The Morning Routine

A sponsored post for Woolworths Select Speedy Oats

Like the many Mum’s before me, and many that will follow after me, each and every day I try to start the day anew. I push aside the inevitable bad nights sleep. I stretch out the sore muscles that have been kicked by a little person at some stage in the night. I gratefully take the hot cup of coffee that my husband gives me and when I’m properly awake, I feed my children their breakfast.


I’m on auto pilot, thinking a little about what I’ll make versus what they would like to be eating. The inevitable request for pancakes or jam toast denied and protests soothed. Questions about body parts answered, homework readers read, fights put out.



The porridge is placed before them both. Both with yoghurt and fruit, one with a drizzle of honey.


I sip tea and chat. Sign notes. Make lunches. And stand and wait.



The big one eats it. She’s hungry. And big.

And then the little one, after picking off the yoghurt and the honey and a few bananas as well, she’s done. In the way only a 3 year old can be done.


And you go back and forth and back again, then resign yourself to that fact that another meal is done. You clean up, stack the dishwasher, wipe the bench, clean up and go and face the battle of getting dressed for School. That job, done.


Woolworths Select have a new range of Speedy Oats available in store now. They are however, speedy, and not magical, especially when 3 year olds are involved. But they do taste very good as last minute leftovers shoved into a Mothers mouth before clean up.

Do you guys eat your own breakfast or just end up eating your kids leftovers? Or is that just me?



  1. Oh wow I just said to my husband this Monday morning, how does everyone else cope with this mundanity that is necessary with kids-the exact routine you just described on a Monday or any morning-consistency, food, someone up & dressed to do it all, food again, clean up, readers… So true. Lovely post. I got up at 558am with my 7 yr old today, showered & tea pot filled, thinking I’m going to take this Monday by storm! By the time I made lemon& honey drinks for all (winter colds) & Sammies for lunch, was interviewed by son for homework, reading log supervised, coffee plunger made, daughters spelling checked (Again) , soothed son who fell flat on face while playing and bruised cheeks, brekkie made , medication given for kids bowels.. On & on &… It was 745am, time to go & I hadn’t eaten! Time. Just. Flies.
    However kids need that consistency & off they toddled to school happy as can be. My job done? Again! Home now to egg on toast & 15 mins of Facebook 🙂 Happy Day to you Beth.

  2. Mondays are the worst. x

  3. I love those little oat packets! I KNOW it’s cheaper to buy a big bag of oats but I don’t care. They’re just super convenient. I porridge is easily one of my favourite foods.

    P.S I had prosciutto on my cafe eggs and toast this morning. Thought of you.

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Nope My kids are too big but I do love oats they are yum,and so good for you and make a very easy lazy girl lunch on a cold me some oats and they make nice Bircher Muesli too.

  5. I eat my own, muesli, yoghurt and fruit salad.
    Sadly my kids don’t like porridge but I do love a nice warm bowl, with banana, milk and honey on the super cold mornings.

  6. I used to keep instant oats in my desk drawer at work. SUCH a useful food item! Abby likes oats, thank goodness, but I tend to keep them all for myself.

  7. my 3 year old DEVOURS porridge. Barely eats anything else for breakfast, even if bacon and eggs or pancakes are on offer. LOVES IT. I personally cannot stand it. ugh.

  8. Porridge Pancakes!
    And you prep them the night before. 😀

  9. MotherDownUnder says

    I am up before the rest of the house and when I am making my lunch to take to work, I make Toddler C’s breakfast…porridge, bananas, and honey…so it has cooled by the time he wakes up.
    He eats what he wants, then Daddy R scavenges and most days I am left with nothing.
    So I get by on coffee and then make a big bowl just for myself when no one else is looking!

  10. scissorspaperrock says

    I eat my kid’s leftover scraps at breakfast time too….and claim “I’ve eaten”. Ryder LURVES these porridge serves. Ella – more of a basic cereal type-of-kid.
    Claire x

  11. Porridge a winner here too. Although its usually requested when they are STARVING then it is too hot to eat for a couple of minutes. Disaster! I mash banana into it and chuck in some sultanas to jazz up plain oats!

  12. Sew Brunswick says

    We love porridge here! We go through 3.5 cups of raw oats EVERY morning to feed me, my husband, a 4 year old boy and 2 year old boy. Sometimes, like this morning, me and husband lose half our measly share to the boys…

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That’s a whole lot of oats!

      • Jan Bishop says

        If you put the normal rolled oats to soak the night before they take very little extra time to make than the quick stuff. I like the less processed side of things too and find the small packs of quick oats unsatisfying. Then, I grew up on porridge every day of the year for breakfast, except for our three weeks beach holiday in January where we were allowed Weetbix. Dad always made freshly squeezed orange juice for the three of us every morning too.

  13. Arrjaydub says

    Your baby girl is every bit as adorable as you!

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