Full & thorough reporting

Time we had a full debrief over the past week as I have been actually doing stuff other than washing and hanging with the baby, so let’s discuss that shall we? OK great, make a cuppa and pull up a pew.

Last Monday I put the kids to bed, packed my bag and hightailed it up to Sydney for a week of work related stuff with some fun stuff in between. Actually, work is pretty fun too, so let’s just say fun. It was the longest that I had been away from Mags, but Rob stepped up to the plate and did a great job. That’s all you will get from me on that matter, dead SET my Mum likes to tell me how amazing he is etc etc and I’m always like “what? Doing what an equal parent should do?!” she rolls her eyes at me usually. I get it, I do, but still. COME ON.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, arrived at the inlaws Sydney pad at around 9.30pm and thought to myself, hmmm, I don’t feel 100%. I went to bed as I had to be up at 6am, and woke up a few hours later and was sick as a dog with a gastro bug that Rob had the week before. I knew it was coming….don’t you always sit on a time bomb when someone gets gastro? Needless to say it was not pretty, but also not that bad, so I got up and got on with the day dealing with it much like a bad hangover or morning sickness. I said many a prayer to the Gods old and new that I would not shit my pants or spew in public. It worked.


Spoke at the breakfast panel for my agency, hightailed it to the airport to catch a plane to Melbs where the weather was pretty standard: grey and rainy. Doesn’t bother me, I expect Melbs to look like that.


I got to go to Monty’s house from Show & Tell which was spectacularly hot (can we please discuss the tiles on her front verandah and use of exotic plants please and thank you)?


They are working on a new video series called Up Close which I was lucky enough to be able to film with them. You can watch the first one they did on the very stylish Georgie Abay from the Grace Tales here. Can’t wait to share it all with you (although I am scared to see what I looked like) as sitting down on a couch for me usually means GUTS AND THIGHS unlike those fresh wee things that manage to carry of casual and chic. So annoying. I also did discover a very cute earring designer that Monty was wearing during the shoot called Merci perci . Obviously I added to cart in the taxi on the way home so I can attempt to look as cute as they do. Not sure it will work.

Anyway. Top birds. Cute house. Lots of discussion about my life and blog and oversharing and reality TV. Hope you guys like it.


Got to the hotel (I stayed at The Prince in St Kilda) which was lovely and boutique and a bit hot and stylish (not to mention cheap as chips) and promptly fell to pieces as I had managed to hold it together all day. I was bummed that I couldn’t sit in bed and drink wine and watch bad TV but instead spent a lot of time in the bathroom, drank peppermint tea and went to bed at 7.30pm and slept. Swings and roundabouts. I did have a superior ham & cheese toastie though. Loved that it didn’t cost $35.


Wednesday I up and at it feeling 1458% better and after a FaceTime with the girls (what a saviour that is) I hightailed it to my mate Ruth’s house to hang out.


As you would have seen in my post last week, she has started to do ceramics and I was trying to get her to make me some green plates like the ones I the house we stayed in in Tuscany had. Remember them? I can’t tell you how many times I have googled “green dinner plates” in the search. She was all like “Oh I know EXACTLY where to get those” so before we knew it, she took me to this shop called Market Import. Or whatever, I was too distracted by the sound of angels singing. I mean, HONESTLY. My die.

IMG_6827 IMG_6831

And you know what? The plates! They were there. PRAISE THE CERAMICS LORDS OF GREENTOWN TUSCANY. I got some obviously.


I will obviously report back when they arrive and needless to say they will feature on Instagram for the next  5 years. OK? Great.

From there I had a lovely visit to my big sister’s place. She has lived down in Melbourne for well over 20 years and had recently moved house. I loved seeing her, the kids, her new house and garden and she even cooked me a fancy dinner. SO good.

Thursday it was off to the big smoke for a workshop with Bupa and their blog awards that they were hosting and which I was lucky enough to be a finalist for in the Family category. The event was held at Vue de Monde heaven help us ALL. What a spot! I could have propped myself up at that Lui Bar for a decent session! Thew views and food were amazing of course…


but I feel that special mention needs to go to the butter. THAT BUTTER. Can you see the sheer size of the container? And we need to mention that instead of slices of bread, they just gave you a big old LOAF for the table. It’s no ones business how much butter I ate. A sprinkle of salt on top? HEAVS. I know I am not the only one to add salt to butter right? This is why I will never be thin.


Also totally won the Family category which I was SO suprised about. A trophy! Nay, basically an Aria is now sitting on my desk. Very exiting.


And then it was back to Sydney, travelling all day to get back home to the girls. Spring sprung! The sun is shining. The washing is on the line and food is being trotted back out of my kitchen. And apparently now Maggie is a fashion model?

IMG_6948 IMG_8880 IMG_6944

And while life goes on, THIS. This beautiful poem that a friend shared with me recently. Sums it up hey?


This quince!

So that’s FULL reporting from me. I hope you’re still with me! Now you can tell me everything that’s been happening with you…because I bet there’s something to share with us. Come on…Go!


  1. Congratulations on your well deserved win. Love your little fashion model. My week can be summed up quite easily …… cough, sneeze, blow nose, repeat. The excitement never ends at our place !

  2. Well done on your win Beth. Just love your online space here. Love this post. I’m so sorry to hear you were sick. But glad you got to have fun and get on with work stuff. Maggie is growing so fast. She’s just adorable. Thanks for the catch up. xx

  3. Phillipa Palmer says

    Hearty congratulations on your win, well deserved. Love the look of that market place in Melbourne, will def look into that. xx pippi

  4. Glad you recovered enough to make it to the Bupa do. It was so wonderful to see you. Agree that trophy is practically a bloggy Aria.
    How good was that cauliflower crab number?

    A xx

  5. You left out the most important part….

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Congratulations on your win Beth…totally deserved Xx

  7. Well done you on your blAria. Soooo cool. Good grief that shop looks amazing, thank the gods it’s a long way away from me?

  8. Congrats, Beth! You earned that. Also re the tiles: they’re gorgeous. We have a hearth made out of those.

  9. So proud of you Pooks. And Maggie, please # your outfit #everydaystyle x

  10. Wow that week is the stuff of dreams!!! Huge congrats on the award. Well deserved. Hmmm what to share. I bought a Dyson = life changed, wrote The End on a 46k manuscript for middle grade, and ate too many lemon tarts!

  11. Quince!

    Fruit of the Gods.

    Well, I’ve been manic at work and very sick, but my friends were here for the weekend which was magic! They showered me with gifts!! and good chat!

    I miss them x

  12. What a week !
    Congratulations on the award Beth, ’twas well deserved.
    Awww that little Mags is such a delight. Happy Spring to you and yours xx

  13. Congratulations on your win Beth!
    I (& many others!) so enjoy your blog and the love you put into your posts, much appreciated. I love Monty’s podcasts, so I’m looking forward to seeing you on the couch? All the best from the cloudy drizzling UK- Liz xxoo

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