Friday’s flowers

It is CHILLY here at the moment. Perfect winter weather which makes you feel well and truly alive – I do love it. Bare trees letting in lots of sunshine and crispy, crunchy frosty mornings and FREEZING nights. Last night went down to minus 3 with an apparent air temp of MINUS 5.6. A little too chilly for my liking.

The fire is still roaring and the sun is shining, the clothes are attempting to dry in the sunshine and I’m having cup after cup of tea trying to keep my hands warm. See that sunny spot over in the chair by the window? That’s THE winter spot. My spot. It’s the dead of winter right now, and it looks pretty good to me.

Flowers are cheap at the mo and because the garden has NOTHING on offer (come on Daphne and bulbs) I can’t resist those little $4 bunches of daffs and jonquils – instant sunshine on your table or bench! And those poppies were from my Step Mum yesterday and they couldn’t be prettier if they tried. Do yourself a favour and get some flowers this weekend, whack them in an old jar and thank me later.

We have a trip to Sydney tomorrow to catch up with some of Rob’s family. The girls are excited to see their cousins and Grandparents and I’m looking forward to some slightly warmer weather and catching up with lots of lovely people! Sunday we are back down here before last minute list planning and packing for next week. I have some Osso Bucco AND pork belly to cook. Greedy I tell you. I’ll try and remember to blog the recipes as I go…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Before you know it you’ll be in sweaty NYC. When I went there once in July it was HUMID. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Those flowers are lovely, I’ve still got a houseful flowers from my birthday, I love it! Xx

  2. I loved the frost this morning! Got some gorgeous photos before the sun melted it all- and you’re right about the flowers- I’ve got a bunch of orange tulips on my table and I smile every time I look at them!

  3. Coldest night in Sydney this year last night. I woke up FAR-REEZING. I have some $4 Jonquils on the table today, except they are $6 jonquils because I live in Sydney x

  4. I really like your house.

    It’s a good thing I don’t know where you live because I’d steal it for myself.

    Flowers are ruinously ‘spensive where I live. So unfair.

    Osso bucco and roast pork belly enjoy High Rotation at the Fuchsiadome. I have the filthy oven to prove it. So comforing.


  5. Shouldn’t that be OSCO bucco?!? God I cannot wait for my kitchen to be finished so I can cook and clean and put out jugs of flowers. Life in our living room is getting old!

  6. I love seeing pics of your tidy, clean house with fresh flowers on the table. Makes me feel inspired to de-clutter! Off I go to do just that … chilly in Sydney town too.

  7. Winter is giving us a good old shake most places, it seems. Brass monkey weather here too although I do like the clear days and the sunshine part. If you can find a sheltered corner out of the wind it’s quite lovely!

    Must do the flower thing here too. Makes me feel like Spring isn’t that far away x

  8. Im glad I live on the gold coast haha much warmer! Loving the daffodils!!

  9. Fresh flowers at home fixes everything πŸ™‚ They truly lift my mood everytime.
    Enjoy your weekend Beth. Sending you some warmth from QLD πŸ™‚

  10. It’s cold in Melb too.
    Think I need some flowers to brighten up the house.
    Happy weekend, D x

  11. Yeah, don’t expect too much warmth lady, it’s frickin freezing here too! Loving your flowers, they just scream Spring to me, lovely! And your chair in the sunlight DOES look like the perfect spot for Winter time xo

  12. Can I come sit in your chair? I’m freezing!!!!!!

  13. Love the pics of the poppies! The first one would look excellent printed big and framed! i love it!

  14. I used to have a boyfriend who lived in Moss Vale and maaaaaan was it cold in winter.I feel your discomfort.
    But at the same time as you say,it was beautiful.I love the Southern Highlands.

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