City meets Country

Let me reveal to you the new painting that arrived last week that I gave you a little sneaky peaky of. It was done by a friend of Rob’s, Matty G who is {or was, I can never quite remember} the Manager at the Annandale also owned by a mate of Rob’s and a place you would often find Rob when we lived just down the road from there – nattering, drinking, or working {they used the Annandale in I Rock a lot}. Matt has just got into painting you can read a little of his story here on his Facebook page and as soon as we decided to move to the country Rob knew that he wanted to get him to do us something for us.

The only brief we gave him was “City meets country”. The rest was up to him. Size {and it’s a huuuuuuuge 2.1 by 2.1m} colour, style – everything else he came up with. We saw a few bits and pieces along with way through email but we were blown away by it when it finally arrived last week.

Here she is:

This should show just how bloody huge it is – leaning against our front door ready to be hung. Choosing just where to hang it was the hardest part. We spent most of last week moving it around, leaning it against walls until just per chance we tried it where we thought it might go, and knew that was the spot for it.

It’s probably not the most conventional of locations for something so big, but when we had it in the main living room it just took over the space too much. So we have this wall just past the entrance way before you can either head into the main living room or through to the kitchen. It’s a huge blank space and when we leaned it there it was perfect. It leads your eye through to the room. It picks up the many bright colours you will see around our house, and it’s the perfect conversation starter for people as they first enter our house.

And here are some snaps taken this morning. Excuse the bad light, if you could possibly believe it, it’s dark and a chilly 11 degrees here at the moment.

Well, we love it. There’s nothing like having paint, real paint, lovely shiny oil paint on your walls. And having something by a friend, with a real story behind it, our story? Well, that has to be priceless. Thanks Matt!


  1. Oh that’s the perfect spot for it – looks like it was commissioned just for that area. FABULOUS!

  2. Love it!!

  3. Hi Beth… I just discovered your blog via Table Tonic (both our blogs were featured by Louise this week!). Just scrolled through your posts – love it all and am happy to be your newest follower!

    Pop on over to my blogs for a peek when you get the chance,

    Hope you have a great week.

    Wicker & Stitch
    Mama & The Monkey

  4. I love where you have put it, its perfect! What a talking point…. and of course, special to have that connection and story behind it. I wish I was more daring with the limited wall space we have in our little house!

  5. It suits the house to a tee!


  6. Gorgeous!

  7. It’s really wonderful and I think that’s the perfect spot for it. x

  8. WOW!! Just gorgeous!!

  9. It is absolutely amazing.

    One of my best friends is an artist and it is so special having something someone painted just for you…

  10. I love that painting lady and I’m loving where you chose to hang it more so. Looks perfectly placed. Awesome having a friend who can whip that up for you. Super special xo

  11. Perfect spot for it for sure! Love it! xx.


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