Preggo files #12

It’s been a shit house week here friends. Rob has been sick, really sick with a cold/flu that has seen him literally wiped out and in bed since Sunday night. It’s now Thursday. I am paranoid that I will get this and given I would be able to take NO medication, he has been in hiding from all of us. And that has meant that all parenting has come to me, which is FINE, but also exhausting. Something has shifted in me this week (let’s blame the Kinesiologist visit) but in my new mantra of being OK with everything that happens…not getting stressed…going with the flow…I have been unable to get ANYTHING done. Everything seems to be taking me 2-3 times longer than it would/should. Let’s also blame a good dose of preggo brain added on top of that and generally just having to think for 3 other people and a dog and THEN myself, well it’s been a debacle of a week.

I’ve been up this morning since 4.30am with a little insomnia and so I thought, I’ll just get on with the day and now it’s past 6.30am and I’m not sure what I have got done. Some email replies? A blog post? I’ll let you know how dire things are: I’m not even going to have a show entry to drop off this morning to defend my baking title in the date loaf category. I forgot to get dates and then when I went to the local shop, they had one. NO ENTRY. And I submitted the wrong form for Rob so the one entry he did have, I can’t enter. What’s going ON?! It’s going to have to be a slow show year for the Macdonalds and next year I will be back with a bang.

Just when I thought the week couldn’t get any worse, a few things happened:

The Kardashians are training their waists with corsets:

PicMonkey Collage

Did you hear my eyes rolling back into my head a few times over there? Kourtney (the first one their for those not playing along) had a baby I think about 5 minutes ago. BUT SHE’S TRAINING HER WAIST AND WE SHOULD TO!


I’ll show you how my waist training is coming along!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m even surprised at my girth looking at myself in that second picture. This is my standard pregnant fashion at the moment: jeans, t shirt. Different t shirt, same jeans. Different jeans, long sleeve t shirt, soft pants, t shirt. It’s very glamorous.

Poor Kate has been out this week with the media telling her she looks terrible and needs to get her feet up!

263F17E900000578-2975886-image-a-34_1425311365499 263F184D00000578-2975886-image-a-1_1425310615816

She’s 8 months pregnant, in heels and SHEER NUDE PANTYHOSE AND HER HUSBAND IS AWAY IN CHINA.


Can you even imagine what it would be like to have cameras following you around wherever you went especially when duffed? Poor pet. I suspect she may have even discovered this this week, as I did:


Has anyone else discovered this travesty that is the current size of the humble golden rough (always a fine choice I believe)? LOOK AT THE WIDTH OF IT. I think they should be changing the name to golden rough WAFER. Do they think we just won’t notice? Nor care? Sheesh.


I know Archie! That the the exact same face that I did. Sheesh. I also tend to dribble when I know I am about to eat some chocolate.

Speaking of cute nephews I had a little giggle to myself this morning when I checked in to my blog overnight. Someone had googled this and landed on my blog: do i have to change a nappy if i am a unty? Oh internet, you never fail to surprise me. I wonder if she changed the nappy? Or said to her sister when she got home “Nuh HUH. I’m just the unty. I ain’t doing that.” Or maybe they just found out that they are going to become an unty and wanted to see what the logistics were? Don’t worry google person, it’s pretty good being an unty, you get to hand them back.

In brighter news, last week I attended a PR event for the fancy arse pram known as Joolz.It was up in Sydney at Koskela where the interior shopping and food choices are superior. I got my chubby mitts on a Joolz Day Tailor where you can come up with any kind of variation online and I get to keep it! THRILLED I was! We even got to choose the colour combo (which I handed over to Rob in an overly generous gesture of love I thought) and we have a cute denim with lime green/yellow handles things (on the left). Dead set, the girls never had anything as fancy as this, which is kind of nice seeing as by the 3rd time round fitting in and dealing with second hand is second nature. The handsome dutch designers showing me how it all worked were a nice bonus too!


Have you seen some of the Buzzfeed things on babies? Here’s one on babies that are way older than you, and I do love Renaissance Babies that just can’t even.


Another thing I saw around the webs was photos of babies that have just been born. Glorious images from a French photographer that are well worth looking at.

Speaking of well worth looking at, check out this blurred goodness:



If you are anything like mine or Rob’s Mum you will be all like “OK, yeah sure, wait I can’t see anything what are you going on about?!” Turn your head to the right 90 degrees and you will see in that top left corner a little face with a little hand in front. CHEEKS!

So, in conclusion, even though Kate was looking as fresh and happy as this last week…

463266288-510x997 463266292-510x769 463767124-510x906

Things can change very quickly in a week when you are in the final trimester of your pregnancy.

Craving: Custard. Sweet, chocolate custard. PAULS DOUBLE THICK CUSTARD. Gimme.

Drinking: Pine orange poppas. A very strange craving from the primary school version of myself that I have not been able to get enough of. I think we had one of these in our lunch box every day in primary school and I HAD to get some. HAD TO.

Dreaming: Or not in this case, awake seems to be the new black.

Worrying: About why my brain seems to have stopped working, or that life seems to be in fast forward while I am in slow mo?

Cheers to you friends with one of the finest….


How are all you preggos faring out there?
Anyone else NOT OK with the size of the fine coconut rough? What can we do?
Got a fancy pram like this one?


  1. That Golden Rough has me worried. I remember when they were 15 cents, wrapped in foil, and almost 1cm thick. And mint patties were the same size too.
    Don’t worry about losing your organised mind and just enjoy the preggo journey.

  2. BabyMac I love your humour!
    Thanks for your gift of smiles to start the day.
    I also appreciate the kinesiology mention, as many people have no idea how amazing it is.

    My view of your week and it’s hiccoughs?
    You’re trying to do too much. The Universe is slowing you down to take care of ‘you’, (& Rob).
    Forget the show, next year you’ll be able to blitz it. Go with the cravings, it’s what you and baby need or they wouldn’t be cravings.
    Go with the flow and enjoy the slowing down

  3. hisqueen1 says

    Looks like the little bub is helping you say f u to the world. i love ultasounds. I have my 19yrs US still where he is actually sucking his thumb. The Dr loved it. And confirmed he really was sucking his thumb.

  4. Showed my husband a photo of 8 month preggo Kate. He then looked at my almost 15 week bump. I swear I’m almost bigger than her already. Oh I’m going to be huge!!

    This is our first and I’m leaving the pram shopping to my husband (because it resembles car shopping and he’s a little bit excited about that) but I might have to show him this one. It looks fancy.

  5. I’m more of a peppermint pattie girl, I’m not sure if they are smaller but one is never big enough.

    We never had the fancy pram but did splash out on the beautiful Ubabub Nifty Clear coat. Which got slept in three times… Oh well I guess whoever I sell it to will get a pretty new cot!

  6. Oh I LOVE the Pine Orange poppa’s – they’re definitely the best flavour!
    I hope you escape the sick germs and sleep finds you soon.

  7. I love you darling. I’ve been having a bit of a shit week and your post has just kicked my Thursday off with a smile xx

  8. My brain is is leaking out my boobs everytime I feed the baby. Words, what’s that word again….?

  9. I cannot believe the size of the Golden Rough now. I bought 2 yesterday, one for me and one for a lady at work for the 3pm hurdle. We spent a lot of time discussing the pathetic size of these things now. In the good old days it was hard to bite into them they were sooo thick OMG. Ripped off!!
    You look fantastic, enjoy your belly, it all races by and to me it is a distant memory of my baby boy ( now 18) who left home last week for Uni.

  10. Oh I feel your pain. I am 39 weeks and READY!!!! Yesterday I just cried cause I wanted my baby to come out so much. First baby – what am I thinking. Of course she is going to be overdue I keep being told 🙁
    Pine Orange poppers are the best – drink away!!!

    • Yes I’m afraid…soon enough you will have a baby in your arms…promise! Try and rest and enjoy the peace while you can. Sleep even…it could be the last chance you get for 6 or more years!!!

  11. Tara Mahoney says

    Pregnancy insomnia is a cruel cruel mistress. I hope you can have a nap today? Unless you are like me and naps actually make everything worse, from my mood to my sleeping patterns.

    Cute little ultrasound photo! We had an ultrasound at 34 weeks yesterday to check my placenta had moved (it had…hooray!) and we didn’t get any good pics as baby was snuggled deep down. Silly uncooperative babies!

    We have a fancy Bugaboo and I used it, but not as much as my wrap and Ergo. Have you got one of these? I found them an absolute godsend for keeping baby close but actually getting stuff done!

  12. My goodness how cute is Archie! My daughter looked over my shoulder at the newborn image and wondered what the heck it was – her face was priceless when I told her that’s what she looked like when she was born! Everyone needs a slow show year every now and then. Why oh why are the Kardashians a thing?

  13. Hi Beth,
    Where’s your great stripey tee from?

  14. Hun, full moon time again. Get you self to a new age store full of hippy rocks. You need a moonstone. STAT. xx

  15. Hahaha, I think that the problem – I am (lucky for my nieces and nephews) an Aunty, whereas my kids have scored Untys it seems! To the point that none of the Auntys or the Uncles for that matter can even be bothered expressing birthday greetings for my kids. Onwards I say! Luckily my kids don’t know any different and have no expectations.
    I laughed and laughed – now that I realise they have Untys I feel a bit better today! The lad had his 6th beautiful birthday yesterday and there was a dearth of greetings from anyone apart from my parents. We had a gorgeous day though!


    have you seen this? Whenever hubby gets sick I think of this. I mean can you imagine getting sick and going to bed for 5 days?!?! Take care Beth.

  17. Oh good god, this is the BEST!! Yes to everything you wrote today – the preggo insomnia/brain, getting no bloody thing done, the finger to the stupid Kardashians. And what’s with the size of Kate’s 8 month pregnant belly?? Is she donning a corset too??

  18. Breathe in breathe out. Now repeat after me breathe in breathe out and repeat ad nauseum. Must be the way of the universe this week Beth as I keep needing to remind myself to breathe and have been spinning in circles a bit too without the preggo brain excuse. Muddling along is fine sometimes as is not achieving very much. your brain is busy helping your body grow a damn fine baby so all else rely doesn’t matter at this stage. Cut yourself some slack and smash the date loaf category next year after everyone is lulled into a false sense of security by your temporary absence. Hope you get some sleep or at least a nice Naba nap on the couch today x .

  19. Forget the Coconut Rough – you deserve better.. I have discovered the dark chocolate ganache cherry ripe.. it’s a winner.

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I do hope Rob is on the mend soon,imagine if we went to bed for 5 whole days um that so wouldn’t happen! Beth I think you need to be kinder to yourself hon,your a mother of 2 girls ,one husband and a dog so it’s ok to forget things and eat what you want.
    Archie is so cute and I love your pram,take care and at least have a rest Xx

  21. Your sis was game bringing bibs along with the man flu in residence…Sheeks! Looking uber cute there Beth and yes the coconut rough is a travesty as is the shrunken size disc of the peppermint patty 🙁 ……eat the wagon wheel….eat the wagon wheel!

  22. Your sis was game bringing Archie along with the man flu in residence…Sheeks! Looking uber cute there Beth and yes the coconut rough is a travesty as is the shrunken size disc of the peppermint patty 🙁 ……eat the wagon wheel….eat the wagon wheel!

  23. Now Golden Rough’s, I think they changed the type of chocolate they used a few years ago too. I think it went the way of the Freddo and used dairy milk chocolate instead of the cheap reconstituted chocolate (or whatever it was) that we all knew and loved.

    I have had a shitty week too. There have been too, too many 2am wake-ups worrying about stuff and nonsense. Thankfully, for me, Thursday is that last day of the week. And tonight the husband is making Beef Wellington and I’m planning to drink a very large Hendricks and tonic while he prepares it then a tasty red while I eat it. That should fix things I think

    BTW I cannot believe that BabyMac 0.3 is nearly here. How can that be?!

    Oh and I am with you with the Pine Orange, a juice coming here just started making it and I buy one every single morning after I drop the kids at school. I have thought about adding a little something to it at the weekend, which I guess you won’t be able to.

    Take care my lovely. xx

  24. HI Beth
    Yes its a massive moon this week, blame it all on that.
    Maybe the moonstone repels the moon energy, sends it back to the moon where it belongs and leaves us alone? I could be on to something….
    Kinesiology….I’m an analysing scientist but, I have dappled in kinesiology, and, fuck me I have had some amazing responses….I go to a chiropractor who uses it and he is the guru.
    Hope you don’t get Robs lurgy flu thing….
    And of course Kate looks like that because she would have house maids, PA, beautician, hairdresser dietician exercise therapist naturopath kinesiologist all come to her house!
    You look younger and funkier, she looks a bit dowdy if you ask me 😉

  25. OMG… that custard! I can never get enough in my gob. It’s all the rave at my house too. Best preggie medicine there is for all the crapola exhaustion and general shittyness. Here’s hoping the custard is enough to fend off that man flu-ness and the weekend brings some rest and magic x

  26. Victoria says

    Little Archie is so gorgeous..Golden Roughs have gotten real stingy and now I want one..And you look so pretty being preggos,it suits..You and Kate are most definitely having sweet little girls.

  27. Oh Beth, I love reading your blog. You write what I’m thinking all the time! And it’s nice to read a fellow preggo’s woes of a hectic week.

    I’ve been craving whittakers hazelnut chocolate lately, can’t get enough of it! You should try it…
    I’m pregnant with number 2 and in the midst of selling/buying houses. Omg the stress! That chockie block is getting me through though.

  28. Can I just say that I have just discovered the heaven that is Paul’s double thick choc custard!
    Oh my stars….

  29. Oh and I see that squishy face!!! The cute! So much cute you are baking there!!!

    Keep eating the custard!!

  30. It’s tempting to go on and on here however despite everything, there is an upside….a beautiful being in the works. And men are the worst when they are sick (of course we love them dearly). They get to die. We get to soldier on.

    I hated being pregnant, I didn’t glow, I ate too much of all the wrong things (hot chips….yum), I was always in strife with my OB for putting on too much weight and he was right…I had a backside the size of our five bay machinery shed. I’m still working on that 20 years down the track. I have two successful adult children though….no regrets.

    I also suffered from sciatica and a week before I was due, we were out for Mother’s Day lunch and I looked like the Michelin man. My skin was so stretched tight from the fluid, I’m pretty sure a pin would have resulted in an explosion of Ghost Buster proportions.

    Keep on keeping on….you can do it! BTW you look gorgeous…pregnant and all! And so what if it takes you longer to do stuff, that’s your prerogative as a preggo…

  31. Have you tried Whittakers Coconut Slab: (7th one on the list)???

    Taste just as good – maybe even better- than a golden rough and super thick too boot 🙂


  32. What do I have to train my waist to do? Be tiny? Won’t that make my butt look big(ger)?

    When I was pregnant the first time around, I craved everything from my childhood…peanut butter cups, Chex mix, Munchos…good thing I was thousands of miles away from temptation.

    I have tried the Paul’s custard but prefer a can of Betty Crocker’s chocolate frosting. Yum.

    • Oh I had to throw out a tin of that stuff after Daisy’s birthday party…it was THAT good I couldn’t allow it to be in the house.

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