This thing I’ve been doing with hydrangeas

You know what there’s a lot of at the moment? HYDRANGEAS! All different colours and styles and given the fact that everyone has lots in their gardens, there are all kinds of bunches being dropped off from lots of different friends. I LOVE IT.

I only have two hydrangea bushes – one of those old vintage ones with the flower petals on the outside and a big centre and a hot pink one in a pot. But at the moment the house is filled with them – lots from friends and the odd one from the side of the road or verge where I may or may not have picked the odd stem. Ahem.

I’ve even taken to just filling vases with hydrangea leaves…so green and juicy and abundant…and with the massive plant I have in the backyard FREE!


In fact, I am so taken with the leaves that I have discovered a new and better way to display cut hydrangeas in vases.

In the past I have usually thrown them into tight bunches with their gorgeous heads being all the display you need.


But now I have taken to adding that gorgeous greenery throughout the vase. Here’s some that I threw in a jug that were very pretty…


But then I added in some extra stems of just green leaves and I think it just lifts the whole thing. PLUS the green leaves act as a way to hold up the heads of the flowers. I chucked in about 3 stems of just green leaves here. Love that colour contrast!


And can we stop for a red hot minute and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the hydrangea? Those little blue buttons in the middle of those white blooms? Glorious!


There’s blooms and leaves everywhere and luckily for me, they have been lasting for weeks at a time without a droop in sight!

IMG_4655 IMG_4657

Even little posies have been given the green leaf touch…so pretty!


And now I have all the flowers sorted for Christmas day, surprisingly, I’m going for colour on colour on COLOUR!

IMG_4631 IMG_4643

Have you got hydrangeas in bloom at your place too?
Like to add in some leaves for an extra boost of greenery?
Add some in next time and I reckon you’ll love it.


  1. Love love hydrangeas!! -they were my wedding flower too which makes them that bit extra special for me.

  2. Hey Beth! We have been making hydrandea Xmas wreaths! Look a treat fresh or they dry tops aswell!!

  3. Hydrangeas are pretty special to me ๐Ÿ™‚ We used a lot of beautiful mauve/blue ones at our wedding. They also remind me of our awesome trip to Korea and Japan – those gardens – swoon!!

  4. I absolutely love hydrangeas. I have been babying my 4 little plants and they where looking spectacular. Unfortunately I am surrounded by National Park and the Kangaroos also love the hydrangeas. I now have 4 sticks in the ground, sigh

  5. I’m a huge fan of hydrangeas, and have many pots, all of which are cuttings from my mum, so extra special. They were all looking quite spectacular, however the weather here in Adelaide has been harsh on them, and they are starting to loose their spark ๐Ÿ™ They have hung in there, with lots of TLC, but really don’t like 43 degree weather. I persist though :))

  6. I had hydrangea bushes in Michigan (Northern US). They loved growing in the sand by Lake Michigan, in the little micro climate by our front door. ( I don’t think they grow so well in Florida.) One time one big bush just up & died. I cleared away the dead branches and left it where it was. A year later it decided to grow back.

    Every year I clipped blooms and hung them upside down to dry. When it came time to move, I managed to pack a bunch of them in a box full of ghost turds, and they arrived unscathed to live on in a vase in my bathroom. Lacecap hydrangeas are my favorite, but they don’t dry so well. I miss my hydrangeas!

    • Lace caps – that’s what mine are! So messy when you cut them though! I have brought one of mine back from death last year when it got absolutely FRIED.

  7. Love them! Currently have a large vase filled with beautiful blue ones.

  8. just gorgeous beth!
    reminds me of my mother, who loved flowers and especially hydrangeas at Christmas time!
    let the emotions roll on by! … she would have been 88 today!
    it’s ok! I ate chocolate in bed for my breakfast for her! … YES!
    much love m:)X

    • Oh a tough day for you Merilyn – happy birthday to what have been your Mum’s birthday. Glad these hydrangeas reminded you of her…keep on eating my friend x

  9. I love hydrangeas but my husband loathes them with the power of a thousand suns. ๐Ÿ™

  10. I have had great success with my hydrangeas and they have received many a comment. Im hoping some will survive the trip to Melbs tomorrow so they can adorn the xmas tables at mums place on Friday…Leaves are the bomb!!

  11. Looks gorgeous!!! You should do videos on flower arranging. Just saying x

  12. Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers!

  13. Good on-ya Bev!

  14. On-ya Bev!

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