House proud

Today you will find me on the couch with my top button undone eating pie and drinking coffee. I’m EXHAUSTED. It’s been a big week running around for the photo shoot with Highlife magazineย but it all went well and everything looked fab (well I think so anyway). Best bit? I have the world’s tidiest house with endless bunches of flowers (plus clean windows to boot) for my Birthday weekend. What more could I ask for? Obviously I will just keep the kids on leashes until Sunday afternoon.

Thought I’d share some shots I took while everything was picture perfect (and kids at School). I think it’s going to be in the October issue. Now, if you will excuse me the couch is calling. I hope all of you up at Problogger are enjoying yourselves (dear lord Instagram is FILLED with your feeds which is making me a little bit sad). Perfect excuse for more pie! And I hope the rest of you have a wonderful weekend ahead. We have a full on day on hockey and village activities tomorrow then my birthday on Sunday.

IMG_0819 IMG_0699 IMG_0811 IMG_0816 IMG_0796 IMG_0793 IMG_0804 IMG_0799 IMG_0806 IMG_0810

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Looks beautiful .. Love all the flowers??

  2. The thing I love most about your house is that it’s beautiful, but it’s a home. Not a display home, but a comfy lived-in home

  3. Gorgeous Beth!:)

  4. Looks gorgeous Beth x

  5. Divine flowers! Have a charming weekend.

  6. Love your style.. I really like the cupboard in the first pic..

  7. Beautiful home! In fact my dream home!

  8. Your home looks warm, happy and so inviting! Have a lovely Birthday weekend!

  9. Lots of beautiful people celebrating their birthdays this Sunday including my daughter Sophie who is turning 8 and my best friends daughter who will be 10. And just quietly it’s my birthday next Friday, so lots of cake in our house this week. I hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday Beth. And I’m working on making my house almost as tidy as yours by 5pm so I can relax a little this weekend.
    Happy Birthday in advance!!!!

  10. Enjoy your birthday weekend, it’s supposed to be a balmy 18 degrees here in East Gippy on Sunday!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your house looks beautiful Beth all those flowers,enjoy that pie and your clean house and your birthday weekend Xx

  12. Did the headless dog vase not make the Highlife cut?? Oh no! Look forward to checking out the issue. I’ve told you that my sis in law Deb is the editor, yes? Happy birthday lady x

  13. Gorgeous, love all the flowers ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Holy crap
    You should be house proud. Your home is beautiful.

  15. Holy flowers Batman!!!
    My house looks like we’ve been burgled thanks to my two toddlers. Why don’t they appreciate a tidy house? Whhhhhhy?!!!!
    And as for #PBEVENT, from what can see in my Insta feed its pretty much about the food yeah? So. Much. Food!

    And have a super lovely birthday Beth. I hope there is baked goods galore xx

  16. Such a gorgeous home. Love, love, love your doona cover – where could I find one?

  17. As usual, your house is amazingly beautiful and I have flower envy!!!. Have a wonderful birthday on Sunday, I hope someone bakes you an Anne!!!

  18. Should’ve guessed you were a fellow Leo, there is always a certain thing they have. Jane Frosh is also a Leo ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful pics. Is there a better picture of the print on the wall between the room divider and the aqua chair? Don’t believe I’ve seen that one before. Enjoy your special day. Mine was a non event. Hubby doesn’t do ‘stuff’. No cake, no pressies. Nothing. No wonder I hate birthdays, I find it so depressing on the day.

  19. It’s my birthday on Sunday too – I’m exactly the same age as Madonna – so old enough to be your mum.
    I’m also flower obsessed and always have them in the house as well as in the garden
    Your home looks terrific. Have a great day tomorrow xxx

  20. Beth that painting over your turquoise armchair- is it a print? I adore it.

  21. Hmm I think you’re missing one thing… a butt load of flowers!
    Seriously though, beautiful house, it screams home!

  22. Stunning Beth! Missed you this weekend of course. Just sitting here at the airport trying to be constructive and go over what I plan to do after everything learnt. But instead I am reading Baby Mac, ha ha ha.

  23. so much wonderful colour, especially the flowers. This is a happy home!

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