February, I am not stuffing around here

You know that expression “begin as you mean to go on”? Well, it’s February you guys. And enough is enough. Enough eating. And drinking. And making excuses. It’s time to just bloody well get on with it (note this lecture is pretty much to Beth from Beth for the benefit of Beth).

This morning I was up and out the door waaaaaaaay before I usually would to take Harper to the GP for an 8am appointment to get her asthma plan paperwork sorted out for School. A simple task, and yet? Well it was taking action and just getting shit done.

Yesterday I tackled an email that I had to action (pain in the arse cancelling a software service based in the US that you couldn’t cancel online but had to call the US during weird hours). It had been sitting in my inbox since MARCH last year, waiting to be done. And you know what? I DID IT. No longer it sits in my inbox mocking me every day, it’s done and filed away.

And that’s how I am going to tackle February. If February was a child of mine it would be getting this face:

I know, I know. I tried to take a photo of myself on my phone looking stern and tough, except it comes off a little “are you mid way through a fart Beth?”

But you get the picture. I’ve had enough. I’m going all tough on my own arse and I am going to get through February being tough SO HELP ME GOD. Man, maybe I have had too much coffee this morning?!

Change can be hard to make don’t you think? I am always good when I flick the switch and get into it, but I do find that falling back into old habits is so comfortable and easy to do. And that’s what I have been doing since mid December. But it’s time friends, it’s time. I love this article from the very clever Kelly Exeter about making change. Well worth a read if you ever struggle with it. Her advice is to start tiny, making small changes that will actually stick. In fact, perhaps I should be trying that approach?

In any case, I’ve got some February goals that I am going to stick with. I mean it’s just 28 days right? It’s a quiet month, back into routine and life without much socialising going on, it can’t be THAT hard. Right? RIGHT?! Tell me I’m right!

  • I’m off the booze for the month. Feb Fast, whatever you want to call it, soda water is about to become my friend.
  • I’m back to eating better. #notafatmoleforchristmas needs to be reinstated toot sweet. I mean I am heading to New York at the end of March and I need to be at a good fighting weight for ALL OF THE THINGS that will be shovelled into my guts.
  • I’m back to fasting 2 days a week. I did this last term and it was a great way to change my mindset about eating and thinking about WHAT I shovel into my mouth. Sure, there were some changes around the waist, but it was more about the mental for me. It changed the way my brain thought about food. Time to get back on board.
  • And I’ll be walking. EVERY DAY. No excuses. Sure, that walk might be around the block. Or to school pick up or drop off. It might not be 6kms on the tready, but it will be something. I HAVE to make time for this stuff, it’s important to me, it makes me feel good and if Rob can do it, I can too.

Anyone want to jump in for the month? It’s not going to be pretty, but it has to be done. A modem re-set if you will. It’s just 28 days, so let’s stop fucking around and just get on with it. Maybe you’d just like to start a smaller change like Kelly suggested? A focus on putting yourself first. Reading more? Less screen time. Less time online? More time doing creative things. Let’s knuckle down, put yourself first and see some change.

So February, do you hear me?
No more mucking around, as the expression goes that I learnt while in the NT “we’re not here to fuck spiders”, let’s do this.
Sorry Mum for all the swearing.
And lastly, who can come up with a hashtag for us?!


  1. I am definitely in! I have a general monthly goal of 1kg of weight loss per month – small changes adding up to a total big annual goal. But for February I want to cut down my alcohol – back to the old ‘not on a school night’ system we stopped using a while ago. My body (and my bank balance) needs me to take back control instead of choosing the easy option all the time. Hashtag? #notfuckingspidersinFebruary springs to mind, but besides being quite long, could well be misinterpreted :)!

  2. Im not sure if you know Gretchen Rubins work. She wrote the “Happiness Project”, “Happier at Home” and “Better Than Before”. The last book is a really well researched and thought out approach to habit change. I found it really helpful. She and her sister also do a podcast called “Happier” which I love. Lots of practical, positive information and ideas to try at home.

    Good Luck and thanks so much for the inspiration. What about #febetter ?

  3. I’m aiming to make progress on admin matters, improve health etc but at the same time, trying not to be too hard on myself.

    Have done a whole heap of overdue medical / dental appointments and check ups since mid Jan, completed the school applications and made a small start on decluttering.

    It’s all progress in the right direction. Take small steps and give yourself a pat on the back.

  4. How about #nomorespiderfucking ? ? I’ve never heard that expression, it’s hilarious!

  5. Im in. Better eating, more exercise and less bad moods. Right behind you. You inspire me.

  6. Libby Timms says

    Hi Beth,
    Long time reader, never commented. Can you please explain the fasting bit ? Or is it as simple as don’t eat!!

    • I’m guessing it’s the 5-2 Fasting Diet (ask Google) where you are basically restricting your calories for 2 days and being a bit more mindful over the next 5. They’ve found you’re more likely to stick to the restricted diet if it’s only 2 days at a time. Or something like that lol.

    • Katie Clews says

      Hi Mel G, google the 5:2 diet.. basically consume no more than 500 cals ( for women) two days a week.. I did Monday and Thursdays which worked great for me … usually a boiled egg for brekkie no lunch then small dinner of a protein and veg or salad. You’ll find you’re less hungry in general on your non fasting days . Great way to reset your body twice a week.. Michael Moseley (UK doctor) did a documentary on it a few years ago aired here on SBS .. worth a watch . Think you’ll be able to watch it online on YouTube ?

    • Hope my post today helps you!

  7. I love February, its so motivating. No more Random eating, drinking, snacking. Exercise plan in place and started again this morning, after a ‘relaxed’ December/January. My brain/ body/ mind / family all work better when I am looking after myself. I can’t say no booze though, I am 40 next week!!!

  8. Oh I’m so in! Love it all, exactly what I needed to read today! Kelly is totally rad, makes me excited hearing someone I adore (you) talk about someone else I’m a fan of. Surrounding myself with all the right influences! One of Kelly’s podcasts, Straight and Curly, is back today too. Feb is off to a cracking start here. Love your work x

  9. Count me in. Although the booze one is easy for me because #uptheduff. I really need to stop the second dinner after the kids go to bed habit I’ve formed though. A nice liquorice tea and peach instead maybe. And I really should be nicer to my husband. He’s a good guy. The best really. I’d suggest, #itsonly28days . Go you!

  10. Robyn Jokic says

    I hear yah, I’m turning 60 this year and was determined to get a head start in January, failed that month so I’m with you February bring it on, no more wine eeeep I can do this we can do this, NO MORE EXCUSES!

  11. I just read this and thought “totally onboard for this for February!” (after my initial thought of “fasting?!? Whaaaaa??!!”)… anyhoo, somehow I missed that February is TODAY? What? How?

  12. So in Beth! Just started whole 30 today, which will end up a whole 45. Tell me about this fasting bizo – is it 2 whole days? I’m also starting weights at home everyday as my exercise. Get into bloody gear body!!

  13. Yep in, school is back today & I have logged off Insta on my phone to cut down on screen time. I am planning to move more – yoga, walking or whatever it takes, eat better & drink more water. Maybe breathe a bit more, slow down enjoy my 2 little ones at home all of that!

  14. YorkshireKitchen says


  15. Love it! Some small but mighty goals for Feb. Move more, eat less and be nicer to my husband…seriously….must stop picking on him, stop the criticism that has started creeping in, married 10 yrs soon…time to stop expecting him to be perfect! Thanks Beth. Lets get on with it!!

  16. My hubby and I did Feb Fast last year, and it quickly became known as No Fun February. Taking the piss out of ourselves seemed to help in the tough times. Today I stocked up on limes and new sodastream canisters and I’m rearing to go!! (Not really, but faking it till I make it and all that…) #nofunfeb

  17. Yes yes and yes! January was like December’s evil twin. So much eating, so much drinking, too many late nights, very few trips to the gym.

    School went back Monday and I went back to work and today I made it to the gym. Today was my day at home to work on my stuff and I’ve even written a blog post (which I’ll publish after the school run and a trip to the shops).

    I’ve got some routine happening around the house and cut the wine way down and have been eating better.

    And finally I made some all important Dr, dentist, and optometrist appointments because 2017 is about being happy and healthy – not to mention I’m turning 43 and might have to start looking after myself like a grown up.

    Thanks for the pep talk – and the stern face!

  18. For me it’s no more watching mindless reality tv! Makes it hard as that’s the only stuff the 3 main channels serve up these days. So over the contrived, mind-numbing shite… I’m a Celebrity, MKR, Married at First Sight… really, is that the best they can do?Planning to make a habit of getting to bed earlier and reading instead. And, for summer anyway, have started ocean swimming on Sundays. So that means getting up at 5.30 on a Sunday morning to be at Manly by 7 o-effing-clock. Eeeek!! So no more boozy Saturday nights! But seeing the fish as I swim is definitely worth it.

    • Oh Helen I SO need to give up my bad TV, but I can’t have wine this month, at least I can have them! Enjoy that swimming – keep it up!

  19. I’m in. I joined up for the #notsuchafatmoleforchristmas (I still don’t understand what the hash tag is for) and lost absolutely no kilos whatsoever. Well actually I lost the same ones over and over every week after I’d put them on every weekend! I did however start exercising again which I have been loving so thank you beth! I’ve come to the unwilling conclusion that if I want the kilos to go then the weekend drinking has to as well so I’ll give February a go. It has always been my unpleasant chores month (pap smear dentist etc) anyway!

  20. Mrs_woodette says

    Great Job Beth!
    Hubby & I started our 28 days yesterday, fit bit and garmin on & mid day texts to see who is smashing out the steps.

  21. #gettingfebulous

  22. Oh god I just opened a bottle of wine, can I start after its finished? 🙂 I so need to join you in this challenge.

  23. I’ m not sure if I missed it, but how did you go with #notafatmolefirchristmas? Did you lose a few kilos to stand you in good stead for the Christmas onslaught? Your no carb food looked fantastic!
    I cannot believe how the days just disappear (and yes, I go off to work) and I keep thinking I’ll get up and walk in the morning then, crappola, it’s Friday! Onwards!

    • Yes I started the silly season at a good fighting weight so was in a much better position…this is pretty much doing the same thing for when we go to NY – probs not the smartest thing!!

  24. #getthejobdone


  25. Khali Whatley says

    Can you write a post about fasting? I’d be intrigued to hear more about your take on it.

  26. Don’t do the 5-2 fasting it totally stuffs up your metabolism! Took me 3 months to get mine back on track. Wahhhh.

  27. Ah Beth, it seems that February is The Month!! I am back on the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet track, which i have found so much better for me (for results!!) than 5:2, which I did for years, on and off but more on than off, if that makes sense! So I’m off the grog, processed carbs etc. Yay me, and yay tea!!
    Am also playing the Minimalist Game this month – such fun to get rid of stuff, of which we have a lot around this home! The idea is that on day one you get rid of one thing, Day two = 2, onwards and building to Day 28. I am taking an eccentric approach to this, but I am photographing the stuff as I either get ready to turf it, or send it on to another home (charity shop or whatever). I started with 14 school shirts from my kids first school – they’ve been bundled up!
    Back to the gym today, and many more steps are happening too. As for hashtags #febitsallgood #febulous ?

  28. #flicknthefrumpthisfeb

  29. #spiderfucksgiven ???

    I’m going to start to slowly piece myself back together after the worst 12 months.

    This means better sleeping patterns, more exercise….well start some form of exercise! Better eating habits and just more self love!

    To hell with what everyone thinks, it starts with me!

  30. I’m in and waiting on a awesome hashie!!!

  31. I’m a little slow here aren’t I but I am so hearing you! And I love your stern face, gave me a giggle (thank you very much). Ummm, excuse me but…. New York, end of March… WTF? Do you need a PA to come along and take short hand for you, carry your bags, bobby pin your hair?


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