122. Susan (Hobart) says

    Mine is simple…..I love a bargain and a great childrens book so I can’t go past
    Love your work Beth x

  123. I have a few favs at the moment. I love Urban outfitters and Society 6. I’m in the middle of redecorating our new house we just bought and I have purchased lots of goodies from these stores. Nothing beats online shopping!

  124. i love ASOS, cant beat that free shipping! i just found a site called fab that i am currently obessing over

  125. Sarah in Melb says

    Ahhh New York. There are not enough words to describe my pure love and adoration for New York. I’d go back every year if I could. Chelsea, the Highline, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, all of it!

    Ahhh online shopping. There are not enough dollars to describe my online shopping loves. Most of it is relegated to browsing as opposed to buying, but I do frequent West Elm, Anthro (all the cool kids call it Anthro, don’t ya know?!) and Shopbop. Most actual purchases come from Book Depository though. You can keep your Kindles and Nooks and Kobos, nothing beats the feel and smell of a real book. And for some reason I NEVER feel guilty about book purchases. Perfect shopping experience!

    Just saw that Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma and West Elm are opening in Bondi in May. You won’t hear me say this often, but oh Sydney I am jealous!

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