Still life

Life is busy at the moment.

It’s wonderful and crazy and fun and a little scary. Somewhere along the way I managed to get myself a job – working most days while still juggling kids and home life. This morning my alarm went off at 4.15am to get dressed and head up to Sydney for the day. I woke Harper up from her dreams to bundle her into the cold, dark, drizzly morning to get dropped to Grandma’s house. We will leave later tonight and get home while Daisy sleeps. Soon enough we’ll get some time just to be, but right now I’m running with it. Literally.

And loving every moment. It’s good to feel busy.

Here is a link to the story on Media Watch last night. I’d love to know what you think of my voice over lady.


  1. Your voice over lady was an ass. We know your voice and adore it. The end.

  2. A job?! Doing what????

    I love it when life is busy & fun & full . Sometimes it feels chaotic but I’ve learnt that being idle is no good for me. I’m at my best when I have lots to do.

    I thought Mediawatch portrayed all of you really well which was a bit weird because usually they like to make people look like fools. If you had no idea about bloggers you’d be forgiven in thinking that all bloggers were popular, disclosed everything & were generally just awesome because all the bloggers shown are like that. I’m not sure why some of the less than honest bloggers weren’t talked about so you could see a bit of a comparison…..otherwise I liked watching a show that focused on a group of woman doing great things!

  3. there is something about being busy – a fine balance between feeling good – and just tipping over to crazy! keep loving it!

  4. Your voice over lady sounds absolutely ridiculous. I’m reminded slightly of the women on Play School during story time…

  5. You’re in hot demand, and understandably so. But as those ladies on tv say, just remember to take a little time to enjoy the view.

    Gabs x

  6. Life IS busy isn’t it!
    I feel like I keep telling myself that in a few more weeks things will slow down, but then a few weeks pass and I am busier than ever!
    I am mostly happy with the business though.

  7. I thought all the voice over ladies sounded a bit mentally challenged. Where do they get the voice over people from? An asylum? At least there was some of your actual voice also. Other then the crazy voices I thought it was quite good:)
    Sue N

  8. Long time no read. I’m snowed under with stuff.

    Interesting article on Media Watch. Though no, I wouldn’t have picked that voice-over for you (though I think they only have 2 women who do the voice-overs and that one always uses the same intonation!).

  9. congrats on the job! Think of the super!!

    Am glad you liked the MW story.

    Love the green flowers, so pretty.

  10. Your voice over lady sounded like she always does on MW…odd and not at all like you. But it was a very favourable account of blogging and as someone above said it showed a group of awesome bloggers so all positive really..well done all of you Annie M

  11. Old mate smarmy Jonathon couldn’t find a thing on you ladies – and that’s saying something because I’m sure they dig, and I’m sure he loves his smug little smirks. He gives me the creeps, but last night you were the WINNERS. How’s about his condescending line at the end about returning to real media next week? Snort.

    Husband and I checked in to a cabin last night (on our around Australia honeymoon) in order to get a TV so I could watch – he loves Media Watch (I know, what a loser) and I love blogs. It was a no brainer.

  12. I usually like the voiceovers but she did not translate at all to this medium… I ended up reading the ranscrpt because the voices were annoying me so much. It was a good piece though,

  13. We never watch MW because of that sanctmonious Jonathon what’s his name but I am so glad I was able to watch this one with your help and found it most interesting. Well done ladies to have attention to the fantastic work you do on your blogs. Those voice overs are just so…..oh! really! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Johnathon behave so beautifully. Fantastic that you seemed to have tamed him. 🙂

  14. ohhh you definitely got the more snotty sounding voice over lady! I really enjoyed the story though. xsx

  15. Sounds exciting lady, congratulations on the new job! The Media Watch story was good… and here’s me thinking that voice was yours 😉 xo

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