Who gives a crap? You should! {+ a giveaway}

I think I first discovered by my mate Ruth and I instantly loved the ethos behind the brand as well as the cool style and sense of humour. Plus! Who doesn’t love supporting an Australian business?

For those who may not know anything about these guys let me give you a little  insight. They make all their products (they make toilet paper, paper towel, tissues) from tree free environmentally friendly materials  (100% bamboo) and they donate 50%(!) of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. To date their impact has been:

$478,500 donated to help fund hygiene and sanitation projects
30,797 trees saved
74 million litres of water saved by making products eco friendly
5,922 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by clean processes

You can read more about their story, products and brand .

We’ve been using them for about a year now and I have to say they pass my very strict tests on these kind of things (soft and strong and economical). The toilet paper is GOOD. I get boxes delivered so we always have them in stock so to speak PLUS they have such cute wrapping they are stylish enough to have on show!

And lucky for you guys I have a fabulous giveaway thanks to the lovely peeps at Who Gives a Crap. Now you can! I have 3 boxes of toilet paper to giveaway to 2 lucky BabyMac readers…worth $150 each! This will keep your bums happy and sorted for many a month!

All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me how or why you give a crap about these things. Maybe you want to try them for the first time, or have long been a fan of this great company…leave a comment for a chance to win.

Giveaway open until 9pm AEST Friday 14th July 2017. You can check out the rest of the T&C’s here. And you can have a look at the rest of the great products available or make your first order online and get $10 off your first order when you subscribe as a special BabyMac special. Shop . The link will update the discount for you.

So leave a comment below for a chance to win this great prize!


  1. Dakota Morgan says

    I give a crap because I would love to feel this on my backside, but while wiping know that these are going to a good cause.

  2. I give a crap because I would love to wiping my behind knowing this is going to a great cause. Great cause and great wipe because I give a crap.

  3. Oooohhhhhhh I do give a crap! I do I do I dooooooo. I feel deeply that our planet is not designed for what we are doing to it. I think it’s entirely unfair that people still struggle to have basic needs met in this day’n’age. I have been umming and arrring over getting this stuff for a while but I am SO fussy with my poop paper I have not wanted to fork out in case it does the ultimate sin…. leave those annoying little fluffy bits behind ? so for all of the above I appreciate the chance to win a supply xo

  4. Kerri Black says

    We are onto our third box! Love the stuff. Not only are they double rolls (great for a big family!), they are ethically and environmentally produced, they give back to communities in need and look awesome in the bathroom! We should all give a crap and support this great Aussie company!!

  5. I give a crap after watching ABC’s War on Waste and reevaluating what we bring into, and most importantly, take out of our house! After starting the process of recycling soft plastics, our normal bin has reduced each week from being full to the brim, to one medium sized bags worth of rubbish – imagine if everyone took this onboard?! What a change it would make to the future of our gorgeous planet. Ang guess what? It is so easy to do! I already used hessian shopping bags, but have almost completely eliminated the use of plastic produce bags and cling wrap altogether and it feel good people. We have two worm farms going and not only does this reduce the amount of rubbish in the bin each week and the awful odour that comes with it, our garden has never looked better! Next stop – toilet paper, paper towels and tissues! Can’t wait to give these products a try.

  6. Tracey Phillips says

    I have lately begun to give a crap (and love it!) and would love to give more of a crap if I can please ?

  7. Who would have thought toilet paper could look so pretty?
    I give a crap because having travelled around this gorgeous country and visited many places, I feel it’s important to preserve what we have left and help those in need. Nobody should have to crap in the middle of nowhere, no toilet in sight and no toilet paper!!!

  8. I give a crap!
    Love the wrap!
    It’s soft on my bum!
    And to the planet it’s a chum!
    Helps those without a proper loo,
    Give a Crap, it’s the greatest thing to do!!

  9. I give so many craps about this it’s not funny. I’ve been wanting to try this date roll for ages, and with a preemie baby about to arrive in our household in the next couple of weeks, I really love the thought of not having to duck out for loo paper every couple of days!!!

  10. MrsMacca7 says

    I give a crap because I can’t imagine what its like for the people who do not have access to proper sanitisation and toilets. Something we all take for granted everyday.

  11. Dannielle says

    I keep meaning to give ‘who gives a crap’ a go but never get around to it. Why you ask? Well my significant other is very particular when it comes to toilet paper! Very particular. We live a low tox lifestyle and try to recycle/reuse as much as possible so I love the ‘who gives a crap’ ethos BUT I have yet to feel brave enough to buy a box of toilet paper and risk the pain of an unhappy man.
    I’d LOVE to try ‘who gives a crap’ because I really do.

  12. Oh my goodness. I was literally just looking at these this morning and then thisnpost comes up!!! I give a crap, such a great cause. It’s a win win for both behinds/sides!! ??

  13. Nicole Lannoy says

    I give a crap because I have Crohns Disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) so anything toilet related is close to my heart (or bum LOL). The fact that so many people live without access to a toilet is upsetting, it is such a basic essential in my eyes. I go through more rolls of toilet paper than the average person could imagine, so knowing that the toilet paper I am using is ethically made and my $$ goes towards providing toilets for those in need is great!

  14. I would absolutely love to win. I’m a bit TP-fussy. I’ve added Who Gives A Crap to my cart but not been bold enough to check out before. We’ve switched to paper free facial tissues and earth-friendly cleaning supplies so … it is time! 7 butts at my house thank you for the chance.

  15. Rebecca M says

    Golly gosh! I don’t think giving a crap has ever been so cool!. I love how something as simple and primitive as wiping your bum has been turned into something so meaningful and stylish; who would have thought that something that *we* all do eveeerrry single day would have such a positive impact on the environment, and to the communities that need it the most. The simple act of using toilet paper shows that we do not even have to go out of our way to make a difference, we should all be be giving a crap and wiping our bums with pride 🙂

  16. I give a crap because we have a responsibility to look after our planet for our children and all the generations after. Any little thing we can do helps, like using this fantastic toilet paper! This quote by Margaret Mead comes to mind: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  17. Oooh this is on my list of things to buy once we run out our current toilet paper stock! I thought I was a good recycler and doing good things for the planet until I watched WoW. And wow indeed! I watched the first episode 3 weeks ago and we’ve been on a new journey ever since! We’re cutting down our plastic buying (which is one of the reasons i want to start buying WGAC products, we are using produce bags now for all our fruit and veg, we are recycling our soft plastic ( which I never knew I could do), saving for a compost bin and the list goes on. I’d absolutely love to win this prize??

  18. Gosh . I might have to start giving a crap! Love the wrapping.

  19. I’ve been meaning to try out Who Gives Crap for ages! Just this past weekend told myself I really needed to get on it and place an order while admiring the carefully arranged rolls in their pretty packaging, stacked in a friend’s bathroom. Hopefully one of these giveaway packs can get me started.

  20. I give a crap about having crystal clear urine to wash out my kidneys that don’t work as they should! I spend a lot of time in the loo! I’m environmentally conscious of trees being wasted when bamboo is available for this important duty.
    Building toilets for others keeps people healthy. We should share what many take for granted – the ability to go to the loo! I appreciate my plumbing everyday.

  21. With four children who go through “a shit load” of loo paper, it is important that they learn to “give a crap” about their environment!

  22. Love Who gives a crap and have been using all their products for years now 🙂
    Love the whole philosophy behind it and love I get it delivered. – have recommending this every where and quite a few of my friends are using it now as well 🙂
    Keep finding the wrapping paper in my 9 year old daughters room!

  23. I would love to try this.

  24. I totally give a crap…albeit a painful one (Thank YOU pregnancy piles!).
    I’m about to give birth to twins in less than two weeks and I can pretty much guarantee that keeping up the household loo-paper supplies won’t be top of my priority list. Maybe winning this stash might help me keep some level of dignity and humanity in our house?
    Plus the snazzy packaging might help distract any potential visitors from noticing the inevitable lack of cleanliness…

  25. Vanessa Porter says

    Have been using these products for a while now! With 6 of us in the house the usage is high and I never have to worry about running out with their automatic reorder. Would absolutely love to win to ease the pressure so to speak ?

  26. No one gives a crap about toilet paper, but maybe they should! I’ve never really thought about how my toilet paper is made or where it’s sourced from but maybe I should. Would love to give it a go with my family.

  27. I have been thinking about giving ‘who gives a crap’ a go for years now and just yesterday I was on their website again! {The poetry sucked me in! I so want that poetry loo paper in my toilet!} And yet I still didn’t make the purchase! I’d love a free sample to get me started! And I’m sure I’ll never look back or hesitate again!

  28. I give a crap because buying loo paper sucks almost as much as running out of loo paper so having it delivered is all kinds of awesome.

    I give a crap because companies that give back deserve our support. We should all do more for others or at the very least support companies that do that on our behalf.

    I give a crap because single use plastic sucks and being able to buy toilet paper that isn’t wrapped in plastic is awesone!

  29. I have given more of a crap for the past couple of years around my environmental impact and a few months ago swapped over to using this fabulous product. I had experienced it in many a trendy cafe and assumed it would be overpriced and not at all what it claimed. I was WORNG and I’m glad I was. Such great product/s (I have the paper towel too! Strong and absorbent!) The tissues are on my next ordering list! So happy to be making life a little better for others as well.

  30. My kids use at least half a roll each when they poop ? ? There are joys like when some loo paper is trailing out their butt still as they flush, some is stuck to their shoe after being in the loo and then they walk it around the house etc etc. If our family of 5 is using this much I’d like it to be at least saving the world! We use Thank You products for the hand washing and have always wanted to compliment with Who Gives A Crap paper! Great comp! ???

  31. I give a crap because I have a husband with coeliac disease, a son who has constipation woes and a daughter who likes playing with toilet paper as she sits on the loo. We even have a poo chart on our fridge so we genuinely do Give a Crap!! We’ve never tried this toilet paper before and am keen to test it out on our behinds.

  32. I’ve been wanting to try this glorious bum paper for a while now.
    And why do I give a crap ???
    With four sons and a husband who I am sure eat the stuff (we go through SO much bum paper) I would love to hide this and use it all for myself, to indulge a little in some soft tissue. Not to mention the environmental issues, any small difference we can make helps.

  33. Holy sheet! I’d love to give this bamboo toilet paper a go. It would be another way of our household tackling the war on waste 😉

    • Congrats Lozz! You have been chosen by Who Gives a Crap to be a winner in this giveaway! I will shoot you an email with some details I am after. Thanks for entering!

  34. I give a crap because i was made redundant 4 months ago and man I didn’t realise how much loo paper i must have used at work ?

  35. I give a mighty mighty big crap. News this big needs to be recorded on paper. Toilet paper,that is.No crap

  36. Totally been curious about this company and their approach to disrupting the massive aisles of TP I sometimes walk past and even forget to buy it. I think they are to be commended for their profit share!!!! Who else does this? On a septic here and doing everything we can to ‘give a crap’ about waste!!! Also $150 of toilet paper! I’d love to see that.

  37. Justine Wilson says

    First discovered these in a not so crappy cafe in Melbourne.
    I like to know I’m helping the environment by giving a crap. Plus knowing that giving a crap assists in developing countries. I am in love with their not so crappy wrapping too !

  38. Umm so I have seen this brand in hotel and always wanted to steal the spare rolls to take home. But I think I am hitting an all time low to stoop to those efforts. Anyhoo I am a convert and its always a topical conversation starter when guest come to visit and use the loo.

  39. My husband has THE strictest criteria for toilet paper (of all the things!!) so I’d love to give them a go in our house! Sounds like a great company to support.

  40. Oh I love these guys! I seen them on IG initially but I love their ethos and passion! And you’re right it’s a great product, I haven’t used the tissues but the loo roll is spot on. I don’t mind seeing it on the spare loo roll holder either because it pretty!! I would love to win this, we are using all sorts of products in our home and now at work that has a social conscience and I really feel good about it and I love seeing the results of where their donations go. It’s the little things that end up the big things and I love that

  41. Nicole W says

    I have tried the basic WGAC… it passed the test.
    I’d like to start buying again, because it truely is the best.
    I have a bladder that is too tiny.
    So I need plenty of paper for my heiney
    #rhymingreallyisntmything #yougettheidea 🙂

  42. I give a crap but more importantly I want my boys to give a crap, and what a fantastic, novel method of showing them how our choices can have a massive impact? (Plus small people love loo roll…added plus!)

  43. Kerrie Flett says

    I give more than a crap. WCAG toilet paper is just one way I care for the environment. Their toilet paper is the best because they donate 50% of their profits and they don’t use chemicals amd they have the best wrapping! We are currently having fun with the toilet poetry range. Am yet to try the luxe rolls yet.

  44. Finally someone does give a crap so we should all give crap.
    I could crap on all day about it but …… who would give a crap.
    Let’s support this company who give a crap.
    Because you, we and me will benefit and that’s NO CRAP

  45. We have been wanting to try Who Gives a Crap TP for ages but we are in country WA & the shipping costs were a bit hard to justify. Would love to give them a try & may be convinced to fork out for the shipping in the future 😉
    I love that it is not packaged in plastic & I also love what the company stands for.

  46. I give a crap because I love what they do as a company but am always hesitant to change brands as it’s a very delicate area that it is used in. This is something that my husband and I will not compromise on. Having said that, my toilet training toddler can go through a roll just doing a number 1 (let it be known said toddler is a boy too)! It is because of this we go through toilet paper like it is going out of fashion. I would use this for us in our ensuite and leave the other crap for the kids!

  47. I give a crap because I love what the company stands for. I am someone that is hesitant to change brands when it comes to toilet paper (something that my husband and I agree on) because it is a delicate area that it is used on and nothing but quality will be used. Although my toilet training toddler has a different idea and can use a roll of toilet paper after doing a number 1 (said toddler is a boy)! I would use Who gives a crap in our ensuite and leave the other “crap” for the kids and visitors!

  48. Mel Louth says

    I recycle, compost, grow my own veg etc etc so I should really be using ethical stuff on my bum too… and I have been meaning to give Who Gives a Crap a go for ages but just haven’t got my butt in to gear yet so would love the chance!

  49. I GIVE A CRAP. Have been using this awesome product for about a year now, love the fact that you can get it by doing a subscription ( never run out of loo paper again). I want to encourage my friends and family to make the switch, so if I was to win, I would divvy out the rolls to them so then can see and feel what I have been raving about.

  50. I give a crap for my husband’s sake. His ‘office’ is located on the verandah, where it’s cold, spider inhabited and uninspiring. Funky toilet paper might make his ‘work environment’ more interesting (is that weird?).

  51. Gabby Howlett says

    I would love to try them as I would like our little family to make a difference to the world, even if it what we use going to the toilet!

  52. Amy Hamlyn says

    I ‘REALLY’ give a crap! I’ve been eyeing off this company for years and have always wanted to take the ‘plunge’ but life has got in the way! Please pick me so I can teach my son about the great work they do (do!) 🙂

  53. Well
    Bugger me I give a giant big crap, not only because of my giant ass, but because my pet hate is shitty loo paper…. and through no fault of my own I bought patterned freaking paper ?? YUK! This however could make me make an exception to my white only rule! AND you draw it in my biffday!!!! Gotta be a sign lady!!! Surely! I really give a crap!!! Teenage boys, inlaws visiting for 4 days now staying 12 WEEKS, due to a a quadrupole bypass and a son with a bacterial bowel
    Infection!!!! Sheesh sooooo
    Much paper!!!!! Purrrrleaaassseee pick me!!!

  54. I give a crap because we CANNOT afford to run out ?

  55. Omg I totally give a crap. What a terrifying place our world is turning into, and I worry so much about the world we are leaving for our kids – environmentally and safety wise. We live in a rural area, so we are pretty conscious of teaching the kids how to care for the environment (tank water, septic tank etc) and we have many different animals in our family that the kids are involved in the care and management of, and I hope we are growing compassionate, empathetic future adults. Gosh I hope all my worries about their future will be something I look back on and laugh at one day.

  56. Tammy Glass says

    I’m trying to give a crap , I’ve wanted to get this for ages to try – when better that plastic free July !
    Sadly because I’m rural the post is crazy exxy so I would dearly love to win this.

  57. I’ve been saying “I must try this” because I do “give a crap” about making a difference, in any way I can, big or small to the planet and to the lives of others. I want my two young boys to also give a crap about things beyond their immediate “spaces”…and as a small bonus, I love their awesome packaging!

  58. We all give a crap in our house! This plastic-guilt-ridden woman finally purchased a bling box (of the premium, for the husband’s delicate rear) recently and we have been dead-set loving it! It’s not easy being green-especially when all incarnations of recycled loo paper have been rejected by the otherwise pretty tough guy in the house! The wrapping looks ace and burns well in the fire, hubby is happy, and the kids (neither toilet trained yet) made a (very environmentally friendly) car out of the box! A great Aussie business supported and loos get built for those who need them: Everyone has kicked a goal.

  59. I give a mighty crap. Living on property and having a septic tank that is environmentally friendly, using natural dishwashing tablets, natural clothes washing liquid and having tank water I need to ensure I invest in more natural products that break down and give back without taking from our environment . It makes so much sense to give back !! We fill our tank with healthy products which in turn promotes healthy bacteria which enables the break down our waste products. We then run our Eco waters out to our gardens and trees !! Who gives a crap helps save them too, our water bill is also saved whilst our trees are still watered which who gives a crap also supports water saving !! we like to think smart of our purchases and be smart with our resources and waste to ensure a cleaner and more environmentally friendly environment is available to our families and many more generations to come ? Many companies state on their advertising that they are environmentally friendly and they give back ? But how ? Who gives a crap defines and clearly stands up to their promise !! I have never heard of them or purchased from them but am super excited to be introduced to them ??

  60. Lorraine says

    I do I do!
    Have wanted to try this toilet paper for a while and like the ethos behind it so this would be a perfect start!

  61. Simply because I would love to try this paper! 🙂

  62. We all give a CRAP
    Arse wiping
    (What’s not to love?)
    But also ..CRAP!
    Pleases pay less postage!!

  63. I give a crap because the World needs more people to give a crap. About many things. Loo paper is a good start. ?

  64. I give a crap because life is too short to use crappy toilet paper (*ahem* I’m looking at you, 1-ply!)

  65. I totally and 100% give a crap because we need to think about what we are doing to our environment and universe. Not only does it feel great while I am wiping, but also I know I am giving back to our universe and supporting others in need. Every little bit helps!

  66. I totally 100% give a crap because I feel that we need to think about what we are doing to our environment, it cannot survive if we do rod something. Not only does it feel good while I wipe using thins toilet paper, but I also know that I am doing something for our environment and others. I give a crap!

  67. Alison Baker says

    I give a crap.
    My whole family gives a crap.
    We now endeavour to be known as:
    ‘The Bamboo Butt Bakers’.

    High class all the way!

  68. I give a crap! I’ve made 2017 my year to give a crap about more! As a family we are working hard to reduce our plastic usage to 0, reduce our water usage (I always thought my Aunty was crazy for having a bucket in her sink and shower……..look who is crazy now Aunty Barb!) and my children are keen to start taking “3 for the sea” each time we use our local beaches. I’d love to try a new sustainable and earth friendly product to add to our list! ❤️

  69. Christina says

    I give a crap because I wonder what kind of world my one-day-babies will live in. Things really need to change now! I’d love to try this TP. I love everything about it.

  70. I would loooooooove to give a crap!! Postage to where we live is just a little financially restrictive but I would love to win a trial round!

  71. We give a crap because we love what they stand for, but also because the kids’ reaction to the ‘naughty’ name entertains me.

  72. I give a crap that my toilet paper is sustainable, fights poverty, doesn’t contribute to deforestation and thinks I have a nice butt!

  73. Love to give a crap – why wouldn’t you?
    Such an easy way to un-fuck the world

  74. I’ve been Giving a Crap for about 6mth now. I llove the convenience of delivery and that every inch of product and packaging is recyclable. It’s important to me to make these changes so that my children grow up being aware of the ecological impacts of our choices

  75. Hi would love to pass this on to my good friends, Karen & Frank, who are going through a tough time at the moment. I love surprising them with home cooked meal, so obviously the toilet paper would be the perfect ending to the meal!

  76. Susie Mitterman says

    Because shouldn’t we all give a crap?!

  77. Kellie C says

    I’ve been in love with their quirky branding, humour and style for some time now, makes the mundane a bit more exciting don’t you think!

    Miss 10 LOVES their tissues next to her bed and needs a different colour/styled box every time….

    I recently bought a pack of the toilet paper as I went to my besties house and the kids were having to use tissues on bums as they’d ran out of loo paper. I bought it just to get the roll wrapped as an “emergency roll” for her future needs!

    The main reason I give a crap is because we just should. We live in an amazing world and we should preserve it and help those that need our help. Plus I have 4 kids so anything that makes the mundane of our very busy toilet more exciting is a winner with me!

  78. There is so much that we can’t really alter in today’s world. This fact means that we should make an effort to make a difference where we can.
    Our home and the environment is paramount if our children are to grow up in an amazingly beautiful world.
    Start small if need be, and small rolls are a perfect start.

  79. These things are so important! We are so lucky in Australia and if we can support a wonderful company like this one, we should! I have never tried their products, but after seeing your recommendation I am keen to stock the cupboard.

  80. I give a crap because no one is coming up with a better system anytime soon – so bog roll should really be something that we try and make as sustainable as possible – while still being usable

  81. I give a crap because my 9 year old son uses a whole roll in one sitting $$$$

  82. I give a crap and will be purchasing from them when next I need to buy paper. Really trying to minimise our footprint from not using plastic bags, containers etc to attempting to grow food from the scraps; who knew it was so easy to grow celery. Thanks for publishing this.

  83. I give a crap because this toot roll is a superior product. Their marketing puns are an added bonus – who doesn’t love a bit of toilet humour?

  84. Who should give a crap?
    We ALL should give a crap!
    But regretful truth is… Once I didn’t give a crap
    BUT then… The most amazing thing happened…
    I travelled and explored and the best thing of all…
    I grew up…. I feel in love and… I started a family!!!
    My give a crap level went up when I had beautiful baby number one…
    Then came alone gorgeous number two which added an extra I give a crap to-boot!
    Now there is delightful number three and life is all about giving a crap for them!
    We live in a wonderful world to which I give a crap,
    People from near and far warm our hearts and I give a crap,
    Animals that cohabit with us reply on us to give a crap,
    I want my children to grow up giving a crap!
    I am a mother, I am a role model, I am a friend, and I am discovering that I can do little things to preserve the world for another precious day!
    Thanks for sharing BM. Who Gives a Crap is just another easy way our family can incorporate giving a crap each and every day.

  85. I totally give a crap! We have just had our 3rd delivery of not only dunny rolls but snot blowers and handy dandy paper towel too! This company is not only doing wonderful socially and environmentally responsible things but are creating products that are of such a high standard. Yay!

  86. Who gives a crap is a great example of a social enterprise which trades for profit and for a social purpose. They create value for themselves as a business and value for society simultaneously, while minimising environmental impact.

    Not to mention that everywhere I turn recently someone else is telling me about them – even baby-mac! I think the universe is trying to tell me something…

  87. I would LOVE to ‘give a crap’ I have been wanting to try this brand of loo roll for ages. Should absolutely pull my finger out and get onto that!


  88. Finding out about this company for the first time today and wow is all I can say, definately heading to their website now to check them out

  89. Oh I love these guys and used to buy the toilet paper. My husband surprised me by sending our first ever box to my work (other people send flowers).
    Then there was a death in the family, pregnancy, a blended home with in laws and a baby, and somewhere in there I stopped giving a crap.
    Time to get back on it I think.

  90. Because i want to teach my daughter how to be sustainable and ethical and let her know there’s these sort of products out there. Having our kids following our positive example is the way to a better, greener, more sustainable world.

  91. I give a crap about our impact on the environment when simply wiping our bottoms! I give a crap about every human having a hygienic way to dispose of their waste and therefore preventing the spread of disease. I give a crap about taking responsibility for our impact on the planet and all its inhabitants. I also give a crap about having snazzy looking loo paper that is soft on my bum 😉

  92. Who Gives A Crap, well I Give a Crap ? I have been using this brand for a few years now but had to stop buying them about 6 months ago because of my toddlers love of putting them in the toilet, full rolls a couple of times a day!!. I went back to the cheap and nasty brand but I think he is over this faze now.

  93. Melissa Compton says

    I give a crap…….because we all need to do our bit. Baby steps lead to a ballroom dance and we all need to keep dancing. Each and every step is important – would love to try this loo paper!

  94. I give a crap and am starting to try and do more around our house to decrease our footprint on our precious earth. I love the idea and principle behind this company. As a year 12 health teacher I especially love that they give back to communities to fund hygiene and sanitation projects…. We are so blessed to have access to safe sanitation in Australia… Something that everyone world wide should be able to experience…

  95. Alexandra hills says

    It was my birthday yesterday and it would be a crappy good present and the quirkiest I have received as well !!!!! While supporting a great cause !!!!!!

  96. Patricia says

    I give a crap because in Australia we are truly lucky! Also, we have had visitor in the holidays and my hubby can not believe how much toilet paper we have gone through!

  97. saying i give a crap is really weird but this organisation is really good we use it at work and at home

  98. What about the recycled TP? Your review was for the Premium bamboo. Have you compared the other one? Thanks.


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