Jasper Knight: London 1956

Have you ever gone and bought yourself something as a pat on the back? A go Pookie! Look at you! Here, have this – well done! No?

Well, I did. A few months back. 

I have an unabashed love for paintings. For artwork. From some of my own stuff I’ve done, to what the girls do, local artists and friends to some great Australian painters. It just makes me happy to see art on my walls. Fills me up.

We went to an opening a few months back by one of our favourite artists Jasper Knight held at the Fabulous Gallery Ecosse  and yesterday I was finally able to pick her up.

And there she sits. On my wall. In my house.

Filling me up.


  1. Gorgeous!

  2. I love, love, love that!
    And I love your house…it looks like a gallery!

    I am working full time this month…usually I only work three days a week…and I am already planning on buying myself a well done present. Although I am leaning towards a facial…maybe with a massage tacked on just for good measure!

  3. I feel the same way, I haven’t purchased much though. I’m waiting for my own walls to do them justice. I think I should stop waiting though. Beautiful.

  4. All I can say is I wish 🙂

  5. Love. Nothing else. Just love.

  6. That is beautiful, I love it, well done Pookie!

  7. That space was made for it, well done you !

  8. Love love that painting. A fabulous addition to your home.

  9. I luff art but don’t collect it. Old Mr FF does though. He likes stuff like Bromley and Abby McCullough but most of his things were by poor old Adam Cullen who actually died the other day. Sad.

    I believe in self gifting like No One’s Business.

  10. That colour is so vibrant. Looks gorgeous Beth.

  11. You so deserve that awesome painting.

  12. LOVE IT! Well done to you xx

  13. Yeah it’s great! Good feng shui I say! Brings lots of energy and movement with it also the prospect of adventures. We love paintings too and and have quite a few good bits (well we think they are) I am saving to buy an Ian swift piece ( he is in the blue mountains), quirky and eclectic.

  14. Ahh I’m a lover of all things yellow & Grey and this is stunning! Great pick

    Steph 🙂

  15. Oh, it looks great! I have so many prints bookmarked for when I might have some money left – love it to buy me some art. And books. Don’t forget the books!


  16. And she looks amazing!!! So bright, beautiful and welcoming. Something to enjoy for yeas to come x

  17. I think it is absolutely vital to occasionally say, ” yes. That/this shall be mine, because I work hard and am doing the absolute I can and every time I see/use that I shall reflect upon that fact”.

    Love your painting. Well done you

  18. Love! Love, love it and the fact you but art. Not enough people do.

  19. opps. buy art, not “but” art. Typing/spelling goes out the window when you are breastfeeding at the same time.

  20. Lucky you!!! What a fabulous piece. It looks terrific in the space. Jx

  21. That is utterly fabulous lady. I know two little boys who would love the double decker bus very much, if it were on our walls. The colour just speaks to me, LOVE those colours xo

  22. Just playing catch up on all your posts. She is something special!! Love her! xx jody

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