The unexpected expense

Anyone else sighing with relief that the Mercury retrograde is over? Me too. I always seem to break stuff, or things seem to break on me during that time so it came as no surprise when I arrived home at 9pm on Tuesday night that the first thing that happened to me appeared to be something broken. Something that was working completely fine right up until the point where I came back home. Typical.

I pulled the dishwasher drawer out and found that the top lock down part on the roof of it (that seals it when washing) was stuck down and so the door wasn’t opening properly. OF COURSE IT WAS BROKEN. So I left it overnight and decided to tackle it in the morning with a call to our repair man. This has happened 2 times already and I had been told by him that it’s likely we would need a new one soon enough anyway given it’s 12 years old by now and getting a solid work out every day.

The morning came with little sleep, jet lag and a cranky toddler so perhaps a little, shall we say, irritation I decided that I was not going to fork out $150 again to get the man to come out. How hard could it be? You Tube would have the answers surely?

So with Harper watching on anxiously (the original Miss Worry Warts who will always look for the worst case outcome in any situation) telling me that I would “probably break it more and come on Mum, I think you should at least wait for Dad” I followed a dishwasher repair man’s video, I popped out the drawer, I ran diagnostics on my control panel and I fixed the SHIT out of that dishy! All by my self-es! I think even Rob was surprised that I managed to get it done. $150 saved!

Of course I did what anyone would do, I smugly told everyone on Instagram about my handiwork where I got a comment that I should pay myself $150 immediately. I LOVED that idea! Every week or month we come across unexpected expenses that incur as an adult. A broken down this or that. Rates (I mean I know they are coming every year but shit, I never plan for them). Same with rego. All that boring stuff. Things that show for nothing, but you find the cash for anyway.

Got me thinking about how we as Mums or wives or partners or just grown ups should find some unexpected expenses for US. What about if you found something because you had to for you? A massage? A breakfast out? A date with your partner? TIME. Just time for you. Not because you planned it, but because sometimes, unexpectedly, you just bloody well need it.

Last week away from the family bobbing away in the Indian ocean with a gut filled with margaritas I was reminded of how good and how fortunate it is to be able to take some time out. While it might not be as luxurious as that, surely we should be able to find the time or funds for us? Not likely I know as we often find ourselves at the bottom of a very long list of people (and animals even) ahead of us.

I’d like to see an emergency service of ourselves every now and then. Not because we want to, or plan to, but because sometimes it just happens. Who’s in?

Anyone feeling like my dodgy dishwasher drawer?
Old, stuck and in need of a service?
How do you take time out for you?
Can you find the answer to ANYTHING on YouTube?


  1. I feel like I deserve a ticker tape parade every time I clean the pump in our washing machine! #girlpower

  2. Hell yes to this. Go you with your dishwasher. I couldn’t fix mine and had to buy a new one a few years ago. Can’t remember the last time I had a massage! I think that’s an emergency situation right there!

  3. Hubs and I do this every week. We have a meal or a nice bottle of wine or a plate of prawns on our deck or a wheel of cheese – something a little special where we can enjoy nice time together. Because we work hard and we look forward to that moment each week, we don’t plan it and don’t know when or what it will be, but it always happens. Otherwise the mundane nature of life will swamp you.

    I try to do something just for myself, but I don’t always get there. Last week it was a soak in the bath while reading a book. Usually it’s getting my nails done.

    I honestly don’t see it as a luxury, but a necessity and budget for it. Healthy, happy relationships are just as important as paying bills.

  4. Tamara Crowe says

    We’ve been going through a hard/crappy time with our teenage daughter which has been really taking its toll on me/our family (worrying about her), so I said to hubby today “we need time out together just us two, no kids (we have 5). I just booked a 5 night cruise from Melb’s to Tassie for Feb next year and can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to visit Tassie. Sometimes just having something to look forward helps to deal with present times which are difficult. Gives a sense of hope for brighter days ahead. I love your posts Beth and I often have LOL moments watching your live videos.

  5. I’m eyeing off a Nancybird Bedford wallet…I haven’t fixed any dishwashers recently but figure a new wallet is crucial to everyday living…and it’s my birthday in a few months…and Christmas…and it’s Friday…

  6. I haven’t been anywhere in over two years now. Not even an overnight stay for a break with hubby and we live 40 min from Airlie Beach ! Not even a day trip 🙁 if ever I need to find time and funds for me it’s now. I am so near the end of my rope. Nice to follow along with your trip though, thanks for sharing x

  7. So toilet has been running a bit for weeks. Plumber won’t take my calls. Finally it was gushing. I open the lid and pull out this odd cup thing that seemed to be attached to nothing. Toilet stops running immediately. Booyah. Paying myself $220

  8. We fixed my friend’s refrigerator via YouTube. She had just purchased a home and didn’t include the fridge under the home warranty because they thought it was newer…it wasn’t…they just took good care of their stuff. We figured out where it was leaking, looked up the model on YouTube. Bam. $90 part and she and the hubs fixed it an hour.

  9. I feel I should get a prize when I get four kids off to school – without. any. tears. It’s a miracle. My best record is four days in a row. Surely that’s worth a good something!

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