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Yesterday afternoon the late Autumn sunset was hitting a jug of THE most beautiful roses that were given to me by my dear friend Neighbour when she popped over to record the latest episode of Over The Back Fence, and it just plain took my breath away. I grabbed my camera and took 25, yes 25 photos of those roses in the late afternoon sun, knowing that someone out there would like to see them too. Even if it just was my Mum.

They smell as apricot-y and old romantic rosy as you would expect them to be. Their scent particularly heady as that last little bit of sunshine touched their petals.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses don’t you?


  1. You absolutely do. Though I suck at taking photos compared to you, late afternoon in autumn is absolutely my favourite time to do it. Bloody marvellous.

  2. Well, that’s made my day. Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous. Love a good autumn sunset.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful roses. I needed something to brighten my day and this was spot on. What a lovely gift…..flowers seem to always say it all don’t they? x

  5. Love love love! My Nana always had roses in her house, home grown of course. She was so good at growing them and I love having roses in my garden as it brings back such sweet childhood memories of her garden. She taught me to garden and cook,something I am so grateful for.

    • My grandma taught me about good mint sauce, and cooking roasts and my other Grandma taught me about rice custard…all very important things x

  6. I think I have a girl crush on you. I don’t blame myself. I’ve been photographing my roses today too!

  7. Lovely.

  8. Ha…you could have put them on Google Smell ….

  9. Beautiful, there’s nothing better than a vase of flowers soaking up the afternoon Sun.


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