New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 3

Today was a real thrill for me. These entire days spent outside, in the elements and the fresh air, away from my laptop or anyone else has been such a shift, and just plain wonderful. We waded up and waited for….a helicopter to the Greenstone River where we were fishing.

I’d never been in a helicopter before so I just plain squealed with excitement. I sounded like Daisy.

We travelled up over the mountains dotted with sheep, cattle and lots of wild deer.

And down into the valley. There’s our river bending it’s way through.


We landed, got our packs and half of us (Rob, myself and our guide) started our walk, fish, walk, fish which lasted for about 7 hours.

The landscape changes with each new bend of the river. From Beech forests, to grass tussocks and open plains. To stones and sometimes green grass all the way down to the bank. The conditions were tough – very, very windy and with my skill levels not up to speed I spent much of my day observing Rob.

He had the best day ever.

There’s a quick break for lunch – a sandwich and cup of tea and then we are on our way again.

After lunch our guide helped me catch my first rainbow trout. It was a great thrill I must say.

Note to self have the camera off manual when getting someone else to take the shot. It’s dark…but you get the picture. I look 6! All fish are released back into the water.

And the afternoon saw plenty of them. Rob caught 3 and missed about 6. I missed another 2.

He was just stoked. It was so nice to share with him and see why he loves it as much as he does.

That scenery. That air. Those rivers. And those shiny fish.

I’m starting to get it.


  1. I would be soooo hungry doing that. God you convincing me. I have to get back to NZ!

  2. It’s all rather intoxicating.

  3. It’s fabulous.

    Makes me think I should do a golf holiday with Old Mr FF because it would make him so very very happy.


  4. How incredibly picturesque, I love it! It sounds like you are having an a m a z i n g time! xx

  5. It all looks so beautiful. Fish or no fish.

  6. I have been following your NZ blogs and am just SOOOO jealous. That is one really beautiful country and it is bringing back all the fantastic memories of our holidays over there years ago. We are too old to travel now but I am so enjoying your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. xxxx

  7. The photos are stunning as always.

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