Giving her the world

Today was day one of Term 2 round here. Daisy adored her first term at School, doing as much homework as she could, learning more and more every day. I had to drag her off my laptop doing her Mathletics (who came up with that name?!) and Reading Eggs during the term but during the holidays? Not so much. And that was fine by me. She was exhausted. She needed a break. She needed to rest. And play. And watch TV. And just be. She was given a selection of readers to do over the break just to keep the momentum going as their teacher didn’t want all the inroads made to be lost and to have to start over again. She begrudgingly did them over the break and hasn’t really been keen on getting back to School. After many a pep talk this week we headed off to School this morning, hair brushed and pulled back, shoes shining and a new winter uniform to boot! We were ready to go.


Assembly. One comment from the Principal about not doing homework over the holidays to all the kids had Daisy in tears. Poor love. I think the nerves, the anticipation, the wanting to please and feeling disappointed that she hadn’t sent her over the edge. I managed to extract myself after a while and held my own tears until we got to the car. I know by now she will be fine – back into the swing of things without a care in the world.

Well I hope at least.

So what did I do to make us all feel better? I went shopping of course! Just before the holidays I went to my favourite antique/vintage markets at Dirty Janes in Bowral to pick up a desk and chair for Daisy that was meant to be given to her for her birthday in February and got both for $80 but they needed some paintwork. Of course I never got round to the painting over the break because I am lazy so I went back to Dirty Janes this morning where I spied a 1950’s desk in great condition for just $60! I tetrised it into the car, got it home and have set up a surprise work space for her when she gets home from School this afternoon.

I’m hoping it’s just the trick for reinvigorating a love for learning and School for the term ahead. And if not? Well, who cares! It’s a fabulous little table that I’ll be happy to make my own. I always did want one of those desks when I was a little girl…


  1. I have the exact same desk in our shed waiting for our kids to be old enough to use it. It was my desk from the age of 7 until I left high school.

    Except mine has 90210 stickers on it…

    Hope Daisy’s day got better.

  2. that is so sweet mama bear – daisy girl will love it. and it will make going back to school seem special and happy. not scary and a little bit overwhelming. you are a good mama. good indeed.

  3. A bit harsh of the Principal to make a comment like that, in my opinion. It would have been better to privately direct that comment to Year 6 – not the very young ones. It IS important to let littlies recuperate in the holidays. Well done with the desk!

  4. I picked up almost the same desk a few weeks ago at a garage sale. Never seen them before. Since then I have now seen 2 more.I have been curious about the era.

  5. Beautiful mama.
    My girl loved having her own space to do her homework.Made her feel like a ‘big school girl’ and very important.
    I think it is wonderful how you are sensitive to her needs and are there,not to just make it all better, but to help her find the skills to cope and make it work out better herself.
    With the love,support and understanding she has from you she will be reinvigorated Im sure.xx

  6. Anonymous says

    This was my loved desk from kindergarden until the end of my uni days. However my desk was lemon, I always wanted a blue ocean like this one.
    I have kept it at my parents home in the hope oneday my children complete their education with this world at their fingertips.

  7. I had one also in High School .. lots have changed since then .. boundaries and country names .. love it. I agree that the Principal did not need to say that, ‘homework’ for Preps beyond readers is crazy.

  8. My grandparents had exactly the same desk in a spare room – it used to be the desk that my Dad and his siblings did their homework on as kids. Pretty sure it got given to charity when my grandparents moved to a retirement village, but your pics bring back so many memories of me being little and looking for hours at all the different places in the world.
    Awesome gift for your little ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh best mum ever…I would love that little work space. I hope she is feeling better when she gets home from school. Although I suspect, one day of catching up with friends and all will be right in the world.

  10. She’ll love that little surprise when she gets home, too cute. Kids in kinder are just little babies still and it’s so important for her to just rest in holidays and w/ends at this stage too, she’ll get there.

  11. You are a great mum!
    I found desks in the BR didn’t suit my kids, they always got too easily distracted and made a huge mess of them. And the kids were lonely in there. I’m sure if she wants it moved you will find a spot. You know you will need another one for Harper!

  12. Oh my god! I had one of those. ADORE x

  13. OMG – BEST Mum ever!

  14. Oh wow, what a great desk. I always wanted one of them as a kid. I think she will be so excited to have it, she’ll love to sit at it, even if it’s not to do homework but to draw and be creative.
    Hope she had a good first day back.

  15. I had one of those, the one with shelves above it, it went to the tip when no one, not even the op shop would take it. Oh, to get it back! (Though some of the countries may not exist anymore)

  16. What a lovely Mummy you are – such a sweet surprise and I so love that desk. I remember having one with a world map on top when I was young. Hope Daisy loves her new ‘study corner’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Your a good mumma Beth. I would have just bribed mine with Macca’s for dinner…..

  18. Love Dirty Jane’s … always a treasure to be found there.

  19. You inspired me to clean up an old desk and sort it for Farmboy to do his homework on. It is The Farmer’s old school desk.

    When it comes to getting a 7 year old boy to do homework I need all the help I can get!!!

    Take care.

  20. That room looks way awesome. I’m sure she will enjoy it. I got my girls their desks from Ikea. Simple small space saving desks for just $40.

  21. That is a most fabulous gift, surprise motivator! I bet she bloody loves it! *s*

  22. I tend to lurk more than comment. Your post has just moved me to tears. What a lovely, thoughtful mum you are. Daisy is a lucky little girl.
    Can’t wait to hear what she thinks of her new desk.

  23. What a gorgeous gift Beth. I am sure she will love it. She sounds like such a tender soul.

  24. Best present ever! Would’ve loved to see her face when she arrived home from school today xxx

  25. I love the wanderings of your Lusy Blom Ikea rug….mine does a similar dance from bedroom to family room and then to ???

  26. It’s gorgeous. Darn those mean principals and their back to school homework speeches.

  27. Love it positioned beneath that beautiful window. What a score! Love Dirty Jane’s! Mx

  28. I had this desk too!!! You are a wonderful mum, so very thoughtful. I would have given that principal a piece of my mind though. As if first days back aren’t tough enough on the littlies ๐Ÿ™

  29. Love this desk! Hubby is known as ‘map man’ for his love of maps, he’d dig it too.
    I hope she gets her groove back. Nice work Principal dude! I’m sure he meant well….
    I had three kids in tears on my first day back yesterday (same age as Daisy), but we got there, smiles returned, and they’re all getting back into the swing of it.
    I find that children put SO much pressure on themselves, it’s just incredible to see in five year olds. I don’t remember being like that when I was so young… is it “kids these days”? I can tell you that with these tears and feeilngs and pressures, your Daisy is definitely not alone.

  30. Oh I LOVE those desks lady! My brother’s had one of those and I would spend ages looking at all the places on the map. Great memories. What a beautiful space for Daisy to enjoy. You’re a good Mama xo

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