Things I like {13th March 2015 edition}

This new roll of cling wrap because it ACTUALLY WORKS. Like it should. Makes me happy each and every time I use it. Glad, you lost me I’m afraid after this.


New fruit coming onto my cumquat tree after a long road of recovery from when we were OS last year and the pots were ruined by frost. Phewsies.


White geraniums are also looking great at the mo too.


The fact that we might get a fire on tonight. It’c cool here today and we have some visitors staying this weekend from Sydney so that calls for a fire! If I can’t have endless glasses of Prosecco, I will have my soft pants, couch and fire. OH YES I WILL.


Speaking of cooler, we are now in transition mode which means throw rugs and blankets on the ends of all the chairs and couches. Not quite cold enough for fires, but cool enough at night you might want a snuggle. This is Harper’s quilt that my Mum made for her when she was a newborn that is her go-to morning snuggle rug on the couch.


Housekeeping duties done! More clean sheets on the guest beds, more washing in the laundry and a house ready for visitors…my favourite time!


These boots. DEAR LORD THESE BOOTS. Got them on the cheap from Anthropologie when there was free shipping to Aus (along with my letter mugs) and I cannot wait to get my trotters into them.


Mixed lollies on my kitchen bench. These were a present from my friend Mrs C whose husband asked me if I was having QUADS yesterday (given my size). CAN YOU EVEN?! Lucky they have made up for it by gifting me with things  that will make my arse wider. Oh wait…


The first signs on autumn in the garden. My very favourite and my best.


A cushion on sale at Bed Bath & Table for $19.95. That’s practically free.


This BB cream thingy stuff. Technical I know. I grabbed this from Big W earlier this year when I was looking for a BB cream replacement and I was all confused because it was white when it came out but somehow! Magically! It turns into normal skin coloured BB cream…just like that! Love this stuff.

IMG_6028 IMG_6029

The fact that this time next week Rob and I will be heading away for 2 whole nights without kids or puppy for our 10th wedding anniversary. Yessssssss!


What are you liking this Friday arvo?
Bought some new winter boots?
Used this kind of BB cream?
Any signs of Autumn in your garden?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have visitors here and I have some deadlines that need seeing to, plus plenty of time sitting on that couch…can’t seem to get off it lately.


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely Beth ,yes I bought some new boots last week ,no sign of autumn In our garden yet! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully it’s a cool one Xx

  2. Oh Betharoonie, I do love it when you are happy, makes me happy! So glad you have found peace with Multix! I am that jealous it isn’t funny that you will have a fire tonight, it is F$#@#$& hot up here!!!!! But it is all ok, the kids and I are ducking through the paddocks once they finish school and having 2 nights with Mrs Savvy B, can’t wait. Best go and get myself sorted. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  3. Ooh. I am intrigued by this BB cream…
    I just can’t even think about winter yet. Can’t even. I never know what the eff to wear. I just can’t get used to the fact that it happens every year!
    I am looking forward to the weekend, though. We’re expecting storms and rain, but I’m kind of excited about it.
    I technically became a working mum today (only one day a week – nothing earth shattering). I earned enough to cancel out day care costs today – that is something to love!

  4. Rhi_Tailorbird says

    Beth! See that little semicircular thing at the end of your Glad Wrap box? You gotta push that in. Both ends. It stops the roll from falling out when you pull it 😉 GAME CHANGER! (I learnt that on You Tube!)
    I am hanging out for the weekend here in sunny Belgium. Spring is in the air! Tulips and daffodils and bunny rabbits hopping around kind of stuff.
    x Rhi

  5. I bought some BB cream from The Body Shop and it does the same thing, it is white when you first squeeze it out and then miraculously adapts to your skin colour! Wowsers.

  6. Yep autumn hitting the garden here too. The “star leaf tree” aka liquid amber is starting to change colour and drop some leaves……roll on the cooler weather!

  7. Wow. I’ve been feeling like we have similar lives. I have 7 & 5 year olds, and have just had my now six week old son. And our 10 year wedding anniversary is at the end of this month!

  8. Re: Multix cling – told you so!
    I love the new cushion and I am looking for a bb cream so I will take your recommendation! Ta.

  9. The Glad Wrap! Dear Lord I want to throw mine in the bin!!!

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