Jasper Knight: Old Tractor JPEG

Earlier this year Rob and I checked out a show that was on at a fabulous Art Gallery not too far from here and fell in love, serious love, with the paintings of Jasper Knight. We didn’t get anything at the time, but for the past 6 months or so we kept talking about the paintings and inevitably ended with “we so should have bought one.” And we so should have.

Last week I decided to email the gallery owner and see on the off chance if there were any paintings still available. And you know what? There was. And you know what? It was the exact one that we fell in love with. And you know what? We went and saw it on Sunday afternoon. And you know what? We bought it!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most grown up things we have ever bought. It’s HUGE! It’s amazing. While some people have fancy cars, or get themselves some diamonds after they have kids, we are not those people. We drive Hyundai’s. We shop at Aldi. We are travellers. We are art lovers.

So, we now own a Jasper Knight painting. And I love it. Maybe even more than my kids at the moment. Maybe.

Behold! Here she is…

And given that I spend most of my day, here in the kitchen looking out that way, I have a new vista that has captured my heart. And my kids think I am really interested in what they are doing – win win!



  2. it’s really beautifully awesome. nice one.

  3. bellissima
    you deserve a little prezzy for all the hard yards you are doing at the moment.

  4. …meant to say! my eldest, now a teenager, is named Jasper after the abstract artist Jasper Johns. We are also art lovers. I soooo get that you collect art & not cars! xx

  5. It is gorgeous! I love art. X

  6. Really really beautiful…. well done on this beautiful purchase!

  7. GourmetGirlfriend, my Jasper is named after Jasper Johns too!!

  8. If you hear some shuffling around at night don’t worry – it’s just me STEALING YOUR STYLE!! xx

  9. that…is awesome.

  10. very grown up indeed. Very spesh to buy art,
    I love it how your kids also eat grown up jam, we get it down at the local deli in clovelly the same jam!

  11. Isn’t it wonderful how buying something loved for the home can give your home, and you, a whole new lease on life. Love it!

  12. That wall was made for that painting…Fabulous!

  13. Oh. My. God. That is seriously brilliant! And what a perfect spot for it! Jealous!

  14. Oh my sweet baby Jesus I want to make love to that painting. She is a BEAUTY!!!! xo

  15. love it. would rather art over diamonds any day. x

  16. we saw some of his stuff after visiting the Brett Whitely studio. Hes tremendous. The Hair One is an artist – so if Im not in the kitchen – we’re at an art gallery!
    LOVE how it fits into your place – it a.. well.. work of art!
    T xx

  17. Fantastico!!!


  18. Waaw nice! And what a perfect spot to hang this beauty!

  19. I love it!!! So jealous 🙂

  20. Oh I love LOVE LOVE it! I am an art slut as well. Would much rather look at something I love on the wall than drive a fancy ass car. xxx

  21. GASP!!! You are my HEROOOOO! At this point it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be any cooler (unless you get your hair cut like mine).

    Real Art. SO adult its not funny.

    xo em

  22. oh my – i love it.
    so so so jealous!!
    and the spot – absolutely perfect.
    good hunting and gathering i say!!
    c xox.

  23. New to your blogs and can say I adore you honesty, that is what keeps me coming back. But the picture, is it not a ” tractor”………..thrilled that you love
    it. 😉

  24. You need a beer drinking, cupcake cooking american to complete your house and by that I mean me. What an amazing place!

  25. my idea of art are my signed powderfinger prints (x2). you are so much more sophisticated than me!

    I am so not an art person.

  26. So, I discovered your blog yesterday. I’ve spent the past twenty-four hours trawling the blogroll, I’m up to 2008, but have gotten way ahead of myself at times and skipped forward to your move, and come back again. I’m well and truly hooked. My house looks feral and we ordered dominoes for dinner last night. Love, love, loving your posts (and your pics, I stumbled across your blog not realising I only live a hop, skip, and a jump from you!). P.S. Love the tractor!

  27. Anonymous says

    Hello – found your blog last week and have to say that I love it. Seems like life is pretty nice in your neck of the woods and that art is amazing. Rebecca

  28. So you do know our Jasper was called Jasper after the art prize the organisation I was working for awarded the young artist prize to Jasper Knight don’t you. I ADORE his work and the work you have is SPECTACULAR.

  29. Shut UP! That is just so amazing!!! Love it!

  30. That little corner is becoming the focus in more ways than one. Love it.

  31. Love that tractor!!! *S*

  32. wow! gorgeous!!

  33. It’s fantastic, congratulations, yet more goodness for that corner of the house. We’re Toyota driving, Aldi shopping, non diamond lovers too. Love Posie

  34. That is AMAZING, it is seriously, SERIOUSLY beautiful.

    Love the sideboard too. In fact I just love your house – especially jealous of your fire. (And you have a dryer!! How can we be in London and not have a dryer… how?? how?? And I think of our beautiful dryer in storage in Sydney, not doing anything….)

    Beth if you could see the house you would keel over. We’re renting and it’s fully furnished, and our landlord likes it BEIGE. This lounge room is so beige it drags the life out of me. But the best bit is the tacky Picasso print in a brass frame – urgh. I keep meaning to take it down but then I keep it there as a joke, the problem is people don’t know I am joking.

    Ah well. I do.

    Oh god that’s a very long comment.

  35. Hello! I’m helping my son out with an art assignment and was Googling Jasper Knight, doing some serious searching and looking for interviews… and find this post. How exciting, I remember reading it last year and seeing the picture but had no idea who Jasper Knight was… I do now!!

    How lovely that you have this on the wall, it’s gorgeous.

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