The sweetest smelling Christmas trees

Guess what happened this week? I’ll give you a clue…


The five ginormous star jasmine Christmas trees that come out every year on our side verandah are in full bloom. Cue choir singing!

img_0610 img_0605 img_0621 img_0617 img_0623 img_0611

The smell when you open the door! THE SMELL FRIENDS. An absolute joy to behold. You can guess where I am sitting for my cups of tea these days.

Now it feels like Christmas that all the trees are up! And out!

I do love how a garden will remind you of certain times of the year…the joy of gardening!

What’s out at your place at the moment?
We’re behind a good couple of weeks this year from normal years.
Hydrangeas and aggies very slow.


  1. Beautiful! They really do look just like Christmas trees! Right now the jacarandas are going crazy in our area! I wish we had some close to our house! The colour is just stunning!

  2. I love that! what a treat every year beth!
    they look divine and the perfume soo gorgeous and heady!
    much love m:)X

  3. We have one just below our verandah but when in flower it wreaks havoc with our sinus and hayfever issues..

    Yours look lovely though.

  4. My best friend and I have known each other for over 40 years. We lived across the road from each other and her Mum grew star jasmine on their front verandah. When we played on the front porch in Summer, that smell filled the air. It is ingrained in my memory and now when I smell it, I am instantly taken back to my lovely childhood with my lovely friend and her lovely family. When we bought our house, my friend’s mum gave me some Star Jasmine for my garden.

  5. Pippa palmet says

    You go girl looks wonderful !! Xx

  6. Beth, are these in pots or planted in the ground? I have a pillar or two that I’d love to cover like this but no ground around them, just pavers.

  7. Those are just magnificent! They flower just around my brother’s birthday so we have always said that they were ‘his’ bushes and they remind me of him. Glorious smell.

  8. Nothing. We need some rain. Very sad state of affairs! Your garden is looking divine – of course!

  9. This is just like my parents’ home – star jasmine and gardenias tell me I am home and that it’s Christmas time…just perfect!

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