Ways in which I am weird #678

My (younger sister) text me the other day asking as question re: laundry and weird ways which is obviously my speciality and one area I am ALWAYS pleased to discuss.


You see, she was checking with me about something she does, wondering if she was the only crazy one top do such a thing. Note to self: you are NEVER the only one to do anything.

You see, she had a superior washing day on her hands. Those baskets were emptied, on the line, blowing in the breeze ready to be folded and put away. It was a good day my friends, a good day. But then! Disaster struck, she discovered a small pile of dirty clothes from her husband, not enough to warrant another wash…but the baskets! They were empty! It was one of those rare moments of emptiness. So she whacked them in the washing machine, ready for the next load to go on, those clothes were never going to see the bottom of that washing basket. The basket of empty! The dirty clothes in an empty washing machine, don’t actually exist….

So she checked in with me that I do this too.

DER. Of course I do. Those are very rare moments are something to be celebrated. At least for 4-6 hours at least.

Anyone else do this too?
Ever seen the bottom of your washing basket?
WILL IT EVER END? #neverends

Painting “Laundry Baskets” by Janet Hill.


  1. Not quite the same topic but it reminds me of the time I got to the bottom of the ironing basket and found a long-dead mouse

    • Leanne, I have to say I did indeed laugh out loud at this! I could imagine that happening here, if we had such a thing as an ironing basket – gave up on ironing quite some time ago in this house, though we do have both an iron, and an ironing board, much to our children’s amazement. They actually used to point out the iron in the wardrobe in motel rooms, look at each other and say “Just like at Grandmas”!! They hadn’t seen ours in use!

      • Karen Lennon says

        My youngest daughter once referred to the iron as “that thing you use when sewing”. Took me a while to work out what she meant! Obviously she hadn’t seen it used at any other time.

    • Haha! Love it! Another reason NOT to even have an ironing basket. A lesson for us all right there Leanne 🙂

  2. Laundry and the acquisition and preparation of food. I’m too tired just thinking of it to say anymore about it.

  3. Absolutely I do this!!!!! Then I leave the laundry door open so I can keep looking at how up to date I am??

  4. Of course I do this. But to be honest if there are more that 10 items I’d be really naughty and wash them. Can’t help myself. But to make you both feel better … the other day I was cleaning the dolls house and arranging the dolls and furniture just so. And I realised we had one extra chair. Didn’t match any of the other chairs. Didn’t fit at the dining table. It is a timber dolls house with timber furniture. I was cleaning the dolls house while sitting next to our open fire. Before I knew what I’d done I’d tossed the mismatched extra chair into the flames. #psycho. No more extra mismatched chair now can we.

  5. It rarely happens but yup, that’s where you put them! Other things that I do:

    When buying a magazine, I always take the one behind the one on display.
    A new book purchase must be pristine and unmarked.
    I don’t care which way the toilet roll is on the holder (over or under), as long as it is on the holder.
    My blinds and curtains must be set at a certain height and openness. No one else gets this.
    Towels folded a certain way, no one else gets that either.
    Only I stack the dishwasher correctly….and put dishes away correctly! I have a photographic memory for when kitchen items go but no one else seems to….
    I carry all manner of first aid/medical items in my handbag. I have screwdrivers/pliers, scissors, mirror, eye drops, paperclips, bobby pins, hair ties, comb, wet wipes, tissues, magnifying glass, pen, paper, mints, lippy, lip balm, QuikEze, …my bag is heavy!

    I could go on….. 🙂

    • Rowena/VintageNobility says

      Oh Snap! I speak your language sista!

    • Oh dear, I could be writing this. At least you don’t have the same color pegs per item. Can’t be 2 different colors and don’t lock me up but I finger space my coat hangers, comes with working in retail for too long, I to could go on but am afraid someone in a white coat may lock me up, haha.
      PS the blinds must all be the same level when open or up as well. My towels are color coded in the linen press, god help anyone who mixes them up. lol

    • oh you had me at the magnifying glass

    • My daughter (12yo) used the label maker to label the sections of the utensil drawers in our kitchen. Eg spatulas, wooden spoons. Her older sister (23 yo) asked if I had done it & said if I had that she thought I needed to get out more!!!

  6. Yes. In my old machine you could choose light, medium or heavy loads (as in size not dirtiness) so would just put it on a light load. I’ve had my new machine for a few years now and was very disheartened to discover that it didn’t have this feature.

  7. I too am weird with washing! We don’t have a dirty washing basket! If it is dirty it goes straight into the washing machine ready for the next load. I wash every day. Why would you leave dirty clothes lying around smelly – there is always enough for st least one load a day. Few things better then the smell of clean sun dried clothes.

  8. Completely and utterly guilty of this! Haha! So nice to know I’m not alone in my OCD weirdness!

  9. Jackie Daysh says

    Empty nester ( 4 kids) so no more washing baskets yippee!!

    Everything in the machine to be washed when full, sometimes I can even go two full days -I never thought these days would come. It wont happen over night but it will happen .

    Hide the unfolded washing pile in the drier.


  10. Bahaha – this is MY LIFE! No matter how many times I ‘check’ for washing, I always find some thing from my husband after it is all said and done and there is no way I’m popping it into my empty baskets!

  11. I do this all the time. There is always something laying around my boys rooms that I’ve missed or a husbands small pile that went unnoticed. Drives me crazy

  12. oh the joys of being a mother and running a tight ship!
    only when you are an empty nester will you have relief hun!
    I have to round up the t shirts from mr m! he does the sniff test! eek!
    btw I like that painting!
    love m:)X

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