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Something has happened at home which has me in quite a spin. Here, have a look.

My very favourite possession in the house, my beloved aqua wing back is starting to fade. And by fade, I mean split and wear out. I fear we have some upholstery to do in our very near future.
This chair was discovered and purchased when we first moved here from an antique store. I spotted her from across the room and knew that we were meant to be. Strange? Course. I have spent many an hour sitting in this chair, reading, watching the kids, nattering, drinking a tea, G&T or champagne.
While I know that a good recover will ensure many more a year out of the old girl, but it won’t be the same now will it? No matter how I try and match that fabric, it just won’t be the same. It’s the end of an era. And let’s not talk about the fact that she will be missing for weeks whilst it’s being done. Sheesh.
In other chair related news around here, I am currently focused and obsessed with purchasing TWO occasional chairs or other wing backs for the playroom area of the house. I want to get two to face towards the windows to create a more intimate area now that the kids are getting older and less interested in playing on the floor etc. And it will also divide the room a bit. I fancy something colourful, cool design. Actually, I have no idea what I’m after but I’m hoping that some of you might now, and show me, and then I’ll be all like “YES! That’s them!”
So. Have you seen any hot chairs I need in my house?
Any upholstery advice?
Anyone else get a little focused on something in their house and then are unable to stop until it’s just right? Or is that just me?


  1. The soft fabric retro armchair from Freedom has literally entered my dreams. I can’t stop thinking about it! AND my friend who works for Freedom assures me they are just amazing and the standout from this season’s chairs. Here she is, the beauty:

  2. I love the wingback chair. Or just the armchair in any form. We have several – one in each of the girls bedrooms (great for a late afternoon book read) and like you suggest a “couple” that are near a sunny window. I would go the completely different look to what you have. You will never completely recreate exactly what you have now so go for different.

  3. Anonymous says
  4. info and egs of DIY uphol on here


    Or pay for someone to do it for you – if you really love the chair it would be worth it I reckon, saves hunting down a new one that wont quite be the same

    Or maybe you will look and find something even better that you love just as much

  5. Hi there Beth,

    I have featured the chair of my dreams on my blog post here –

    If you like the fabric, you can get it to recover your old chair too – if you like colour and pattern. It is my all time favourite fabric ever!

    Good luck on your search!

  6. my gorgeous friend Heidi had another gorgeous friend pick up a floral wing back chair off the kerb side clean up it has since been reupholstered in a yummy denim and despite her husband sniggering at her it is fantastic now ! She has a squatters chair too that she picked up at the school fete and same said husband (a carpenter) scoffed at her about that $10 chair. It is now his favourite and has been restored lovingly by his tasteful wife. I reckon you will find some fabric you will love, keep hunting and keep the dream/chair alive.

  7. Anonymous says

    I love the wing back chair from the TV show Revenge……and I spotted an Australian made version in “Make my house a home” the other day. They are a bit xxxxy at $1999.00.

  8. Not the chair… nooooooooooooo!! x

  9. Anonymous says

    I have been trying to find the perfect winged chair ever since we moved into our new house. I have looked everywhere and even thought about buying an old one and refurbing it but nothing has been just right. Yours was quite lovely! Goodluck on replacing her, i hope it doesn’t take too long

  10. Bummer! It’s a gorgeous colour too. Ya know though, I know it doesn’t look fresh and new, but I like the story it tells with it’s fading & tear. Pottery Barn & West Elm open in less than a month – they might have some occasional chairs for you! Fi xxx

  11. LAst one and I’ll piss off – but you HAVE to see this one too x

  12. Yes, we can feel quite shattered when some item we love and have had for a long time begins to show signs of wear. I am sure you will find an excellent upholsterer that will do your chair justice. You have lots of suggestions for new chairs so doubt that will be a problem either. Good luck with all of it. x

  13. Gorgeous chair! I’m the look out too – wing back chairs and a low coffee or occasional table. There is a shop in Campbelltown that makes lounges and chairs and they have a huge range of fabric. They’re all made in Australia. A little bit of a drive, but could be worth a look. Let me know if you’d like tha name 🙂

  14. Just a thought to keep your lovely chair going until you find thee perfect fabric – could you or someone you know who’s handy with a sewing machine, make some patches or covers for the arms? Something in a contrasting fabric could be quite fab!

  15. Katrina Sharp says

    I just came across your blog from instagram hoping to find where you bought this gorgeous chair. Im a little bummed to hear it was an antique find. Agreed tho, a facelift will change her, but she is still a beauty!


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