Scenes from my day

As far as Friday’s go, this one has been exceptional.


  1. love fruit and yogurt simple yet sooooooo good 🙂

  2. Well that all looks pretty damn great!

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow, looks fantastic….wanna swap?

  5. Best Friday.
    Love it all Beth.

  6. I can hear your shoulders relaxing from here.

  7. *Exhaling very slowly* Aaaaahhhh

  8. Ok – if your photo taking gets any better I’m hiring you for our next family portraits!

    Happy Friday!

    Gabs x

  9. Ok – your photos are getting better & better and in going to have to hire YOU for our next family portrait.

  10. R.E.L.A.X……!

  11. And one, and two… relaaaaaaax. Looks fantastic, Beth. Enjoy the birthday girl’s special day tomorrow x

  12. Your girls look so relaxed, but hey, I would be pretty relaxed too if that was my grandfathers house! I think I’m jealous…

  13. looks like a divine way to spend a friday x

  14. Harper grew up! X

  15. That infinity pool is just…….. ridiculous! Wow!

  16. Beautiful images lady… that puppy dog is THE cutest! xo

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