Hostess {gift} with the mostess

I said to everyone this morning when we were out saying farewell to our visitors “my goodness this house has seen some visitors” and it sure has. Almost 4 years of people coming and staying, creating memories, sharing time together, eating and drinking around our table…it’s very special indeed to be able to do it.

And as much as I love to open my doors I won’t lie that I love to receive a hostess gift from our friends visiting. And these gifts from Styling You did NOT disappoint! Last time she stayed I landed a pair of sandals (how good is that?!) and this time around both Rob and I were showered with some pretties that I just had to share.

For Rob it was a bottle of this VERY fine gin. He was quite beside himself with it…inspired almost! You can find out more about their gins at their website here.


And for me? Well I was VERY lucky to receive a beautiful new yellow bowl from Mud Ceramics. I have long lusted over these pieces so I squealed with delight when I unwrapped the box. And how could I not put it under the jug of waratah’s that I had on the dining table. My GOODNESS…true homeware perfection!

IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3487

So yes, they are welcome back! And thankfully that will be in late November when Nikki will be back down in the Highlands for a book launch in our own Bowral!

Have you received a lovely hostess gift from someone special lately?
Or have you given something good?
Thank you Nikki!


  1. Your house is such a wonderful, welcoming place. So glad you all had so much fun together xx

  2. Our house is the size of a shoe box so nowhere to put visitors. I do however have one friend that always arrives with chocolate when she pops over for a visit……..lovely, lovely lady 🙂

  3. Mud pottery is just the loveliest, especially the way it feels in your hands. I have four of the tiny sauce bowls (that I use in my recipe boards) and would love to have more.

  4. We have a lovely French student crashing with us for a week. Bless him, he is only 20 and cleaned our whole apartment for us when we went away for a wedding! Our place has not looked this clean since we moved in…

  5. We all had THE best time and can’t wait for our return visit. Thank-you all for the finest of hospitality.

  6. I love hostess gifts! Getting them and giving them.

  7. We have a real glut of Autumn fruit at the moment so everywhere I go I’m taking homemade plum jam and blackberry and apple crumbles.

  8. Annie Maurer says

    Danish schnapps for him and beautiful Danish glass in a vase for me… presents from my beautiful Danish daughter ( returned ex exchange student from 2011 ) and her boyfriend….staying with us for a wee while… it!!

  9. My aunt came to visit last weekend and she brought me the most gorgeous bronze necklace from Italy. Just stunning. Plus a beautiful bottle of Italian wine. She’s welcome back any time!

  10. Those flowers are just beautiful!! I love your part of the world and would move there tomorrow if I could, I love house guests especially when they come bearing gifts!

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