Solving the big issues: how to get rid of hiccups

In the past week I have helped about 3 separate people with a simple problem that every single person will get at some stage. As I said in the title, this post will not inspire or challenge you BUT it just may save the day!

Lately my kids have been getting the hiccups A LOT. You know what works every single time? Not scaring. Not holding your breath. Not drinking upside down or the wrong side of the glass. Nuh uh. This.

Take one teaspoon.
Take white vinegar.
Pour it down.

It works every time. Mags even asks for it now and doesn’t flinch.

You are most welcome! Have a great weekend x

Have you tried this technique before?
Who knows how or why it works, it just does.


  1. I haven’t tried this before!
    My go-to cure for hiccups is 13 sips of water and then a deep breath and hold for 10. Works every time. Some random kid told me this when I was four and I have used it ever since!

  2. Never heard of it before. Definitely gonna give it a whirl next time. Happens here alot too with my kids.

  3. Unfortunately I used this trick too many times as a kid and now it does nothing for hiccups ? I could drink a whole cup and still have hiccups but feel awful and pickled too.

  4. Didn’t know this one. Was told to hold hands up in the air to open up the diaphragm and take some deep breaths.

    Have also been told that to stop a sneeze to look up at the light (assuming of course it is on). Has always worked in the office environment.

    • Ha! Unless you’re a “sun sneezer” like me and bright light actually brings sneezes on ?

    • My 14yo daughter has a horrible prank…. just as you’re building up to a sneeze, she says “PINEAPPLES!” and it stops the sneeze in it’s tracks! I have no idea how or why, and it completely cracks her up, but good lord it’s frustrating…. bitchface!

    • Yes I have heard that light sneeze too.

  5. My theory on hiccups cures is they all require concentration of some sort. My hiccups cure that works is trying to predict when the next hiccup is going to happen. Works for me. My friend’s cure is dropping and catching a pencil. Drinking water upside down, holding your breath etc all require you to stop and concentrate and maybe regulate your breathing? Who knows… just a hypothesis.

  6. My Brother swears by a shot of red cordial, straight. Mum always used the vinegar on us as kids in the 80s.

  7. glad that worked for you. everyone gets it and science says it will go away. I have one prone and nothing works as a quick fix. I’ve booed and watered and vinegared. we just laugh until we realise they have left the building. they do that by themselves

  8. Decades ago I learned that to stop hiccups, eat a spoonful of peanut butter. That may not be readily available in Australia. Vegemite, maybe? Anyway, our younger son is now 39, and he still uses that method and recommends it to everyone. I had forgotten all about that, but he just mentioned it to me last Feb when we visited. I just stand up and hold my breath.

    I’ll have to ask him where he gets the peanut butter now that he lives in Australia.

  9. My cure for hiccups is drinking raspberry cordial (straight-no water) works every time for me!

  10. Thanks beth!
    Definitely makes sense!
    Mum always held the nose and had a spoonful of sugar at the ready!
    Doesn’t work usually!
    If good enough for mags! I’ll be doing it!
    Because i dont drink anymore i make a mocktail with apple cider vinegar some juice and sparkling water and it’s yum!
    Have a good one! Mxx

  11. My cousin had hiccups for four hours. I gave him the vinegar and booom gone! Kinda hardcore but it works

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