Ode to Autumn

I was totally inspired by one of the fabulous creative ladies in this town who showed me some weaving she has been doing in preparation for the ball we have coming up in a few weeks time. She has taken some old vines and branches and made some sculptural delights – clever thing! This afternoon I was taking the rubbish out to the bins and saw some old vines that I chopped down months ago which are now all dried out. Instead of kicking it back into the pile beside the garage I looked at it with different eyes. Picked it up and started to weave it around itself to make a wreathy, nesty thing.

I put it on the table, whacked in my little birdies that Mum gave me and then added some autumn branches from a tree outside. Um hello, Martha Stewart called and wants her style back. I’m sure even my crafty sister would be impressed with this autumnal vignette. Am I right Sarah, or am I right?


  1. Tooooo clever for your own good woman!

  2. I’m inspired! Mx

  3. pony. mofo. factor.

  4. Lovely lady, just lovely. Autumn is so inspiring with all that brilliant colour xo

  5. Oh…Bev will be getting jealous of your Martha skills…very cool

  6. That is so simple, clever and gorgeous! I’m going looking for branchy vines NOW!

  7. Love it….would look good wrapped around the vase too.

  8. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. These looks amazing!

  9. Love it! Can’t wait to see it in real life tomorrow x

  10. Too cute

  11. I adore you. You know I adore you. But you start talking this photography malarkey and I totally forget to listen…

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