Sick kids? Here’s what I use

I have been a little MIA the last few days. Every one of the girls have gotten sick (just a cold nothing too bad) and a niggle I had in a tooth has blown out to a full scale blown face DISASTER that saw me at the dentist at 9am on a Sunday for an emergency X-ray and seriously excited about an appointment with root canal tomorrow afternoon.

Yep, that’s where we are at. Plus we have ANOTHER week ahead of at school SOMEHOW tomorrow? HOW? We’ll be limping to the end of term this week that’s for sure.

I realised when the girls got sick that they ALWAYS get sick this time of year. The hot weather, then cold it seems to kick off Harper’s asthma and pretty much every time we have been in hospital with her with her asthma it’s been this time of year.

Thought I might share my action plan when all three girls go down with a cold. It’s not foolproof every time, the only real thing you can do is sit it out and know that once one has it, you’ll have a pretty shity 2 weeks ahead of you while everyone gets better. Time is mostly the healer, but here’s my go-to’s anyway.

1. Cut onion in the room for coughs

Styling you got me onto this years ago and it’s something that I do especially for Harper and her chest problems. I don’t know how it works, it just does. Cut it in half and leave next to their bedside over night. It’s an old wives tale, but I like it.

2. Immune Booster

I love this stuff and swear by it. Half a teaspoon in juice, water, milk every day helps them get over their colds quicker and even when they are not sick, it helps. Get it from the chemist in the fridge.

3. Old school vicks

I have such strong memories of my Mum putting Vicks on my chest when I was a little girl (I too was an asthma kid and ended up in hospital when I was little with it). I do the same on Harper’s chest and back and feet with socks on top (hard this time of the year when it’s hot) but it works. Or smells like it does at least.

4. Essential Oils

I am no Doterra person here so don’t ask me to send you a sample pack but I do like this On Guard stuff and I place a drop on their feet when they are unwell. Easy Air is also good in a Diffuser in Harper’s room.

5. Air revitaliser

I was gifted one of these years ago for Maggie and whether it works or not I like you can whack in oils to clean the air and help with breathing

6. Chicken soup

Anything with garlic, ginger and chicken stock will make you feel better. It always does for us…put in as much as you can! You can use this recipe or this one.

7. Rest, water, rest

I swear though, the only thing that ACTUALLY helps kids with colds is time and rest. Lots of water (no milk which can be hard, but I have cleaned up way too many cough vomits to know better!). Couch, movies, cuddles, steam baths in the bathroom and sleep.

I am the WORST when my kids are sick, I think the whole whooping cough x 2 a few years back has given me PTSD so do as I say, not as I do which is FREAK out. It’s usually only 2-3 bad nights per sick kid and then you will be on your way. You know when people say have a wine? This is always never a good idea for me…I just go to relax and then inevitably have to get up…save it for when you are done!

Good luck, rest up and hope that some of these help. As for me? Well, I’ll be bed hiding until my dentist appointment tomorrow. Can’t believe that I am going through this all again having done it a few years ago, but anyway, anything to stop this god awful pain.

For those of you with kids at school this week, dig deep, I know I will be.

What’s your tip or secret remedy for sick kids?


  1. Homemade chicken soup with loads of garlic and veg. Doubling up on the Flixatide and starting the ventolin. Head of steaming bowl of water with eucalyptus oil and then flush out sinus nasties with saline solution in Flo bottle up the nose, then otravin. Panadol and lots of rest – no school.

  2. No real tips for sick kiddies… touch wood my two boys have never really had a cold but I can say, as a 33 week pregnant teacher who has just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, that it is the longest term in the history of forever. I don’t know anyone that isn’t limping towards the finish line. We can do it!

  3. I saw a great idea on the net to freeze vicks in ice cube trays and then put a frozen cube in the shower. It will melt and then the wonderful vapour will fill the shower when you or your sick child is in the hot shower! I haven’t needed to try it yet but it sounds great…

  4. I reckon doterra oils have definitely helped decrease the length of time my kids are sick. On Guard and Easy Air are my favourites. I’ve also done the onion thing too, in times of desperation.

  5. I am hearing you Beth… I swear by the cut onion too and will tell anyone that will listen. I am all over that On Guard too – I am not a doTerra dealer but I am into these oils… I swear they help. I have been rubbing the on guard onto the kids for nearly a year now and none of us has had a fully blown cold in ages. I usually end up with bronchitis every single year and didn’t have it last year. I have the vaporiser going at the moment with On Guard and Easy Air in it – we all have a bit of a runny nose and I am trying to nip it in the bud.

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