Girls escape aka: Mums on the loose

The biggest hand to play in my #notafatmoleforchristmas in terms of looking after ME and putting myself further up the chain this term came this week….a cheeky escape with two of my mates in the very last week of the School year. That’s right, I engineered an escape in the last few days where tiredness and exhaustion were reaching heights not seen since this time last year. It’s never pretty, and yet I managed to convince a couple of mates to do whatever they had to do to make it work and hit the road for 2 nights.

Can I get a YUH HUH?

So just how did I make this happen? This magical happiness happen?

First stop? To the wonderful Sally from Alluxia who specialises in luxury travel. For travellers that are after a stylish and unique escape who can search and book the best properties all online. It’s a great website that covers boutique hotels, holiday house rentals, yachts…you name it!

Our place? The Long Weekend in Lake Conjola on the South Coast just 90 mins from our home in the Highlands.

This place was a gorgeous bush escape in a National Park in the middle of NOWHERE. Birds and wildlife everywhere as well as all the luxuries you could hope for: good quality linen, a pool and spa, two big bedrooms and a very friendly bunch of kangaroos.

We left Monday morning as soon as school drop off was done, there may or may not have been screeching tyres as we drove out of the village and down the mountain! There was perusing of shops! Visting cafes for lunch, more shopping and wondering leisurely through Milton, Mollymook and then on to get our supplies in Ulladulla.

We arrived Monday afternoon, right when we should have been in the thick of extra circular activities and after school melt downs. Not one in sight. Just the sound of laughter, music and champagne bottles popping open. Dead set hevs.

What’s that thing that ALWAYS happens on the first night of ANY holiday? You get over excited is what. How could we not? At 7.30pm without any dinner in sight I knew I had to get focused.

Except I was a little too focused on dancing and drinking and not tasting my food as I cooked, adding more and more salt to my salt and pepper squid until we sat and started to scoff it and then realised that it was inedible. Into the bin! What a disaster. Note to self: don’t drink 765 glasses of champers before cooking dinner. At least it looked alright!

After way too late a night, and a slight sleep in for me (well it seemed like a big one for me at 7.30am when I am usually up at 5.30am) we headed out in search of breakfast.

A stop in at the new Bannisters Pavillion at Mollymook (sch-weet interiors, bit of a strange location)…

Some more shopping in Milton (superior shopping at The Summer People in their new store on the main drag).

Then a swim at Lake Conjola…

Before heading back to the house for some more swimming, lolling, ahem, drinking and some making by the clever Mrs Munro. We even got a movie in! On a Tuesday afternoon at 4pm! UNHEARD OF.

And then I redeemed myself with a tasty dinner (Beth’s chicken served on salad leaves with cashews and chilli and loads of herbs). So much talking! Time! Precious time to have talks and discussions that lead down tangents without distraction or interruptions, such a gift.

This morning we headed back out in search of breakfast, some sight seeing before heading back up that mountain and back to reality, hearts and ute filled to the brim with stuff and happiness.

Special thanks to Sally from Alluxia who found us the perfect location for this trip that we just loved. You can find out more about the house we stayed in here.

Some of the places that we loved that we visited:

Pilgrims Milton
Spaces 2358 Milton
Bannisters by the Sea
Bannisters Pavillion
Tallwood Cafe Mollymook
The Summer People Milton
Hyper Hyper Coffee Nowra

Other places we didn’t get to visit but wanted to check out:

Milk Haus Woodstock
Cupitt’s Winery

And of course now we are more determined than ever to try and make the time to do this again. It’s just plain good for the soul and I am ready to tackle the next month of craziness and kids with gusto!

Have you planned a girls trip lately?
Make it a 2017 goal!

We were (very lucky and very grateful) guests of Alluxia.


  1. Mumm in the Spa! I like your style!

  2. Quite the coincidence to have read this today as my daughters (24 & 25) and myself have just booked a four night escape to Airlie Beach QLD in May next year. Life is so busy and we are looking forward to sharing good times like we did when all at home together …. can’t wait!!
    We won’t be escaping any school runs, just work and cold weather (and one baby who will be sorely missed by his mumma but she knows he will be just fine with his dadda).

  3. we do a bi-annual girls weekend, however I missed our November one due to clashing with work xmas party. oh wells, there’s another one in March.

    We have been pretty much all over the highlands and the south coast so that we are all within 2 hours of canberra/sydney where we all live. The most we’ve had is 10 girls ( a bit too much for mine) but usually its 5ish. Lots of drinkies, shopping and we always make sure we have a spa!

    The next one we might do a 3 day cruise. they are pretty cheap, so it should be awesome! Never been on one before, I hope I don’t get sea sick!

  4. Ellen jaques says

    Every mom needs a time out …my opinion…but reality for me is not easy ….I better should do that also once but unfortunately with my youngest son is that complicated. Anyway great you did !

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