Yesterday just before I headed off to pick up Daisy and her best friend from Preschool I ducked into a local gallery for a little look see at an exhibition that opened last weekend. You can read a little more about it all here in my local favourite read SoHi.

What is it about a gallery? The white walls? The art work sitting up just so? I love it. I Love it so. I certainly have a special place in my heart for paint on canvas. Or walls. Or wood. Or paper. Thank goodness for paint.

Playing along with Maxabella.


  1. Fabulous. Off to my friend’s exhibition this weekend. Can’t WAIT to see her stuff, and even moreso now I’ve seen this. x

  2. Love the massey ferguson!!
    have a great weekend

  3. Divine. White paint. With pictures. I love white space too. Thanks for sharing (and I hope you didn’t get in trouble for taking those photos!) xx

  4. Love the artwork… particularly the red tractor!

    Mama & The Monkey

  5. White paint makes a space look so fresh.

    I know it transformed our house when we covered over all the dull yellow with white paint throughout.


  6. I love white paint on walls… always looks so clean and fresh!

    Love galleries too, looks like a perfect way to spend part of a day.

  7. Exhibits are so inspiring I always think. I love getting a visual on how differently people see the world around us.

  8. Agree wholeheartedly!

    No surprise that I am also a bit of a gallery freak. Just call me BabyMax. x

  9. gorgeous artworks,…. especially the red tractor. Can you forward me the name of the gallery? xx

  10. What a beautiful space, white without being clinical, perfection.

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