Hot stuff I’ve got in Melbourne

Thank you all for your patience as I try to work out blogging from my new home. It’s been a tricky few days, with lots of hiccups and learning, not helped by the fact that I’ve been more interested in offline life, than online. Hence my daily post at almost 9pm at night! I’ve had a lovely few days here in Melbourne with my lovely family and even catching up with some friends as well. More of that planned tomorrow too. The girls have had THE best time playing with their cousins – I have barely seen them which has been a wonderful thing to watch (not to mention getting a good break as well).

The SHOPPING in Melbourne! I know it’s cliché, but it’s TRUE. THE SHOPPING! The wonderful strip shops – the High Street shops. The choice! The variety! The unique and different stuff! The shop fit outs! There have been many a moment over the weekend where I have been HIGH on the shopping. It’s been like NY all over again.

Thought you might like a little look-see at some of the stuff I’ve managed to shove into the back of the Hyundai for the trip home. Like these slippers! HAVE YOU EVER? Woollen felt! All snug and cosy on my feet. WITH BIRDS! I am beside myself with these pretties and am thrilled that it’s cold enough here tonight to pop them on my tootsies.


Yesterday afternoon I popped over to see the beautiful Gourmet Girlfriend for a coffee and a natter and as is often discussed in important conversations with friends, we talked of shoe size. She was in an online shopping pickle and some clog boots she had picked up were too big. Lucky for ME, we decided that even though the shoes were a little too big for me, that I HAD to have them, because REALLY. LOOK AT THEM. I trotted and strutted around her kitchen like it was nobodies business and was thrilled to depart with them on my feet. I now own clog boots! Hot, clog boots. I am walking a little strangely in them, but nothing that can’t be worked out with a little practice. Winner!


When I was in the slipper shop above, I may or may not have spotted the world’s hottest leather satchel. And now that is MY hot, leather satchel. Fits the iPad, the essentials and slings over the shoulder. It smells even better than you would expect it to as well. Buttery, leathery, thick papery goodness.


Saturday morning I trotted into THE most beautiful shop I have EVER walked into in Australia. Big call yes, but true. AMAZING. I walked in, clutched my pearls and said over and over again to Mum that it was “JUST like Anthropologie, or ABC Carpet & Home in NY. Unique, styled, quirky, beautiful stuff, styled like a proper European or American store. I chatted to the fab ladies that worked there, swapped Instagram details and walked out with a few bags under my belt. I even managed to get Mrs Woog’s 40th Birthday present there for later in the year. I picked up this throw as a hostess gift for having us this week. HAVE YOU EVER? I am so taken with it, I might just have to go back and find something else there for me too.


I stopped in at The Works today as well, a Bed, Bath & Table on STEROIDS. People, it’s been a pure delight. Some people might take the clothes and shoes for a retail high, give me soft furnishings ANY DAY.

Hot slippers & leather satchel were purchased at HOME MADE Auburn Rd Hawthorn VIC
Clogs c/o Gourmet Girlfriend who got them online somewhere from Sweden
Throw rug from world’s most BEAUTIFUL store Scarlet Jones Auburn Rd Hawthorn VIC. They have a blog and are on Facebook and Instagram as @scarletjonesmelbourne.

Where’s your favourite shops down here in Melbourne?


  1. Carly Findlay says

    I love your buys! Those slippers are wonderful, and that bag 🙂 melbourne has the best shopping!
    I live near Highpoint which has just been revamped. There’s a TopShop and Miss Selfridges now!! In the western suburbs!!
    I love Wild Jam in Flemington too – it is a great boutique.

  2. i LOVE you. xxx

  3. Love everything so much! I’ve googled Home Made Auburn Road Hawthorn but can’t find a reference to the slippers, which are heart-stoppingly adorable!! Any other info, please Beth?
    PS Loving your work, especially the podcast which keeps me company on long walks. xx

  4. There’s a jaunty jacket on their blog which I need. No really. I NEEEEED it.

  5. You did good, Bev. You did good. x

  6. MotherDownUnder says

    Consider me jealous of all purchases.
    But that kantha throw is to die for…I am obsessed with all things kantha.
    Well done!

  7. I love Scarlet Jones! The sister store, Patchwork on Central Park, is fabric heaven; they have the BEST collection of Liberty fabric. Chapel St Bazaar is worth a visit and the Camberwell markets if you are around on a Sunday morning. Love your purchases…

  8. Ah one of the main reasons I love living in Melbourne – the shops! Great buys Beth! x

  9. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I love shopping in Melbourne and you are in my old ‘hood…. or pretty close to it. Love the satchel. And the boots. I think I NEED me a solo Melbourne trip soon. And perhaps a coffee with the lovely GG….. to check out her reno. Drive safe on your way home….. xxx

  10. Sarah - Style Unearthed says

    Beautiful! Popping these places on my must visit list for our Melbourne trip later in the year.

  11. Could never live anywhere else for this very reason; LOVE my Melbourne shops! The arcades in the city are also fab and Chadstone is the shopping mecca for brand name stores.

  12. PS. Was that satchel super expensive? Having lust issues at the moment.

  13. Guess what I’ll be getting for Mother’s Day?! Bargain!

  14. Nord Living is pretty cute in Glenferrie Rd and Safari Living on High St Armadale, actually walk the entire length of High St from Malvern to Prahran Market and you will see the best shops and have great coffee

  15. Scarlet Jones need to get an online store sorted PRONTO! That throw rug is divine. Good shopping lady!

  16. Ooooh those two stores aren’t far from me at all. This is going to be so bad for my budget. But so good for ME. 😀

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