Mama’s got a brand new chair


You may recall a little while ago I was in search of the perfect oversized armchair/daybed for a corner of our lounge room. The (replica) Eames chair we had was being demolished from kids swinging on it and the other chair that I had which I thought was leather completely started to peel and get ruined. I had been looking online and around the place when I was out and about the closest thing I came to was one in Harvey bloody Norman in Moss Vale (we have limited options down here in the Highlands). I wasn’t convinced it was the one, but filed it away as an option.

Last week I trotted back in there to get some refills for our beloved soda stream. I did a quick walk by to throw my eyes over the chair again and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Sale! $1000 OFF SALE. There was a small tear in the back of the chair’s fabric and it had been used as floor stock, but for $1000 off? Whatevs!

I grabbed it on the spot and this morning? Well, she was delivered!

IMG_2053 IMG_2041

It’s always a bit nerve racking getting a new piece of furniture delivered…you don’t know if it will work, fit in, and being an impulse buyer I never measure anything. But it works! IT WORKS. This rarely used corner of the room now has the world’s comfiest chair for reading, movie watching, window gazing, fire lazing, sleeping. Lucky for me I have a sick bunny home today to test it out. It works!

IMG_2049 IMG_2045

And now the Eames chair will hopefully get a bit more life out of it yet with adults on it, rather than monkeys.


A VERY good way to start the week…furniture moving & styling which is just about my favourite thing to do! Unlike cleaning up vomit which I spent a great deal of time doing over the weekend. I am already giddy with excitement about getting into that chair tonight to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones (yep, we completely gorged ourselves on it this weekend). You know what’s coming next now don’t you? Wallpaper in the bathroom that’s what!

So, do you love it? Or LOVE it?
Tell me about something you have got for your home lately?
Or a REALLY good bargain. Go!

If you want to see a little more of our home you can do so here on Houzz.


  1. That is some massive chair! I have just got the best computer chair, corner office because I’ve kicked kids out of the play room – I also have a nice new plague that says “Do what you love every day” – can’t wait to get it set up!

    • That’s exciting…I’m waiting for the day that toys can be taken out of our living room…we are getting closer! Enjoy your new office x

  2. Cassie Webster says

    We have that chair. I bought it from Bay Swiss 11 years ago and it’s as good now as it was then 🙂

  3. Love the oversized chair, I’d never be out of it. I got a new chair too – pressie from hubs.

  4. That’s not a chair. That is a little piece of heaven. How will you ever get out of it?

  5. Whitney sigler says

    Love it! Our sofa looks just like your chair. I picked up up a 9×12 rug for our living room at Target. It was $395! Marked down to $110!!!

  6. Dannielle says

    OMG we looked at that one the other week and it said sold on it. I was shocked at the bargain it was and was sad to see I couldn’t snap the bargain up. Score for you! It was so comfortable.

  7. Love it! Perfect place to jump into, cuddle up on, lounge already in ….. Yes, just perfect. Dreamy, even! So jealous. Enjoy it with your littlies…..

  8. V comfy by the looks Beth!
    We invested in an Aboriginal artwork from Arnhem Land that we saw/found at Croc Hol Inn Kakadu after leaving Darwin from living there these past 2.5 years for my husb’s job. Now it is on our family room wall at home on the Gold Coast…& ev time we look at it, we remember our amazing adventures up there & eating lots (& lots!) of barramundi!

  9. Amanda G says

    Oh I luvs!!!! I’d plan my day around getting into that chair. What a heavenly reward at the end of the day. And so family friendly. I am inspired!

  10. I LOVE THAT CHAIR!!! It looks like the comfiest chair in the world!

    As for me…nothing new because I’m back in baby/toddler land & they wreck shit & do not appreciate nice knick knacks or pretty things. They just don’t 🙁

  11. What a kick ass chair! I LOVE!

  12. Love it – and I love that end table. Where did you find that?

    • Thanks Lisa! The table belonged to Rob’s grandfather I think…an old favourite x

      • Doesn’t surprise me – it’s really hard to find something as nice and traditional as that these days. And don’t get me started on actual coffee tables!

  13. Nice cosy new chair. We are on season 3 of GOT: love it, love it and now your podcasts with neighbour about Jon snow and inviting these actors to dinner parties and unwashed characters make sense! Did you know kit Harrington and the wilding ( his love intrest) ygritte are distant cousins related to King Charles II ????! Hope Harper your sick bunny feels better! Playschool and being home with her mama should do the trick. My 4 yr old is on winter holidays and we download playschool for her. She is devouring playschool episodes like I devour GOT. ☺️

  14. Blasphemy! Eames heathen! Bring me that pitchfork! Bowww yourrrrr headdddd.

    Your new chair looks super cozy however.

    T x

  15. Wow! Massive chair! Looks super comfy. My favourite thing is furniture shopping. For every birthday I just ask my family to give me $$$$ so I can buy a new piece of furniture/homeware I’ve been longing for… 🙂

  16. Debs Sutton says

    Love the chair!!!
    As for bargains, it’s Sale time here in the U.K. so I’ve hit them hard!!!!
    Came across a “Managers Sale” in Marks & Spencer’s purely by accident….Egyptian Cotton towels for £3 (bath sheet size!!!), slate place mats £2.50 for 2….they were £22.50 before! Tons of loveliness that were 90% off original price, so how can a girl resist????!! In fact I may make a return visit this morning. xxx

    • 90% is practically giving them to you for free. I would be back again too – it’s your duty. You’re actually doing them a favour. Off you go!

  17. I need a chair like that!
    Our latest purchase is a cabinet…. Doesn’t sound that exciting, but we looked for a suitable piece for about a year on and off! And when they told us I would take 8 weeks (and then another 4 weeks) we didn’t care…. We were just so happy to find ‘the’ piece.

  18. Oh I have a little corner that is crying out for a chair just like that.

    I also have my eye on a new lounge that is on sale. It’s a behemoth and so beautiful. Just can’t justify buying it as our next home would be found based on fitting this lounge in!

    And boo to cleaning up vomit! We’re toilet training at the moment so there is a lot of cleaning of bodily waste going on at the moment.

  19. love that chair have always wanted one….al it needs is a built in bar fridge and you’d need have to get up..x

  20. LOVE! Great score in HN’s of all places. Amazing. Now you can totally justify more cushions and throws cause you saved so much money.

    Nothing new or interesting purchased for the house but mumma got a brand new car on Friday! Woot! A shiny black baby to zip around my new town in. Very fun indeed. Txx

  21. oh my, she is perfect! The ideal cuddly couch. and $1000 off, thats freaking magnificent in anyones book! Love it, enjoy <3

  22. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love that chair definitely good for reading,thinking and a quite nana nap ,good score Beth!


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