Week 1 update: #febulous

So here we are, a week into #febulous. And are you feeling it? I’m a little like this today:

Tired Carmel, Tirrrrred. But all in all feeling good because I am a week down and I have STUCK WITH IT ALL.

What’s all you ask? Let’s have a look at what some of my goals were:

1. Exercising every day

You know the problem I have had in the past with consistency and actually sticking with this stuff was because I HAD to do it. And like, for the foreseeable future doing it. That’s hard. The small focus on 28 days has been good for my brain. The count down 1/28, 2/28 etc seems manageable. Plus! I have found that ANY exercise is good exercise. Instead of thinking in my head that a “walk to school and back 2kms isn’t nearly enough so I’ve blown that for the day why don’t I just give up now because I am useless” I’m thinking well, 2kms is better than no kms. 4kms is better than no kms. Sure, it’s not the 6-8-10kms but it’s something right? Right! Even yesterday when I was stuck inside with Maggie due to little time and bad weather, I did some sit ups, push ups and weights. It wasn’t overly sweaty but it was SOMETHING.

So? Tick! Every day I have done some movement.

Why yes it is Ace!

It’s never pretty, but it’s getting done.

2. No drinking

No biggie right? Well after the excess of drinking over the holidays (see: children and festive time and holidays) it’s been quite the detox to re-wire my thinking and defaults to having a drink. Having not that long ago not drunk when pregnant and feeding (well mostly not) it has been OK to get back into…the 6.30pm end of day time is hardest to break, but I’ve found that exercising and keeping busy at those times helps. Plus I have some mates on board with me so if there’s ever a temptation I shoot a text off and get talked off the ledge pretty quickly. I feel good. I’m drinking SO much water (my usual water intake consists of coffee and alcohol) so SURELY it’s doing me some good. Nothing like a good old flush of the system. And I’ve noticed that my eyes and mind are clear.

And last night I had my first “social” occasion where a wine would have gone down a treat but I didn’t have one. Quite proud of myself!

3. Eating better and getting back into fasting

I’m on Day 2 of “proper” fasting again and while I am getting HANGRY oh my goodness SO HANGRY, I’m just putting my head down and getting on with it. It’s just 2 days out of the 7. And on the other days I have been on track with better eating. Little treats of course, but I figure with the cut down of alcohol I would normally have a few extra treats along the way are OK.

So that’s my report card for the week. I did it. I’m still going to do it. And I do feel good. Plus, the bloat has gone down (I’m off the bread again) so jeans are doing up better. To me, there’s no better feeling than that of jeans going on better.

The next week will be tough. Rob is away and working A LOT which means my free time almost disappears for walking/exercise. And it’s going to be hot. But like I said, head down, bum up, 3 weeks to go.

How are you going with it all?
Got any tips for exercising at home with toddlers?!


  1. Good on you Beth!

    I know that Katie of Katie180 has posted about the home workouts she does with little ones around.. Could have been on Instagram?

  2. #febulous!! Heads down bums up keep on plowing through! I just love your updates. It’s like a personal tea we who gives me a kick up the backside and do my jobs. My god I miss a good cc and dry when the tiny tots have gone to bed tho.

  3. Go you!

    Youtube is a great resource for workout vids that you can do at home and give a great workout in minimal time. And there are so many to choose from you could do a different one each day forever. Can’t help you with the toddler bit though. Mine are both at school now.

    I’m ashamed to say that the alcohol is what I struggle saying no to. So I try very hard to keep it to Fri-Sun. But no ones perfect. I also try not to use it as a crutch to get through homework/dinner/bedtime routine and more just a nice treat to look forward to a cool G&T or a glass or two of good wine. So getting there with that.

    I’ve been doing 16:8 fasting for 2 weeks now. So I start eating at 12pm and finish by 8pm. You can have black coffee or tea and of course copious amounts of water in the fasting period. I’m finding it’s much more manageable than 5:2. For me anyway. I eat moderately low-carb and try to eat as clean as possible. No counting calories (does my head in) just eat until I’m full. It’s hard sometimes but very doable. It changes daily whether I’m starving or not by 12 but I find if i keep the water up I’m good. I’m already seeing results which is helping me stay on track with it to give it a good go.

    Lastly, I’ve decided to just love myself now, not once I’ve reached x kg or whatever fitness goal I’ve set as that may never come. Because living in the moment is what it’s about. Life is too short and at 41 I’m feeling that more keenly now than ever. Xx

  4. Go POOKS! 2kms is better than none. True that. x

  5. Go you good thing! Have had a Feb Fast slip but what’s done is done. Back on the fizzy water for me!

  6. Well done! You’re doing so well!
    Late last year I started doing 20-30 minutes of body weight exercises 5 days a week and it has completely changed my shape, I have lost weight and toned up. I have muscles I’ve never had in my life. For me, it’s been far more effective than walking or running. Best of all, I’ve been able to do it with kids in the house. Apparently we lose muscle as we get older so it’s good for us to build those muscles up!
    If you’re interested I can point you some of the routines I’ve used, but there are lots out there.

  7. Well done! I think you’re spot on. It’s often the little bits continually creeping into what we’re eating and the little bits of activity we don’t continually do that brings us undone. I’m not feb fasting but I have cut down substantially from summer holiday drinking levels. I’ve upped my exercise and been realistic about what I do. Finally I’ve started 5:2 this week. I did it briefly last year but my head wasn’t in the game. Also on day 2 fast today and it’s been easy peasy. It so wasn’t last time which shows just how much you’re heads got to do with it. And I couldn’t agree with Elizabeth more. I am sick of my own bs!

  8. #Febulous is off to a good start, I think. Back at the gym 3 times a week, and already able to lift more than I could from last efforts at the gym, and feeling stronger and more confident in my skin by the day. We have started the 5:2 plan this week as well, and today is my first fast day of the week. I was worried about feeling the hangries, but work has been so busy with work today that I have barely noticed it, so here’s hoping I can make it through the evening (when I usually get all snacky) without blowing it. I have a new batch of herbal tea from a friend who runs her own tea business, so I’m putting a lot of faith in that!

  9. Have no time to exercise; 3yo and 20month old, working 4 days / week, trying to finish a phd and husband gone 6am-9pm. Sheesh. Tirrrrrred. But! There are some good workouts on you tube based on HIIT. 7 minute workout also good from NYT website. Usually only get 2 a week in but hey, better than zilch.

  10. Love the hat.
    Where is it from?

  11. The exercise app I have ( not that I do it that often) is 7 – on which there are 7 minute work outs. It’s good, the voice choice is hysterical, and we do it as a family before breakfast . I wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall but we love it, in our jammies and everything.
    Am sober, have been so for bloody weeks and weeks it feels like. Husband was ill, on medication for a fortnight, then one day off (cue having a drink!!) then back on antibiotics for another week. He’s partaking of a whisky tonight but I am not. Supposedly off the complex carbs here – most of the time it seems! Eating great food and trying to avoid snacks – not entirely successfully.

  12. You are awesome Beth and I love that quote.
    You are not afraid to be honest and tell it like it is.
    I like the idea of the 5:2 Diet. If its good enough for Michael Mosley, its good enough for me. Shame I just haven’t committed to it yet. I have had a couple of ‘fast’ days lately but need to do it properly. Maybe your example will be a kick up the bum for me. Prompted me to go back to my ‘Favourites’ folder. There are plenty of blogs etc with ideas for ‘Fast Days’ eg http://www.focusonflavour.com/fast-days/

  13. I’m also stuck at home sometimes with a baby and 3.5 year old. He finds it funny to watch me do a workout and sometimes joins in. Once/twice a week I do a YouTube workout. YouTube have some great workouts. BodyFit by Amy has some great workouts. Good luck!

  14. Well done beth! I’m doing well too, still no alcohol, have moved every day and foods been mostly good. Thanks for the inspiration x

  15. Beth! Keep up the good work! Loving watching along and getting the virtual kick up my own butt. Like others who’ve mentioned YouTube work outs I can recommend Jessica Smith TV work outs – she’s got quick 10 minute ones and longer cardio all of which can be done on the space of a rug and with a toddler underfoot (or doing a little iPad watching).

  16. go girl!
    you look good!
    I stopped drinking with my sister 3 yrs ago and I don’t miss it a bit!
    I always make my drink look attractive … special!
    incidental exercise is all I seem to do I go up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day and bend and stretch in the garden clean the shower out every time and I keep the weight off!
    nearly no complex carbs all good for me! … I’m a pretty determined!
    I find less in the mouth less weight gain!
    I love salads!
    lots of chasey with mags … so adorable! just saw her with those cows and the girls and the foot! !!… put her on the stage mrs McDonald!!!:))
    much love m:)X

  17. PT in my Pocket is an app with lots of different HIIT workouts, about 10 mins each, that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a toddler in tow. I have zero level of fitness and found the beginners workout was a great way to start. That being said, I haven’t done a workout since the end of 2015, so I think it’s time to get #febulous!

  18. And may I say you’re looking very febulous Beth! Thought I’d better officially report back too… so even though I fell (leapt) off the wagon for a night first weekend in, the scales are telling me I’ve lost 3 kilos so far! If I can just manage to keep my seat in this bumpy old wagon (excellent metaphor for my state of mind and body btw) for the next two nights I might have a chance of adding to that!!

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