Had me at hello

This morning Harper and I popped into our very favourite shop down here in the Highlands Made by Others in Moss Vale. I wanted to catch up with my friends Anna & Ursula who run the shop, as well as having a fabulous coffee and also just to check out some new stuff they have in for Christmas. I was never going to go home empty handed. Especially as I had just been paid this week. No chance at all.I spotted this on their blog earlier this week – it was only a matter of choosing which colour. Teal, yellow or pink…

Pink it was! BANG.

I am in deep love with this. DEEP. I feel passionately about it’s colour, it’s font, it’s message and how very perfect it looks in my home.

Some may say I need to get a life, I say to them you need a pink hello sign in your home tout de suite!

Happy Weekend friends!

Signs are made by Down to the Woods.


  1. Love it!

  2. How did I not know I needed a hello?

  3. I’m going to get myself a ‘hello’ too! I just have to tell you – that I have also bought plates (Lucky Duck, Silly Goose etc) + Aldi pasta maker…..and have on my list to buy those gorgeous red boots you bought for your Daisy (I have a Daisy-Blossom 🙂 a while back. So, there you go – I take note and love you recommendations x

  4. Ooh how fun! Great colour. It looks like it is suspended on the wall by magic.
    I saw your photos on fb – what a lovely morning.

  5. Yes, yes, I need one!

  6. OMG – I need one, NOW!

  7. Fantastic idea….So that is your gift to you. Did you buy anything for anyone else. Did they have any other ‘words’ at all? Happy weekend to you as well. xx

    • I did Mimsie – I got Rob’s Christmas present as well as a lovely writing set for my Mum. They had a knock knock one as well as Mistletoe with hooks for hanging Christmas stockings. They reminded me of the signs in the 50’s people had on their houses with the name of their house. Remember those?

  8. hello to you too. LOVE THIS! Blue screams to me, being a water engineer and all. But watermelon is still ranking high in my choices.

  9. so fabulous beth! of course it is PERFECT for your home 🙂

  10. Loving the hello. Gorgeous. As a solo woman who has to be the DIY guy in my place, how did you suspend this to a brick wall so seamlessly? Suggestions please.

    • Command hooks with it hanging off them. I’m not sure it’s the best solution, or if it will last, but it’s up! For now…

    • Ha ha, I’m sure it will be just fine (fingers crossed). Half the items in my house are held together with bluetac or thumbtacks (the things to use before Command hooks were invented)…20 years later most are still going strong.

  11. Well HELLO there Babymac – look at you with your HOT hello to add to your collection of other HOTness! Have hello envy………..!

  12. Want one. Now. Er, hello.

    Heading straight to link.

    Hoping you have the best of weekends.

  13. Love it and I must drive down there to get one!

  14. Ohhhhhh I like – yellow for me though!

  15. I went into made by others today and almost bought the same sign!! I’m thinking of heading back tomorrow and getting the yellow one. I love it sooooo much!

  16. its great!!! and very you… What is it about TYPE. Its fantastic.

  17. AMAZING! Love it Beth x

  18. Hello Beth

    I have just gone to the madybyothers website and sadly the only thing the webpage reads is:

    Apologies, but no entries were found.

    I am on the correct website beacause it has a little blurb about the business and that it is in Moss Vale. I just can’t see any products nor can I purchase any.

    I love your Hello sign! Do you know if anyone else had trouble with the website?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  19. I love your Hello sign!

    I am not sure if my last comment went through…….

    I went to the website but there are no products there.

    Did anyone else have this issue?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  20. You had ME at hello! Not only do I have pretty sign envy but now I also have Southern Highlands envy! My two besties live in Bowral and we’re constantly plotting for me to move there. Sigh…

  21. Oh! We are just sprucing up our entry and I would love one of these for it. I will go hunting. Thanks x

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