Garage sale goodness

Garage sales are pretty rare round these parts. The village has some strange rules and regulations about putting them on – the advertising etc (heaven forbid there are untoward, gaudy signs about) so it was with great delight that I saw my neighbour set hers up yesterday for a 9am start this morning.

Needless to say I was there at 9.02 and there were already two cars there (savvy bastards). I did a quick scan and saw instantly a few things that I had to put my sticker on, and then after a few more slower rounds I handed over my cash for an armload (actually three) armloads of quality garage sale delights.

So? What do I now have?

Well, this beautiful type writer for instance. It’s old (1924) which belonged to the neighbours late husband’s FATHER. I know right! It’s so ornate and lovely and I love, love, love it. She was also so pleased that it was going to a “writer” and would be just next door to her. Oh yeah, and it cost me a lobster! $20.

Then I may or may not have purchased an entire Royal Doulton tea set. I don’t have any fancy schmancy cups for the serving of the tea and the cakes, and the pattern wasn’t too over the top, so I went for it. I have a gazillion saucers and plates and 6 cups. Between this and baking my first batch of Anzac biscuits this week, I do believe I am now a woman.

This entire set was $60.

I almost fell over when I spotted this fabulous brand spanking Fossil leather YELLOW handbag. Purchased by another neighbour who had a few items at the sale as well, in New York (it’s a sign!) she only used it once before she realised that yellow and her were not friends. Lucky for me, yellow and I are BESTIES. It is amazingly beautiful, and leathery and lined with yellow goodness and it’s just plain love.


I know! There’s MORE. This mirror belonged to the neighbour’s Mother and she said it was a “proper” antique so I would say it is rather old. I loved the shape. I think it’s from a dressing table but it’s heavy and oak and fabulous. Above the fireplace in our bedroom, I’d say it’s rather spectacular.

And yes, it was another lobster. $20. Outrageous!

I’d say that’s a successful morning shopping wouldn’t you?


  1. LOVE garage sales. I used to live in the lower blue mountains and it was garage sale central. So much good stuff! When ever we go back I always spend the morning doing the garage sales!

  2. S-T-F-U! I’m so jealous right now.
    Good on you, love a good garage sale.

  3. Oh wow, how could your neighbour part with such wonderful things? I really want the type writer, I mean REALLY want the type writer xT

  4. All I can say is – winner, winner chicken dinner!
    That bag is fabulous! Actually, I love it all. xx
    Ps. Just putting it out there – but you are soooo going to New York. I really believe it.

  5. What a fantastic score! I am so jealous of the yellow bag – my absolute favourite bag is on Olga Berg yellow leather one I picked up at a market for $5. Also loving the mirror, it is such a great shape.

  6. Love your taste.You had a very lucky morning.How did Daisy do with her beautiful world desk?

  7. WOW!!! Absolutely garage sale goodness. You scored big time and didn’t have to venture far. Great way to start the weekend.

  8. Shut the fuck up! Soooooo good!

  9. I bet that’s made your weekend now! Best haul I ever got was when I happened upon a garage sale around the corner when I was out for a walk and scored a heap of near new toys for my sons! To this day they are the most played with toys they own.

  10. S.T.F.U and bite me – good scores!

  11. WOW….that is truly fabulous finding. I love all of those things too but that mirror is just absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Be still my beating heart. YOU TOTES SCORED! Love the dinner set, it’s divine – typewriter – wowsers, and the mirror, AYE CARUMBA. Absolutely well spent. Oh and the handbag – phwoar. HOT.

  13. Far out! That is an AWESOME haul! I am gobsmacked! Gosh… you certainly must live in a classy ‘hood.

  14. Wow, you really scored. Well done.

  15. Seriously? Those prices are INSANE. Those goodies are TO DIE FOR. I need to lie down, and stop shouting. Sheesh.

  16. Holy cow, what awesome finds!!! The typewriter is cool – my cousin has a similar one at her place and it’s set up so guests type a few lines when they come over kind of like a ‘group story’… perhaps it could be a kind of ‘guest book’ for you and your guests that stay with you? That bag…. seriously cool and the mirror is an equally amazing bargain. Love garage sales like those where the owners don’t seem to realise the treasures they are ‘giving away’… one man’s trash is another’s treasure I guess. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  17. OMG seriously have garage sale envy….great buys…tots jealous of that mirror!!

  18. Fabulous work! We have lots of garage sales in our area but its the clearing sales I like. Lots of treasures there. Well done on the bag. And the mirror. Kind of like your doulton too.

  19. I die for that bag!!! You certainly have a knack for great finds.

  20. Love it all and bargains, Oh my gawd! Can’t believe that you’ve everything in its place and the mirror hung already. You are one very organised lady.

  21. OMG that typewriter….love it..seriously green right now x

  22. Oh for fucks sake.,,..i want it all. why can’t i ever find stuff like this at garage sales?! The ones i’ve been to lately only have Patricia Cornwell books and ornaments made from tiny shells. I live in Paddington too …. surely the inner city peeps can do better than that.

    • honeybegentle says

      Fuck, Judy *wipes tear*
      Just did a human coffee fountain all over my keyboard.

      What she said – love it all – SCORE!!

    • Oh Judy! So much to like in just one comment. Paddo should definitely have superior garage sales. Perhaps you need to head over to Woollahra? Or they probably don’t “do” garage sales though do they?!

  23. STFU indeed!!!!

  24. Far out brussel sprout!Bloody amazing bit of garage sale shopping right there! Well done and enjoy x

  25. I love it all especially the bag & mirror. I must start going to garage sales again..

  26. Great finds!!!!!

  27. STFU indeed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that typewriter. And the mirror is fantastic too. x

  28. Also, you have great taste, lady! x

  29. What fabulous finds. You did well. I love them all. Lucky you. xx

  30. Oh lady, that mirror looks like it is made for that spot…parfait! The tea set is sensational, you lucky duck. The bag… glorious! And the typewriter is a beauty. Seriously good shopping, well done xo

  31. Wow! What awesome pick ups! TOTALLY envious of that gorgeous typewriter… Twenty BUCKS!!!! BARGAIN!
    Not too many things beat that amazing bargain find induced high!
    WELL DONE!!!

  32. awesome finds, well done you!

  33. That Corona is gorgeous. Nice score!

  34. Gotta love garage sales – great scores!

  35. I love garage sales. Beautiful things that have been hiding away get a chance to live again. Non interventionist up-cycling.

  36. I LOVE Royal Doulton…you enjoy!

  37. No. Frickin’. Way. This is the best garage sale booty I’ve ever seen. You are one lucky punter.

  38. That typewriter…..perfection!

  39. You guys are clearly in another league of garage sales . . . we have the quantity for sure, but lacking anything near the quality of this loot.


  40. FFS.

    I’m moving to your hood’


  41. I’ve baked about 20 million batches of Anzacs in my time, but now I bow to your womanhood. Awesome finds.

  42. That typewritter
    That handbag
    The mirror – my oh my … super good score my friend!

  43. I adore that handbag…even more than the vintage typewriter. Super score!

  44. God I’ve missed you. I’m just catching up OK? OK.

  45. OMG seriously have garage sale envy….great buys…tots jealous of that mirror!!

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