Easy oven clean: using a bath!

You guys I am in some kind of nesting fever at home. I think it’s because of the impending trip and leaving the family for 10 days, I am nesting like I would be if I was heading to hospital for a baby. Last night at 7.30pm, for no reason at all, I found it completely and entirely necessary to clean the oven. Yep, that’s where we are at.

Actually, the oven was FILTHY. Like revolting. And the smell from the slow roasted Indian lamb I made on the weekend just hadn’t left the house and I knew that it was time to tackle it. Because that will be important to Rob when he’s solo parenting for 10 days.

I remember seeing something similar to this a year or so back on Facebook or somewhere online, I could’t even be bothered looking it up, I just kind of winged it and I have to say it did SUCH a brilliant job that I had to share it with you guys.

What you’ll need

A towel
A bath (or maybe a laundry sink if it’s big enough for your oven racks)
Napisan (I think I completely made that up but let’s go with it) maybe it was bi-carb?
Dishwashing Liquid

1. Place a folded towel at the bottom of a bath (to protect from scratching) and fill tub with the hottest water you have

2. Give a decent squeeze of dishwashing liquid and the same of napisan until dissolved and place the oven racks on the towel and leave overnight

3. In the morning it will look DISGUSTING however! You will be able to wipe the racks and they will come off clean AS just using your finger nail or a cloth. It’s a miracle! I used a scourer under hot water but it required little elbow grease I was amazed

4. After you have scrubbed the grime off, rinse with hot water and place in the sunshine on another towel to dry

5. I then used some oven cleaner inside the oven for the tougher grime that was in there but you could have a crack with some bi-carb. I also placed some lemon in water and turned the oven on low for a little while just to give an extra zing of cleanliness.

I feel like I have a brand new oven. And it actually only took about 20 mins or so of scrubbing (after the overnight bath) for both the racks and inside. Not bad!

I am hopeless at this kind of thing, while my house is always “tidy” it’s not always “clean” and can err on the side of FILTHY at times. I just never get round to this stuff…and scrubbing grease off racks just isn’t a priority funnily enough!

Definitely give this a try if you can though – great result for little effort!
Do you have any tips for oven cleaning?

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  1. natalie arditto-duncan says

    Thank you for the inspiration Beth.

  2. The new bosistos all purpose cleaner from woolies works amazing as well on stoves, oven glass and even the iron covers on the stove tops – love it

  3. Ecoworx did a great job on mine – would previously pay to get it done

  4. Thanks so much for this, Beth!
    Such a budget friendly way to clean a oven, looks as good as the $100 plus professional service that faux fuschia uses, waste of money IMHO when you can get this amazing result!
    Treat yourself in London with the money saved

  5. Tick that sucker off the “One Thing” list!

  6. A mixture of bicarb, white vinegar and lemon juice. Brilliant. I always throw a couple of lemons sliced up in water for the microwave as well once a week. Spotless. Throw in lemon slices in your jug and boil. Takes any grime away. And yes I know this was just about ovens, haha. Have a wonderful time in London. So excited for you. x

  7. Joadi Sylvestre says

    I swear by this product Ekoworx. It cleans practically anything. Quite miraculous really. Non toxic, no odour. Developed in conjunction with UNSW’s Green Chemistry team. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee but I doubt anyone would ever need to take them up on it.
    Try this link for a demonstration of oven cleaning. https://ekoworxstore.com/pages/user-guides

  8. This post is so up my alley. My oven door IS DISGUSTING. What do you do about oven doors. The double glass caper makes it impossible. I’ll try Ekoworx or Bositos. Any other tips oh wise one?

    • No I’m with you…let me know how you get on.

      • Smashed it! Bought the Ecoworx and it is sparkling I tell you. Sparkling. I had to get a screwdriver to remove the double glass bit but it was well worth it. I make everyone who comes over inspect my oven. No one has been as excited as me but that’s ok.

  9. Thanks for the kick up the bum. Finally did mine, I’ve used the nappysoak before, it’s the best. So easy and no need to buy anything extra.
    Cheers Kate.

  10. I think the bi-carb and vinegar work terrific together. Having said this I do also use Ecoworks (sp?) but it doesn’t get off my black grime and gunky stuff on the base of my oven (or maybe I should clean my oven more frequently) It’s great for my bathroom and mirrors though and I still have heaps of it left. Anything non-toxic is worth it. Just wait ’til you start cleaning the iron, now that’s nesting!

  11. I so need to do the oven as well! But what I really need is an easy solution to shower glass cleaning!!! Let us know if you find the answer to that never ending problem. The hard water marks on our shower are next level (the UK has such an annoying hard water problem).

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