Solving the Big Issues: Do you make your bed every day?

There’s lots of things I do every single day. Get up earlier than I would like for sure. Drink coffee. Use my Dyson. Cook for my family. And there’s lots of things that I should do every day, but don’t. Like exercise. Or read.

But there is one thing that I MUST do every single day. No matter how bad the night before. No matter the weekend hangover and yes, even if it’s on a Sunday. No matter the day of the week. No matter if I am at home or on holidays.

And that’s make my bed.

I think I must have been taught this as a young kid, or somewhere because it was just what you do. Even when I was younger and lazier and should have cared less, I still made my bed. And of course now that I am older and care more about thread count than I should, it’s ALL about making the bed.

It just starts the day out right for me. Sets the tone. Says “let’s do this!” and then at the end of the long day when I am tired I can walk into my room and feel welcomed and serene and calm and that everything is just as it should be. Control freak? You bet!

In my mind, everyone just does this, but I think I might not be right there. There have been times when I have left the bed making to the actual last minute (as in, right before I go to bed and yes I am talking about making the bed before I hop in) but most of the time it’s part of my normal morning routine where it gets done post breakfast and school lunches and pre shower and getting dressed.

The girls are the same and make their beds every day before they leave for school. In fact, Daisy makes a MEAN bed, so much so that Mum commented to me when she was looking after them last that my work was done there! I think the only time that I won’t make the bed is when I am staying in a hotel and I know that someone else will do it for me…now THAT is a treat! Except why do they just cover the doona with sheets? OK, that’s an entirely different discussion all together.

So tell me, do you make your bed every day?
Do you think a made bed makes for order and readiness for the day ahead?
Or is life too short to even think about this stuff?


  1. Our bed is made every day but rarely by me……. This is because I am rarely the last out of it. I am up early and generally left the house before anyone else is awake and therefore bed making is left to the bodies that still lay in them. But YES, all beds are always made in our house each and every morning.

    • Sounds good to me Helen!

    • barbara-louisa walker says

      Im 72yrs.and always make my bed see my mother said that Jesus may visit our house so beds made, dishes done..!! altho why he would choose to visit a Jewish home and look at the bedrooms iv never worked out??,but i make my bed…just in case.

  2. Robyn Jokic says

    If there is one thing I do consistently its make my bed every day, stems from an early age. There is nothing better than hopping into a made up bed at night. My girls are the same but the men well that’s another story! I did used to make the bed up where ever we were staying as I didn’t want the cleaners seeing a messy bed hahaaaa, I soon realized that’s there job I’m on vacation.

  3. Yes, beds must be made! Ideally an hour or so after they are vacated so they get the chance to air out. Sometimes it happens early morning, sometimes mid morning, sometimes late afternoon and YES occasionally the bed must be made right before I get in it at the end of a long day!

    I will at least straighten covers & kinda plump and reposition pillows on a hotel bed daily and even before check out – at that point wondering why I am bothering as they are just coming in to strip it all off!

    You are an inspiration with your superior bed linen, styling & making!

    • Oh thanks Wendy! I might try the pulled sheet back thing from when I get up to make it as its usually an hour or so. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Last one out of the bed makes it, so that’s always the hubster. But I’ve had to lower my standards to accept his making. It was a trade off I had to make to lighten my load when life was frantic. I always do the sheet change though so get to make it my way, and when he’s away I enjoy fluffing and plumping and making it just so.
    Out of my 4 adult kids only 1 is a daily bedmaker, her college friends are always surprised by her room how homely and cosy it is. She tells them it’s because she makes the bed and picks her clothes up off the floor. Other 3, big slobs. I feel I’ve failed at that parenting role.
    I’m with you on the sheets over the doona thing, just weird. Easier and faster for making up the rooms I expect.
    Cheers Kate

  5. I make OUR bed everyday, even if it’s 4pm, but I might only make the little kids beds once or twice a week & the bugger kids beds never!!! A made bed & a clean kitchen are my daily non negotiables, everything else can be a tip, the works can be falling apart but if those two things are done I can cope with the rest 👌🏼

  6. Linda Jenkins says

    Beds are made everyday here by all family members. Sometimes when I get up I quickly add up how long it will be before I get back to my super comfy King size bed with its layered bedlinen and pillows. I especially love my king pillows from the pillowslip store – have you tried them? I have 3 designs of covers to mix in with my bedlinen collection which you inspired me to add to and have fun with xx

    • Haven’t tried them Linda…but may check them out! I dream of a King Size bed – wish we had got one before we had kids but we had no idea!

  7. I agree that sleeping in a made bed is much nicer than an unmade one but I had gotten out of the habit as I’m always in a rush to get going in the morning. Then a friend introduced me to a genius concept for making the bed. You make your own side of the bed as soon as you get up. My husband is an early riser so he makes his side of the bed before I’m up. Then when I get up I’m only responsible for making my side of the bed. It works brilliantly. The bed gets made every day without fail.

  8. Making the bed every morning was the one thing I had to do when my girl was a newborn. It made me feel like I had accomplished something for the day. Looking back, I have always been a bed maker, though I am a little more relaxed with having everything ‘perfect’ these days. My girl is now 11 and is a bed maker too. It makes my heart happy!

  9. Polly McDougall says

    Abso-fucking-lutely! My only rule for life is make the bed before I leave the house. So many kindred spirits commenting here!!

  10. Ditto here, always make our bed. Mind you, our bedroom is at the front of the house & unless our door is closed, it’s the first thing you see when you come in. So, the bed gets made. Having said that, I’ve always made my bed! Of my 4, 1 always, 1 sort of and 2 never lol…..

  11. Always make the bed and have the kids in training to achieve the same. Their quality is not quite up to scratch but we’re getting there.
    Don’t really feel that I can start the day properly if the bed isn’t made.

  12. I went to boarding school. I can’t not make the bed. Even though I know that I am not going to get gated or be made to wear full school uniform to dinner🙄! I literally can not leave the house without the beds made.

  13. I can’t function unless the beds are made and the kitchen is clean and tidy before school drop off. My 8 year old makes his bed in the morning and now loves to do it in the dark for fun.
    I love clean sheets and I cannot get my head around not changing your sheets for months. My OCD goes into overdrive when I hear about people who don’t change their linens.

    • There is nothing worse than walking in the door after school drop off to an unmade bed and dishes in the sink! Agree I try to get it all done before I leave.

  14. Without a doubt, first thing I do is make the bed, then my kids beds. I agree- it sets the tone for the day and makes me feel organised from the get go.

  15. Ok, I’ll be the first sloth to comment then – nope. I don’t make the bed everyday. Maybe once or twice a week on average. Never had to as kids 🤷‍♀️

  16. Non bed maker here, fresh sheet day, but otherwise left rumpled.

  17. Non bed maker here. I do make it on fresh sheet day, but otherwise leave it rumpled.

  18. I make my bed every day but I don’t have any extra fancy cushions on it… they drive me nuts coz they just end up on the floor every night! *ducks for cover*

    The sheets as doona cover thing in hotels… well, you all know what a PITA it is to change the doona cover, can you imagine having to do possibly hundreds of the damn things every day?? Doesn’t mean I like it when i’m in a hotel with sheets as doona cover lol

  19. Husband usually makes the bed in the morning (and on weekends has been known to make it with me in it). But if he’s not home, it doesn’t get done. I love the bed being made, just not so bothered if it’s me doing the making. Terrible huh?

  20. In my mind, I do. In my reality, I don’t always. Even when I do, “somebody” comes along and lies down to read, and it gets wrinkled. Sigh. We’ve chosen particular styles of houses because the master bedroom can’t be seen from the living room/front door.

    One son, at age 4, started making his bed every day. That lasted till teenage years. The other one once complained to me about an odor in his room that persisted. I refused to investigate till he cleaned up his room. The odor finally got to him–dead chipmunk under the bed.

  21. My husband makes all beds in our house. WINNING!

  22. Cannot leave the house without making my bed!

  23. I make my bed every day. My son who is 22 and ges still at homexas uninis around the corner makes bed every single day. Our daughter who is 27 has made her own bed since she started school. Fresh sheets weekly as well. I used to change them twice a week..nothing better than getting into a made bed.

  24. yep spot on sister, and dare that 11 year old lay upside down on our bed to do her high pony tail grrr ahahahah , I agree starts the day off right.

  25. The only time my bed is made is when I change the sheets! Then again, I’m not the one who does the housework in my house.

  26. I made my bed today and thought, Beth would be proud!

    I mostly do it everyday, but if it doesn’t get done, that’s okay. I usually do straighten it up before I hop in at night if it got left to air in the morning – thanks to that canny tip from Wendy, I’m now going to say, oh no, today’s a bed airing day on the days where the covers are just thrown back.

    As a kid I always had a tidy room, so I imagine I was a daily bed maker. I remember when we went from blankets and sheets to doonas, it made life so much easier!

    Now I want to be in my bed… sigh. Only a few hours to go.

  27. Erin@TheMumsGroup says

    Always! My fitbit said I had 15 active minutes yesterday and I know that was when I was making my kid’s bunk beds!

  28. I would like to say that I do make my bed everyday but that would be a lie. So no – not everyone makes their bed everyday. I really do try, and am much better now than when I was younger. I never used to make my bed but I think that was just rebelling against my clean freak Virgo Mum – god love her! Here is a video that you have probably seen, this is why you are so successful Beth. Now, if you don’t mind I am off to make my bed.

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