Down : Time

Yesterday we had a much needed quiet day at home in our little villa for the week and it was just what we all needed. A slow morning, lots of reading and music listening, play for the girls and sleep for Mags – the weather was a little cool and windy so it was the perfect excuse to just have some home time.

First thing I’m doing when I get home? Finding some green ceramics for the kitchen. This place has the most gorgeous collection of them – from plates and bowls and platters to green glassware – I love it.

IMG_2783 IMG_2655 IMG_2667 IMG_2781

Is it possible to even get sad about your holiday being over before its over? If so, we all had a little case of that yesterday. Daise and I shed a tear about being away from the family from last week – all that anticipation for something for a few years and then its here and before you know it – over! We are missing the family and Daise, Harps and I shed a few tears while Rob rolled his eyes at us. No, he got it, just didn’t feel the need to get as emo and the girls and I.

IMG_2675 IMG_2737 IMG_2653 IMG_2644 IMG_2643 IMG_2671 IMG_2717 IMG_2713

It was just the thing we all needed…time to just be with no place to go and nothing much to see. Except ourselves and the superior interiors of this villa.


  1. Beth, I also love the green plates and think Mags is just so cute in her little outfit, so blooming gorgeous. I can feel your nostalgia already and hopefully you can enjoy your days there and also look forward to Spring in the Southern highlands and getting back to your little home.
    have a great time, xx

  2. Yes, it is possible, I do it every holiday/Christmas. We’re currently at Hamilton island for a week with my husbands parents, his sister and her hubby and the cousins we only see in school hols so I’m getting so sad it’s going to be over soon. More so for the kids who are having THE best time together as mine and SIL’s get along so well but they live in the highlands and we in Syd so it’s hard to get them together. Anyway I’m trying to live in the moment and not get too far ahead of myself.
    Your trip looks so awesome, Italy, the way you’ve done it, is now definitely on my bucket list.

  3. I’m so enjoying this daja vu time in the morning! … grazie mille beth!
    loving your photos! maggie, taking it in her stride!
    love the face she is pulling with that smooch! … enough mum! … too funny!
    the Italians do green well! and rich terracotta, maroon, ochre, ancient stonework, stone pines! ahhh!
    every emotion will come up when on holidays I think! … best to discharge and move on!;
    and I think men are much more simple creatures really! … all in the mix!
    enjoy the moments! love m:)X

  4. I like the plates too. I always sad up before the holiday ends…x

  5. Love the photo of you bathing Maggie in the kitchen sink. We did the same when we stayed in a house in Normandy when our daughter was 6 months old! Enjoy your last week x

  6. Love that last picture of you and Maggie!
    Totally identify with the sadness of knowing that blissfully happy times are slowly moving toward being wonderful memories.
    Enjoy every second of the now!
    And green ceramics…..what’s not to love?

  7. Really enjoy your posts, and it makes me wish for such a glorious getaway. Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened!

  8. That is a fine collection of green crockery. So pretty.

    Happy to see you in these photos Beth, your day off from gallivanting looks like heaven!

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