What? It makes me feel better.

The sun is shining here this afternoon. The girls are happy and my Mother in Law has food bubbling on the stove – thank you Gma Katie! The fridge is full of food, Rob is catching up on work and I am entirely too bored in bed. I just made Rob go and pick up a wee sideboard that I saw on my local favourite vintage store’s Facebook page and baggsed. I drove past, saw the colour and knew it would be mine. Then when I saw it again on their FB page for $60? Yes please. Deal? Done.

Isn’t she lovely? I can feel it making my stomach better just looking at her. Better for me than codeine no? A few photos, some prettying and I feel almost back to my old self! I wonder if a wine might be on the cards tonight…?


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh my I LOVE little bowl on new table! Saw that for sale in Yamba last week- jealous! Listened to last Back Fence installment.. Loved it! Glad you getting better poor 34 year old soul, I’d be freaking too going under!!!
    Xo Theresa Goldy Coast

  2. Beautiful find.Love your taste lady.
    Thinking of you and glad to hear you are being so well looked after.xx

  3. Oh love, it’s my favourite colour! You have such good taste! Hope you are on the mend and back to your wine soon (tonight??)

  4. You must be recovering if vintage buys are taking place.

  5. Anonymous says

    Lovely, AND it won’t bung you up. Enjoy life’s little pleasures ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Love the wee table (the colour!!!) and love the cow painting. Will post one of my cow paintings for you this week.

    Hope you feel better.

    Meanwhile, me coming off endone (The Rolls Royce of opiates) after my caesar salad was unattractive. I was not unlike a junkie who couldn’t get to the methadone clinic. Dire. Dire I tell you. That stuff is Poison.

    In happier news get this. Mr FF said he would cook me whatever I wanted for dinner and make me a cocktail of my choice.

    It takes so little to make me Happy.

  7. Enjoy, you deserve just a wee bubble after the week you’ve had, in fact I’m having one for you now! Gorgeous little table but who is the cow painter? Love it…take care.

  8. Fabulous side table! Perfect fine and colour too. Enjoy some bubbles!

  9. Cute!!!! Medicine of the best kind! I wish I had your talent for finding good furniture like that. X

  10. That side table is too cute. Shopping ALWAYS makes me feel better too… except grocery shopping that is.

  11. LOVE it!! gorgeous colour, gorgeouus piece, gorgeous price!! Hope you;re resting up and slowly on the mend x

  12. Love the colour.. I so need me a Robinson bowl too… Glad your feeling better chook x

  13. Your home and your photos are beautiful. Get well soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I can tell you are well on the way to a full recovery xx

  15. hmmm … bit of online shopping could be just what the doctor ordered!

  16. Is that a Samantha Robinson bowl I spy?

  17. Definitely better than drugs. She’s a cutie. x

  18. Love that green on the sideboard. It’s definitely Soothing.

  19. Lovely table and have to agree with others about the fab painting. Glad to read you’re on the mend.

  20. Loving that little sideboard cupboard. Hope you are still on the mend and that your BIL is too. Much love and hugs from Perth xxx

  21. Aahh love! Glad to hear you’re feeling better, def champagne time! x

  22. Glad you are feeling better!
    That table is a great find! I love the colours in your house…so cheerful!

  23. oh it’s a beauty…an perfect for that little spot behind the eames. Rest up B, soak up all that tlc on offer x

  24. A beautiful piece lady… and what a steal! Those photos make my sick ol’ head feel better too. I can just imagine what kind of remedy they are for you! xo

  25. Oh that IS really sweet, love it and glad to hear you are feeling better. I am loving that bowl too….where did that come from?
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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  27. I thought you were talking about your beautifully tidied book case at first…

  28. Arrjaydub says

    And this.

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