Just call me Bev: Asian minced chicken

You know your priorities in life have changed when you get overly excited about a new fruit & veg shop that has opened up in our nearest town. When I saw the signs saying “Opening Soon!” I have to admit that I imagined it to be a small country town shop with a few daggy bits of lettuce, carrots and potatoes. But…when I went in there last week I was SO EXCITED to see it was just like a mini Harris Farm…or something! Flowers out the front! Every herb under the sun! Organic produce! CHEAP {hello punnet of delicious sweet cherry tomatoes I will indeed take you for 99cents a punnet!} And wombok! For almost $3 less than I was forking out at the IGA in another town. And olives! Cheeses! Bring. It. On.

So now I can drive 5 mins away and get everything I need for dinner. I have vowed to now only buy from there so they keep the good stuff coming and support local business and all that. So what was first off the menu? Beth’s Chicken of course! Thought you might like a easy peasy quick dinner that is delicious. I made it up a few years ago and it’s a little bit of this and that but always goes down a treat. You can make it spicier and if you can’t get chicken mince you can use pork or even {believe it or not} turkey!

Beth’s Chicken

500gms Chicken mince
Bunch shallots
2 garlic cloves
Thumb sized piece of ginger
1 red chili
1 lemon {zest of & juice of}
Soy sauce
Sweet chili sauce
Bunch coriander
Bunch mint

Don’t you love the chicken mince from the local butcher? No mistaking there and it was delicious. There is something lovely about going to a butcher too – seeing them write down each amount on your brown paper bag, have a natter – it’s just like how I remember it when I was a little girl.

I grate the garlic & ginger & lemon with my micro plane thingy and then chop everything else in a, ahem, rustic fashion {read I was beyond starving and onto my second glass of wine already}.

Fry up shallots, ginger, garlic & chilli’s into some oil – step back and marvel at your skills because it will instantly smell fabulous {funny how garlic in a pan will do that each and every time isn’t it?}.

Add chicken mince and brown {or in this case white} off the mince. A bit of liquid will appear but that’s fine just adds to the sauce.

Then add the sauce. In my case last night this was when I realised that I was completely out of soy sauce and chili sauce which are kind of essential so just ignore me and add your sauces in. A good spoldge of soy and a few of sweet chili sauce. You can basically add anything in that is Asian{y} within reason – don’t go adding in hoisin for example.

After this has simmered for 5 mins or so turn the heat off, add the lemon juice in and the chopped bunch of mint & coriander. READY!

Serve with rice {or noodles} and enjoy! It really is delicious.


  1. Ok, you’ve convinced me, I’m moving there!

    Oh and Beth’s chicken will move into rotation next week. It looks yummo. I often replace chook with turkey mince in my chicken pies and it works a treat.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That does indeed look seriously yum, def on the agenda this week!

  3. I came visiting your larder for inspiration for Captain V’s 50th celebrations but will be making this for dinner instead…back to the foraging….

    ps: so envious of your ‘f&v’ store – hope it’s still thriving

    • ….and you’ve hooked me in again. I have a sneaky tray of chicken mince in the freezer and all of the other bits are staples so it’s get out the bowls kids, Beth’s chicken is on the menu tomorrow night!
      PS: Have you tried making Sarah Wilson’s sugar free chilli sauce?

  4. I LOVE this meal! I had it last week. Literally takes 10 minutes, and delish!

  5. katie clews says

    This is on tonight’s menu!

  6. Finally made this last night and it’s the bomb! Using mince makes it so much tastier! Luckily we had just enough to make rice paper rolls for lunch today. Definitely in the rotation now. Thanks!

  7. I finally made this last night – amended it slightly by adding shitake mushrooms and water chestnuts and a bit of oyster sauce and chinese cooking wine. I also stirred flat rice noodles through it and served some Asian greens on the side. It was yummo and will definitely be on repeat in our house. Thank you Beth for this recipe and all the others – sausage pasta, chorizo risotto etc!

  8. Thank you Beth! Made this for the first time last night it was fantastic and so quick. Used chives, 2 limes and basil instead of shallots, lemon and coriander (using what I had). Everyone loved it. This is my first ever comment so thank you Asian minced chicken for getting me to delurk πŸ˜‰

  9. I plan to make this but was just wondering why you said not to add hoisin. I thought it was just an asian sauce like sweet soy sauce.


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