Help! My organisation moon is rising & I’m exhausted

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a FLURRY of activity at Casa BabyMac over the weekend the likes not seen since I was knocked up with Mags back in late 2014. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on (is there an eclipse rising in my virgo moon or something?) but I haven’t even been able to stop myself since the room swap x 3 on the weekend. Could it be the lack of alcohol? Could it be the increased exercise that has led to more energy? Could it just be that I am entirely mad?

Not satisfied with leaving the piles of crap from the clean up on Saturday sitting in the garage for too long I decided to tackle them yesterday afternoon…except it wasn’t just a reject shop storage box I opened, nay it was 10 years worth of kids clothes that hadn’t been looked at properly in 2 house moves. I KNOW. WHY?!

It started pretty innocently. I had to sort through the clothes from Maggie and Harper’s room that they had both grown out of. Except, to do the job “properly” I needed to get them into the “right” size clothes box. Except I didn’t know where to start, seeing as there were 10 boxes of clothes sitting there leering at me, mocking me every time I have been into that garage for the past 6 years. So I went ahead and opened the newborn 0000 and started from there.


I CULLED. Man I culled. I was RUTHLESS. Would I put Maggie in that? Yes it stayed, no it went to the donate pile. I made a beautiful box of all the precious baby girl things in case Luce has a baby girl (SHE HAS TO HAVE A BABY GIRL SO THIS STUFF CAN BE WORN AGAIN) and I methodically went through every. ITEM. OF. CLOTHING. 10 boxes full.


After an hour or so, I was done. SO many bags to be donated filled with lovely clothes that I hope someone will be able to enjoy. And just 3 boxes of stuff for Maggie and Harper.

And now empty storage containers for me to use for other things. Please don’t fill them up with crap Beth.

SO cathartic. I feel like a weight has been lifted. All the wardrobes inside are filled with clothes that will be worn and FIT. There’s a new system in place to ensure that I don’t just put more stuff on top of the old stuff out of order. Gosh it feels good.

And today I finished off inside the bedrooms. I washed pretty much a whole new wardrobe full for Mags and took out stuff that doesn’t fit. Drawers close! I just have to get it all out of the boot of the car and to the Salvos or Vinnies….tomorrow!

I’m not sure where this rush of activity has come from? No I am not preggers (my foul mood for the past 2 days and period today will prove as such) but I am glad that it’s here. I even cleaned some windows today because I had a few spare minutes. WHO EVEN AM I?

And now I have a strong desire to turn our bedroom into some kind of parents retreat because now we can actually go to bed with a light on, and read! Or watch TV! Instead of creeping in next to a sleeping baby. Nothing like a new project is there?!

Anyone else caught this bug?
Tackled any big projects on the home front?


  1. New level of domestic goddess-osity UNLOCKED!!!

  2. Beth, there is a wonderful charity called ‘Mummies paying it forward’, they collect items such as pre loved clothing and distribute them directly to local not for profit charities. They have many drop off points to make it easy to donate. Worth checking out their website, they are an amazing bunch of women.
    Well done on the sort out, you have inspired me to tackle my garage!

  3. Dear god Beth I think it’s contagious!! I, too, have been hit by the “let’s get the fuck motivated and sort out rooms & shit” bug this weekend just gone. Poor hubby didn’t know what to do first cos I was all “lift that barge, tote that bale”. VERY commanding apparently, well someone has to be don’t they? That’s rhetorical by the way so don’t answer. Now the space is becoming amazing. Can’t fecking find anything, no-one bloody touch it till I say so….amazing. *happy sigh*

  4. I’ve very much got that same bug at the moment….but I’m pregnant…although I’m generally very organised bordering OCD at the best of times so currently it is that on steroids ????

    • Nothing better Kellie! Ride it while you can. I haven’t done anything much since I was preggers with Mags so rest assured it could be years in between!

  5. Beth – people pay huge money to de clutter their lives, you could be making a fortune ! I wish you would come to my house, can’t afford to pay you but I do make a mean aperol spritz (in March, of course)

  6. I need to do this with the clothes I have put away. Good on you. I feel like I am a “stuff manager” constantly sorting, cleaning, putting away, stuff. So my new theory is the less stuff the less work for me!

  7. I NEED this bug to hit me. I too have 9 years worth of clothing to go through. We too just changed around 3 bedrooms yet we are still in disarray with the clothes. I think if I try to look at newborn clothes I won’t be able to let go of them!

  8. This is so funny. I am doing the same thing, must be due to the slightly cooler weather here in Syd. With three little people under four in our place the clothing situation is nuts. Glad to see others are at it as well.

  9. well done you!
    looking like you might be able to get a job on a show like the living room organizing people”s shite! … always starts at home!
    we’ve had quite a time of cropping trees, repotting and planting new stuff in the garden! we are spent!
    day off! … i’m out for lunch with the girls today!
    much love m:)X

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Must be a moon or something I’ve cleaned out nearly every cupboard in the house so much shit!! Old X-rays on the bits I don’t have anymore,crokery,clothes linen cupboard and photos all done it feels good too.

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