From the archives: Homemade Advent calendar

Yesterday I had an email from an old friend who was looking to whip up a home made Advent Calendar and remembered this post that was originally posted on the blog in November 2010. Thought it may give some inspiration for those that way inclined (the sewing and the crafty kind that is). For those of you like me, who like to purchase rather than make, I saw today that Pottery Barn had some cute ones as do Lark with these ones. Original post follows…

On the first day of Christmas my Mum gave to me…an advent calendar!

A few weeks ago she was looking in Inside Out and we saw something vaguely along these lines and while I forgot about it, she was tinkering away on something very special for me. On Tuesday afternoon she arrived for a cheeky mid-week sleepover and she bought it along to finish it off. Daisy was beside herself with excitement about it all and when the girls were in bed we opened a bottle of Prosecco and she sewed and I drank {my best kind of craft}. By the end of the night all the little trinkets were attached on ribbons and put in their wee pockets.

A2 A1 A3

This morning a branch from up the road was added into the top, some ribbon attached and voila! We have the most fabulous advent calendar – complete with my old santa sack from when I was a little girl sewn into the back. STOP IT!


The first day of Christmas we have a pear…


And other little delights that I know the girls are going to LOVE to pull out. Not only this year, but year after year…


It’s amazing Mum. Thank you SO much for something so special for our beautiful new house. We will love and cherish it forever…x

And just quietly, can you believe that this time next month we will be knee-deep in Christmas morning? My favourite morning of the whole year – presents, ham on thick buttery toast and champagne!


  1. Oh the talent.. of which I have none.. I have bought a lego one for the kids to share and am making this one


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